12 Of The Biggest Fake News Lies About Kodi.

Fake news
Fake news is everywhere. Here are some of the most-read fake headlines about Kodi.

The media is filled with fake news everywhere it seems.

But what is fake news?

Fake news, in other words, clickbait news, is basically a piece of content that the publisher publishes only to gain a financial reward.

The main aim of the publisher is not to inform the public but attract a large amount of online visitors via extraordinarily sensationalized news.

In fact most of the times, these publishers don’t even publish content.

Their content is basically a set of blatantly false and useless headlines.

And of course, Kodi isn’t any different.

In other words, fake news publishers have targeted Kodi as well.

It is safe to say that fake news has become the new epidemic that has plagued the modern online community.

The other problem is that fake news tend to spread more quickly than genuine news.

We can point towards hundreds if not thousands of fake news that have spread nothing but falsehood all over the internet.

But we’ll stick to the ones that are related to Kodi for the purposes of this post.

Some publishers, who sometimes do publish good news pieces, have targeted Kodi and Kodi addons with fake news and have published them all across the online world.

The specific ones we would like to talk about here are the ones that are based in England.

That is, British tabloids.

They have websites that look like they are real news organizations.

But that is only true at first glance.

British tabloids are far from publishers who only publish genuine news stories.

Factually speaking, the majority of the news stories that British tabloids publish have incorrect information.

But that’s not all.

Most of the time, you would find that the owners of some of these British tabloids are actually the same corporations who want to see Kodi go down for one reason or another.

Let’s expose some of them.

In our list, we’ll take a look at the most egregious news stories.

Or fake new stories that British tabloids published about Kodi and Kodi add-ons in the past year or so.

Kodi is not the cause of so many people dying in the world.

Sunday Express Example

This Sunday Express fake news stories actually said someone had warned Kodi users that Kodi bounty hunters had arrived in the country.

And that these bounty hunters would track Kodi users who break UK piracy laws and hand the required information to authorities.

In return, they would earn Bitcoin rewards.

The Sunday Express published the fake news story with a headline that went like “End of Kodi?”.

So what’s the deal here?

The deal is, Sunday Express has misquoted the related TorrentFreak report that previously mentioned something about Kodi bounty hunters.

TorrentFreak mentioned that an ebook publishing company had plans to pay people via Bitcoin currency who would help them report copyright infringement cases online.

Nowhere in the report did TorrentFreak said that some entity had started to hire bounty hunters who would track down Kodi users in the country.

The Irish Sun Fake News

One Irish Sun tabloid fake news story gave a KODI WARNING.

The fake news story mentioned that illegal Alvarez vs Golovkin fight streamers could earn upwards of ten years in prison time.

Of course, this fake news story is nothing but a scare tactic.

There is not a single person on this planet who has spent even 24 hours in jail for simply watching sports streams (illegal ones) online.

Hence, we shouldn’t even discuss the possibility of ten years of jail time.

In other words, this fake news story is nonsense.

Total nonsense.

It seems like The Irish Sun cares less about actual reporting and more about its hidden agenda and generating more revenue via more clicks.

The Sun Example

One The Sun fake news story said that Brits who used Kodi boxes were in real danger of burning their houses.

Because Kodi boxes presented a huge fire hazard.

This is also, nonsense.

And UK tabloids are famous for spreading nothing but nonsense.

Maybe they don’t want to.

But the funds from big corporations are more dear to them than accurate journalism.

They also have other vested interests.

Vester interests such as Kodi’s annihilation.

And the destruction of Kodi community as a whole.

You will not find a single authentic and confirmed report which says that someone’s Kodi box just went ahead and spontaneously combusted.

The Independent Fake News

Another one of The Independent fake news stories said that when users bought a Kodi box they basically did three things:

  • They cheated actors
  • And they cheated creatives out of their hard-earned earnings
  • Worse of all, they also exposed themselves and their homes to electrical fire.

As mentioned before, the fire hazard claims are as unsubstantiated as they come.

We don’t know of a single report where a Kodi device has burnt up just sitting there and playing content.

There is no indication that a Kodi device could catch that sort of a fire to begin with.

Moreover, these reports have presented no evidence that operating Kodi devices can cause harm.

Kodi is just an open source media player. Nothing more.

