Lizard Hackers’ Squad Promises to Hack Xbox Live Again Before Christmas

Lizard squad hacked Xbox live denying service to millions of Microsoft’ customers earlier this week. Microsoft fixed the security flaw but Lizard squad says the Tuesday hack was just a tip of the Ice berg promising the Software giant a major show down in a few weeks’ time.

Christmas might come a bit earlier for Microsoft if recent threats from the notorious Lizard hackers’ squad weigh even an ounce. Earlier this week, the hackers’ group, popular for hacking gaming sites, took down Microsoft Xbox live disrupting services delivery for hours. Customers who tried to access the gaming site on Tuesday morning were met by an error message saying the service was unavailable.

The group now says, the hack at Xbox Live was just “a small dose” of what Microsoft should expect before Christmas. “Microsoft will receive a wonderful Christmas present from us,” tweeted Lizard Squad. While responding to the outage, Microsoft only assured customers that Xbox Live is now up and running but declined to admit its service was hacked or explain the cause of the outage.

Lizard hackers’ are known for huge Denial of service attacks on gaming sites, causing massive outage and delayed service to customers. The group has owned up to pulling down the League of Legends, EA Games, Destiny and Sony’s PlayStation network in the Past.

Little is known about the real faces behind Lizard squad nor their motivation to hacking gaming sites. Many view the squad as a bunch of hackers interested in fame and glory on social media, given how their hacking expeditions are highly publicized on twitter. However, a recent attack at Machinima Inc, a gaming and media streaming company revealed three hackers on the Lizard squad, only identified by their code names.

A closer look at Lizard squad’s twitter page, points out that the group could have its roots in Russia. A “featured link on the Lizard Squad Twitter page, which leads to a log-in screen for a chat room, was a Russian-based domain until being changed to a .com link earlier this week,” according to BBC.

Lizard Squad is believed to have close ties with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The group was allegedly behind a bomb Scare in flight that carried a senior Sony Executive earlier this year. The incidence lead to diversion of flights and disruption of traffic in Airports.

The hack at Xbox live comes days after North-Korean state backed hackers’ breached Sony Pictures studios and leaked tens of unreleased movies to file sharing sites. The FBI is currently investigating the Xbox security breach and has issued a stern warning to hackers’ groups targeting US companies.

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