LHF Productions Terms BitTorrent Users As Part Of A Criminal Enterprise

LHF Productions is hell bent on eliminating all file uploaders and downloaders.

Are BitTorrent users criminals?

Moreover, do they just work together and hurt content producers?

Are they a mafia?

Or even worse, a criminal enterprise?

Well, according to one lawyer, they are all of these things.

BitTorrent users aren’t only criminals, according to this firm’s lawyers.

They are an organized criminal enterprise.

But why would anyone say that?

Let’s take a look at what BitTorrent users and what could have prompted a group of lawyers to say the things they have said.

BitTorrent users use a thing called BitTorrent client in order to download content.

That part seems simple enough.


And to some, it may seem like an insignificant and small act of downloading a file.

But law firms don’t think like that.

One law firm says that BitTorrent users aren’t just criminals.

They are one of the most vicious kinds of large-scale mafias.

This law firm is also busy in extracting its “due” payments from alleged copyright infringers which total to five.

The law firm doesn’t just see them as five copyright violators.

This law firm sees them as a part of the largest criminal empire or enterprise in the history of the world.

People working for this law firm also say that this kind of a criminal enterprise is harmful to everyone.

In fact, they believe, BitTorrent users are a threat.

A threat to the intellectual property itself.

Why The Problem Is Only Going To Get Worse.

File sharers are not people. They are savages, according to LHF Productions

More and more people are using the internet to get things done today.

That means they will share a lot of files.

And when they share a lot of files, that means sometimes those files won’t have the proper copyright permissions.

Regardless, the material that people share on the internet is only going one way:

And that way is not down.

The internet will continue to expand and so will the sharing that is completed through it.

It also means that more and more law firms will have the opportunity to make a lot of money in the form of lawsuits.

Waves upon waves of lawsuits have filled the news headlines especially in the past couple of months.

Most of the lawsuits involve a law firm claiming some form of compensation from copyrighted violators.

The compensation that they demand roots from the fact that copyright violators have caused some form of damage.

Some call these people copyright trolls.

But in reality, they are just legal efforts.

Sometimes, people believe that copyright holder groups become copyright trolls in order to send out a message:

Stop engaging in copyright violation or we will come at you hard.

The results, so far, have not really gone in the favor of copyright holder groups.

This isn’t to say that their warnings don’t deter people from copyright infringement.

But these efforts don’t have a high return on investment ratio.

The Other Side

The other side is that these law firms aren’t really law firms.

They are copyright trolls and bad ones at that.

In other words, these firms come up with schemes that allow them to extract money from BitTorrent users.

Law firms and copyright holder groups use these schemes in order to establish a separate revenue stream for themselves.

How come?

How can law firms convert a copyright issue into a regular revenue stream?

Well, the process is simple enough.

All a copyright holder group or a law firm has to do is sue a BitTorrent user.

Or any other user who downloads copyrighted stuff from the internet.

Then they can force the file uploader or downloader to pay a huge sum of cash.

If the file uploader doesn’t pay up, these firms take the file uploader to court.

Which is expensive.

And ugly.

Not to mention, a pain in the back side.

If the file uploader does come under pressure and pays up then, these copyright holder groups can make the trial disappear.

Almost like magic.

That’s how the racquet operates according to some.

What Is the United States of America Doing About It?

LHF Productions feels that the BitTorrent community is one big ring mafia

Well, firstly courts in the US are informing themselves better at understanding the fraud scheme.

This has allowed them to become more familiar with these firms.

Which aren’t really firms actually?

They are settlement factories.

To remedy the problem, courts in the US have tried to make life a bit difficult for all copyright trolls.

And of course, when you try to take someone’s “livelihood” away, you basically give rise to a phenomena known as friction.

In such as situation, law firms can deploy some neat language skills in their lawsuits.

This action allows them to portray copyright holder groups as entities who are fighting to stay alive.

This is how amped up the conversation becomes once law firms start their “work”.

Law firms are also good at another important thing:

Painting alleged copyright infringers are hardened criminals.

This is how they describe them:

Hardened criminals who represent a threat to the whole of the earth’s civilization.

Law firms also say that copyright infringers want to do one thing and one thing only:

Wreak havoc on the entire entertainment industry.

More Copyright Trolls.

As you can probably imagine, things can get out of hand pretty quickly in such legal battles.

This polarized all sides of the argument.

But of course, this is nothing new.

To combat copyright trolls, we have troll fighters.

One of these troll fighters by the name of Fight Copyright Trolls has found something very interesting.

These troll fighters believe that court filings demonize file sharers.

And amp up their destructive potential by a multiple of eleven.

And then they take it to another level.

A level higher than before.

A New Court

A district court in Nevada is not hearing another one of these cases.

This case features a rather known outfit by the name of LHF Productions.

This is the same entity that brought us the action movies called London Has Fallen.

LHF Productions, in the new case, tries to target five alleged copyright violators.

The outfit believes that these people shared copyrighted work using the BitTorrent technology.

Moreover, the outfit says, these copyright violators also did not respond to any of the outfit’s settlement requests.

The motion this company submitted a few days ago said that not even a single one of the defendant referenced by the company here had made a considerable effort to respond to or otherwise answer to the related Plaintiff’s legitimate allegations.

