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Security Gladiators goes above and beyond towards ensuring that the Internet remains a safer place for ALL. We strive to be the authoritative source for everything related to Internet security, online streaming, and gaming. We deliver this information via news articles, in-depth how-to guides, comparisons and product reviews.

Security Gladiators was launched in 2014, in order for consumers to gather and share their knowledge and experiences about online security and the issues that can emerge while also giving them the best tools and information to make their everyday life online that little bit easier and more enjoyable.

As an ultimate source for worldwide security awareness, the mission of Security Gladiators is to make the internet more safe, secure, aware and reliable. All at once, SG (Security Gladiators) reviews products and systems in a comprehensive and unbiased manner that can make your life safer in the sense of online security.

We have a large group of highly skilled and qualified writers, editors, and researchers at Security Gladiators with backgrounds including Computer Science, Engineering and Journalism. This high standard is to help ensure we provide you content that is as accurate and helpful as possible. Since 2014, our team has published over 1350 guides, reviews, and articles making it a huge place for learning on a number of different topics.

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Security News Magazine

Our experts bring to you all the news that can shape the form of Internet security, anonymity, freedom of speech and expression, as well as anything else that matters.

Unbiased Opinions

Security Gladiators tests thoroughly and creates in-depth reviews for all the products and services strongly associated with web security as a whole. Needless to say, no sponsor gets in the way and messes with the listings and the evaluation of these reviews.

How-to Guides

At Security Gladiators, there are a plethora of guides in the form of “how-to” tutorials in overcoming restrictions and unblocking websites, protecting your personal information, streaming, gaming, and file sharing and storage etc.

Affiliate Statement

SecurityGladiators.com sometimes receives monetary compensation from some companies reviewed and listed, however, not all of them. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. If you buy a product or service by clicking one of these links, we sometimes receive a commission for the sale. There is no correlation between the profit that we may get through affiliate links and the evaluation of each product and service. So, we don’t link to services that we wouldn’t recommend to our team or a friend. You might want to read SG TOS and Disclosure.

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SecurityGladiators is owned and operated by Leading Edge Marketing, a registered company in Australia. Level 15, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

We build our website continuously and our visitors increase day by day, transforming us into one of the leading security advisories online. We appreciate your contribution and your feedback. You can contact us any time about questions that need to be clarified, suggestions that you may have or anything else via the respective contact us page.