Mark Zuckerberg Accounts’ Hacks Reveal a Fundamental Security Error

Where does it say that even a multi-billionaire cannot have his accounts breached? Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Facebook and one of the most outstanding tech personas of the world, has had a major data breach following the leaks of his accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The stolen passwords from LinkedIn had ended in such a catastrophe for Mark Zuckerberg, along with many other people who experienced similar data losses.
Top 3 Security Threats to Watch OutYou can have a look at the details of the LinkedIn breach here, to see the magnitude of the security compromise that has taken place. This reveals one thing and one thing alone: Mark Zuckerberg did not follow the instructions depicted on Facebook, the very site he has helped built from scratch, regarding the security of passwords.

Although this is something that most people go ahead with doing (in spite of the rules that indicate otherwise, three out of four people use the same password on multiple accounts), one cannot help but wonder how it is possible not to practice what you preach in such a significant aspect of online security.

From Facebook, we read the following: “For extra security, your Facebook password should be different than the passwords you use to log into other accounts, like your email or bank account,” and of course it is common knowledge to use different passwords. This is the only thing that is going to help you out, in avoidance of having all your accounts breached at the very same time.

If you do not want to end up wishing you had been more careful with your passwords, do not take the instructions given by security experts lightly. It is true that most of us have got a lot of things to do, and we are under enormous pressure most of the time.

However, this does not mean that we should not pay the proper attention to the safety measures that are going to keep us safe from harm. On the contrary, since we value our privacy and anonymity so much, we ought to do whatever within our powers to maintain these properties in our digital life. Mark Zuckerberg should do that, too!

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