The motion further read that since the Defendants apparently failed to take any sort of action with respect to the current lawsuit, the involved Plaintiff had no option left but to seek and fight for a default judgment.

What Does LHF Productions Want?

LHF Productions wants to warn file uploaders by punishing them with fines.

They want money.

Plain and simple.

No two ways about it.

Or no two views about it.

Of course, they would word it differently.

As they have.

LHF production says that since there is no defense, the court should grant the outside some judgments.

These judgments would order each of the defendants to pay $15000 to the outfit.

The overall sum would amount to around $75,000.

Regardless of where you live or what you eat, that is a decent sum of money.

And it is a ridiculous amount of money when you consider the fact that these copyright violators only uploaded five files.

Not fair.

Or perhaps it is.

We are not here to judge.

We are here to inform.

And inform we will.

But is LHF Productions all evil?


But it doesn’t want you to know it.

And hence it has taken some steps to make sure that people sympathize with their position.

What they have done is this:

The outfit has noted that it could have asked for $150,000 from each one of the defendants.

But it didn’t do that.


Because the outfit, LHF Productions, feels $15000 per defendant is more modest.

And that such as sum would act as a sufficient deterrent.

And perhaps, these copyright infringers won’t infringe in the future.

Are The Defendants Heinous Hell Raisers Who are Obsessed With Destroying Humanity?

Well, if you read the description of these defendants as provided by LHF Productions, then yes.

In fact, we could forgive you for assuming that these file uploaders are not people.

But savage criminals who only dream about worldwide destruction.

In other words, the LHF productions has brought a lawsuit that defines the file uploaders a little something like this:

The defendants are basically participants.

Participants in (what they believe) is a global and nasty piracy ring.

This piracy ring is composed of many members.

One hundred and fifty million if we’re talking numbers.

LHF Productions’ lawsuit also says that these defendants are a threat.

A threat that wants to tear down the very fabric of life.

The lawsuit didn’t actually that last bit.

What did it actually say?

It said that these criminals wanted to destroy the fundamental structures of what we humans know today as intellectual property.

Is LHF Productions On The Right?

As far as numbers go, yes they are.

It is true that many people use the BitTorrent technology in order to download files.

Moreover, we also know that the number of people who use the BitTorrent client is around 150 million.

No doubt about that either.

But LHF Productions can’t just characterize all of these users as part of a single piracy ring.

It is inaccurate.

Moreover, it is misleading.

You see, the way LHF Productions describes all BitTorrent users, is not how the technology works.

BitTorrent isn’t this one big giant network of users pirating copyrighted stuff on the internet.

The BitTorrent technology has this thing called swarms.

BitTorrent swarms.

These swarms aren’t joined together.

They are separate and different entities.

So what’s the correct way of representing these swarms?

IN other words, defendants?

Well, the best way to describe these five copyright infringers is to limit their scope.

Yes, it is probable that they may have worked together.

In a ring.

But we should limit the scope of that crime ring.

The best solution is to limit the scope to their action.

What is their action?

Their action is to distribute London Has Fallen.

That is their true scope.

So, there is no global conspiracy.

LHF PRoductions should avoid painting these five copyright infringers as part of a huge crime ring.

Because they are not.

Why not?

Because it doesn’t make any sense.

You can’t have a crime ring that has more members than the entire population of the UK.

If we’re talking about the number 150 million then that is equal to the populations of Spain, Canada and United Kingdom combined together.


Copyright Trolls Wants More Drama

Yes, they do.

The more drama a copyright troll introduces into any given infringement lawsuit, the better the chance that these copyright trolls will get more media attention.

More media attention means a bigger case.

The bigger the case, the bigger the payoff.

That’s how this particular racquet works.

And perhaps copyright trolls have a reason to do it as such.

Courts are becoming smarter.

They now know how these trolls work.

In fact, some are even waking up to the reality that these trolls are actually criminals themselves.

That is why the Prenda Law is now defunct.

And perhaps LHF Productions knows this.

And that is why it has tried so hard to convince the district court that these file shares are not small time.

They are extremely big.

In fact, they are a small part of a massive copyright infringing mafia.

A crime wave.

One that is so big that no one has ever witnessed something bigger.

The LHF made a comment about one of the defendants and it went something like this:

We understand that the actions of individual participants in this lawsuit may look harmless.

But think about the collective action.

Think about its consequences.

We believe that these actions amount to nothing short of the biggest criminal empire that anyone has ever looked at on planet earth.

LHF Productions also told the court that if this type of pervasive habit of privacy did not die down and the court did not do something to deter such behavior, then it could threaten to reverse centuries worth of intellectual property law.

Moreover, LHF Productions said, it could also undo a fundamental principle of our economy.

LHF Productions said that it thought of people’s right to intellectual property as something critical and fundamental.

It also thought of it as essential.

LHF Productions said, that our nation’s foundations are built upon intellectual property rights.

Moreover, LHF Productions, said the nation’s founding fathers considered it so important that they included it in the country’s first article of the Constitution.


There is no doubt about the fact that LHF Productions has painted an apocalyptic scenario in front of the court.

You can read more about the lawsuit here.

Of course, if you believe what LHF Productions is trying to convince the court of, then the $15000 price tag on each defendant would feel like a cheap bargain.

LHF Productions will certainly hope that the judges see the world as it does and punish the defendants appropriately.


Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.
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