Netflix Hardens its Policy Regarding VPN and Proxies

Recent hardening of restrictions has prevented many people trying to access US Netflix version with full content from succeeding in their goal. There is a growing concern as to what will happen in the future with such geographical restrictions.

Netflix is one of the major online video streaming services available in the world and there are thousands of HD videos offered to subscribers everywhere. According to your geographical location, you can either enjoy the full version of Netflix (in the US) or get another version with limited content (for example, in Latin America).

Due to the discrepancies in the content that has been available globally, there was distress among people who wished to get the whole stuff – especially since the price was uniform, as well! Luckily enough, VPN and Netflix proxies have been able to lift the geographical boundaries and offer the content that everyone sought after. Now, this situation seems to change gradually and there is growing concern as to what will happen for tackling with the restrictions.

As it has been reported, ever since December Netflix has been making life harder for people using VPN or proxies. So, some attempts to unblock Netflix have been pointless, regardless of the circumvention option used on behalf of the Netflix subscribers. Ben van Der Pelt, TorGuard’s VPN provider, has commented on this change: “I have a sneaking suspicion that Netflix may be testing these new IP blocking methods temporarily in certain markets. At this time, the blocks do not seem aggressive and may only be targeted at IP ranges that exceed too many simultaneous logins.”

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Of course, one should look at the major studios and interpret the signs.

Due to the VPN and proxies, a lot of money is leaked from these studios and the situation does not seem to better over time. So, this is an attempt on their behalf to claim what is theirs and gain the monetary profit that they had been entitled to, prior to the emergence of VPN and proxies altogether. In a recent case of hacking with Sony, it has been revealed by the Guardians of Peace that Sony has been using different tactics with extensive research to stop the leak and preserve their copyrights.

Hulu, one of the biggest competitors for Netflix, has applied similar restrictions a lot earlier. As a result, it is now quite more difficult than it used to be some months ago for geo-dodgers to do their thing and access the online content that they wish to get.

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