The Daily Mail Example

One fake news on The Daily Mail warned people on using Kodi.

The report said that the thousands of people who used Kodi could go to jail for up to 10 years.

These included users who streamed illegal content in the country.

The report further mentioned that a new “controversial” law would ensure that Kodi users go to jail.

It is safe to say that if you are not living in North Korea, there is no chance that you will go to jail for illegal streaming.

There is simply no law for that.

That’s right.

No law can put a Kodi user in jail just for streaming.

And we’re assuming here that streaming is illegal in your region.

Because streaming is not illegal in a ton of places around the globe.

If your country has streaming laws, then breaking them would at the max mean breaking civil law.

And hence, you can’t go to jail for breaking a civil law.

You go to jail for a criminal penalty.

Daily Mail Fake News

A Daily Mail fake news report mentioned a law firm that controlled the domain names of many popular Kodi addons now had the ability to track down and report Kodi users who streamed content via illegal means.

We have already mentioned that isn’t true.

The law firm the report talks about, the one that controls the domain names, is actually nothing more than a neutral party.

In other words, it has literally nothing to do with the law firm that sues Kodi and Kodi addon developers.

In fact, some reports say that the judge for the case has already ordered authorities to return the domains back to Kodi addon developers.

That means, the mentioned law firm currently is performing the act of protecting these domain names just for now.

Sunday Express Example

Law enforcement agencies have no way to use Kodi as a spying device.

A fake news story on Sunday Express pointed out that even though TVAddons had come back, users would do well to stay away from it at all costs.

The reason?

Well, first off, the reasons Sunday Express report gives look like they are false and unrealistic.

Mostly like, the Sunday Express wants to undermine the Kodi community.

The way to do that is to scare Kodi users away from their favorite open source media player, Kodi.

The report misquotes a lot of stuff.

And it does that to deceive unsuspecting readers into taking everything Sunday Express says as the truth.

The Irish Sun Fake News

One Irish Sun fake news story made the point that Kodi boxes could potentially spy on Kodi users.

Or the innocent users who used Kodi.

Hence, Kodi boxes allowed cops and crooks alike to monitor everything Kodi box owners did in their home.

Websites that have the word Sun in their name tend to spread utter nonsense all the time.

All they want to do is to scare people away from Kodi and its vibrant community.

The report we have mentioned above is also meant to scare people.

The fact is, even if law enforcement authorities managed to control a Kodi box, they couldn’t possibly use it to spy on Kodi owners.

Forget about spying on everything that Kodi owners did or read online.

What kind of a court would give law enforcement agencies a warrant for this kind of stuff?

The answer is:


The Coventry Telegraph Example

A sensational fake news story on The Coventry Telegraph claimed that people who used Kodi could go to jail for 10 years.

Just like before, this is only a fake news story.

It is true that if you live in Saudi Arabia and stream anti-government propaganda, then you could go to jail.

Short of that, there is actually no chance that the law could jail you even for a minute because you engaged in online streaming.

These fake news guys are unlikely to learn though.

And they will continue to misinform and frighten the public for their own gains.

The Kent Live Fake News

A report on Kent Live mentioned that a new legislation had come into immediate effect which could potentially put Kodi users who streamed pirated television and film behind bars.

This is again, misinformation.

They just want to scare the public.

There is not a single law in the UK that stipulates that an online user could face prison time or any criminal charge for streaming copyrighted content.

The Yahoo News Example

A recent Yahoo News story said that Kodi box users could earn a total of ten years in prison as a result of a new piracy law.

Honestly speaking, no one expected clickbait headlines from Yahoo or Yahoo authors.

We can’t stress this enough.

Under current laws, no one can face prison time for streaming movies and/or TV shows via online methods.


As you can probably judge, the internet has a lot of nonsense going around.

And that’s just the way the internet is.

Kodi users don’t have to worry about anything at the moment.

Fake news sites will continue to do what they do best:

Spread falsehood.


Because big corporations pay them handsomely to do so.

They just want to destroy Kodi.

We all know that sensational headlines attract way more clicks than legit new articles.

And each user that comes to these fake news websites, earns these websites a good bit of money.

More online traffic means more money.

So what’s the moral of the story here?

You need to learn how to tell apart fake news and legitimate news.

Sensationalist headlines are almost never true.

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Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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