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How to Watch Netflix in Europe

Whether you live in UK or are a globetrotter exploring the scenic beauty of London, you shouldn’t be forced to forgo your best series and movies simply because Netflix or Hulu won’t accept money from your Geographical Location. Geo-blocking is a reality of our time and great video streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Go restrict their content to US subscribers. The BBC iPlayer also won’t work outside UK whereas stores like Amazon and iTunes treat Australians like aliens.

Can I watch Netflix in Europe?

Absolutely Yes! Netflix uses your device’s European IP to tell you’re in a geo-blocked zone, and therefore lock you out from accessing their service. All you need to unblock Netflix and watch it from the Europe, is to mask your device with an American IP address so that Netflix thinks you’re requesting service from the US. This article explores a few available methods to enable you enjoy US Netflix even if you actually are somewhere in Europe.

Using DNS redirection

We’ve already covered how to unlock Geo-restricted sites and avoid Location error using a VPN like HideMyAss or Tunnelbear. Unfortunately, a Virtual Private Network requires a VPN enabled router to work with other devices such as Apple TV, Smart TV, or Xbox. To avoid the hassle, and allow you access to Netflix on Apple TV, use a best Netflix proxy (that SmartDNS service provider can provide you with) or a DNS re-director.

DNS redirection is a brilliant way to bypass geo-restriction and gain access to the sites like Netflix, no matter if you’re in Europe or any other part of the world. It is similar to a VPN in principle but a SmartDNS proxy re-routes only the information necessary to tell your geographical location through a proxy. Your other usage traffic is sent directly form Netflix servers to your device. This eliminates the man-in the middle barriers created by VPNs and due this reason, implying a SmartDNS won’t impact on your browsing speed or quality of streaming.

SmartDNS services are freely available on the internet, but for a reliable experience go for a premium DNS provider such as Unblock-US. It is one of the fasted SmartDNS services available in the markets allowing you unlimited access to the Netflix and many other channels. Unblock-US is compatible with almost all devices including Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS4, and iPhone. It does not require additional hardware or your DNA samples to Subscribe. set it up on your devices and you’re free to enjoy Netflix right from your living apartment in Europe. Click here for more information on how to set up Unblock-US on Widows and click here for Mac OS devices.

Using a Virtual Private Network

For those living in highly censured countries or use the internet for more than checking emails and chatting with friends, subscribing to a Virtual private network would be a smart move. The VPN establishes a secure private network over the internet that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. More importantly, communications over VPNs are highly encrypted and your device IP address totally obscured on the internet, a key ingredient in streaming videos on Netflix or taking any other action online – without having to worry about all of the privacy and hacking concerns.

Simply put, in our case, connecting to internet through a VPN server in United States implies that all your traffic is routed through US. So in this case, Netflix can’t tell your real geographical location and will have no business locking you out. Unfortunately, you may have to invest in a VPN enabled router (we recommend Asus RTN16) to access Netflix on Apple TV. Secondly, the fact that a VPN provider must route all your traffic through a VPN server creates bottlenecks that reduces your internet speeds upto 15%.

Using a VPN is a smart way to unlock Netflix and avoid dangers online such as DNS redirection or eavesdropping by cyber crooks to name a couple. VPNs are freely available on the internet but a reliable VPN service will cost you money. HideMyAss VPN and ExpressVPN are by far the best premium VPN services available in the market. HideMyAss in particular, has VPN servers in over 100 countries to help you mask your IP address and .

To get HideMyAss,  download and install the VPN client Software and use an IP of your choice (in this case, select an IP from the US) their 50,000+ IP addresses to access Netflix. Make sure you have admin privileges when setting up HideMyAss VPN client software on Linux or Windows Operating Systems. Click here for more information on how to setup HideMyAss of your devices.

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Using a Browser Plugin

Recently, Netflix seemed to have a crackdown on all subscribers using VPNs to stream Netflix videos. The move will disrupt over 200,000 Australians (and many others from all around the world where it’s not available officially) using VPNs to access Netflix. Hulu is also interrupting service to VPN users. In this case you need a browser plugin such as Hola or Media Hint to watch Netflix in Europe or in other geo-restricted zones.

Media hint is brilliant plugin compatible with both Chrome and Firefox browsers. It functions more like the Hola browser plugin. Media Hint spoofs your device IP address and gives your device a virtual American IP address to enable you watch US Netflix version in Europe. To get Media hint, visit Media hint website using your Chrome or Firefox browser, subscribe to a 7 day trial, and Install the browser Extension. Remember to restart your PC after installing the browser extension.

Which Method Should I Choose?

All the three methods we’ve discussed above will enable you watch Netflix, not just in Europe but from anywhere around the world. However depending on personal preferences one of the described methods might suit you better. For instance, a VPN would be a clever choice for advanced users who need a higher level of encryption and web privacy.  Although, VPNs are not compatible with all device such as Apple TV and may require one to invest in VPN enabled router. Still, that’s going to be well worth investment as you’re going to get some additional benefits that are worth an appreciation.

A SmartDNS is easy to install on all your devices and does not impact on your browsing Speeds. On the downside, it SmartDNS does not encrypt your traffic, leaving you exposed to dangers such as DNS hijacking, Sniffing and Eavesdropping from malicious actors on the Web. Browser plugins are only good for one time users. They are easy to install, costless but cannot replace a typical VPN or SmartDNS.

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  1. From my personal experience I can say that using using a VPN is better option than browser plugin. Browser extension can’t provide steady and effective service where VPN can provide better service. Currently using “Hide-My-IP” VPN to access Netflix US from EUROPE. It costs me only $2.95/month.

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