Lizard Squad Strikes Again with Their Stresser Running on Hacked Routers, Among Others

Lizard Squad has been advertising their stresser service for taking down sites through their hacking attacks and bandwidth is obtained through hacked home routers.

Lizard Squad continue on their plan to advertise their stresser service, used for taking down sites from minutes to whole hours. They use Internet bandwidth mainly from hacked home routers, without being tracked. It is imperative that everyone enhances their online security layering.

You remember Lizard Squad, of course, due to the recent incidents with DDoS attacks and hacking attempts against Sony, Tor and Microsoft. As they report, these have only been samples of their resume and they had engaged in such attacks to draw attention and exploit the interest of the world for their actual work.

Now it is time to get down to business and this is why the Lizard Squad have introduced their stresser, the ultimate weapon for taking down any site or service for a considerable amount of time.

What has made things even more peculiar about the stresser or booter from Lizard Squad is the origin of the Internet bandwidth for such activities. Instead of using their own routers, they most often get bandwidth from hacked home routers that use the default security credentials.

So, for all you know you may be the one that made the hack of PlayStation possible! The DDoS for hire booter service of Lizard Squad itself is located at a Bosnian provider that also hosts a plethora of suspicious websites.

Besides the home routers, the bandwidth for the attacks is found from publicly shared routers at Universities or businesses of all sorts. What the members of Lizard Squad sought after with their attack at the Tor network was to set up servers and get them to work exactly like Tor relays, causing distress to the service and compromising its credibility. Although this did not work, the pattern was identified.

In the sight of such revelations as to the use of hacked home routers by malicious services, such as the one promoted by Lizard Squad, it is prudent to check through your security layering. First of all, it is of great importance to change the default credentials of your router at home or at the office.

In this way, you eliminate the threat of having your router hacked and used to their benefit. Along with that, it is always a superb idea to encrypt your Internet traffic. Since it is genuinely distressing to find out that you participate in anything illegal without your consent, you should feel free to devote a few moments of your time towards shielding your online protection. Don’t you agree?


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