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Netflix has become one of the major competitors in the video on demand streaming services worldwide. In fact, during the fourth quarter of 2015, over 74 million users have chosen Netflix for streaming the content of their preferences. However, there is a limitation on watching Netflix offline that might be putting some people off from using it as they want.
Netflix offline
Do you wish to know what this is? Well, unlike Amazon Prime (for example), with Netflix you cannot download the content you want and watch it later while you are offline. In fact, the streaming giant made it crystal clear back in December 2014 to “never” open doors for offline playback. Why the Netflix won’t let their users download content for offline viewing?

Their line of defense is the fact that this downloading process is only going to confuse users. It is hard to keep track of what you have downloaded when you watch Netflix offline, whereas watching it online at the time of your choice seems straightforward and dull – this appears to be the reason Netflix won’t offer the offline viewing.

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Is this the only answer, when it comes to the desire for watching Netflix content offline? Fortunately not! On the contrary, there is a solution you can get your hands on towards lifting some restriction on behalf of Netflix. There are some simple things that you need to follow, to be able to unblock Netflix offline. Here is what you ought to do:

  • First of all download PlayOn, which is an affordable and very easy to use tool. This program is going to give you the opportunity to sign in to Netflix and use your account for streaming the content of your preference. Please note, after downloading PlayOn you can sign up free for it but to have the ability to save Netflix videos onto your computer (to watch offline later) you’ll need to upgrade to PlayOn plus plan (costing just about $4.99).
  • Then you go to the settings to add channel you want, not only Netflix but also Hulu Plus and so on. While adding Netfix there in channels, you simply need to fill in your Netflix username and password. Once connected, a Netflix icon will appear on the main screen of PlayOn or PlayLater. The same goes for Hulu and other channels as well, by the way.
  • From there, without having to go online, you can now search for the channel you have added. In this way, you may watch the Netflix films or series that you want offline, and best of all, the quality of TV and shows recorded by PlayLater will be as good as online Netflix streaming. That’s it!

Some serious notes: The PlayOn only works for Windows, it doesn’t have an app for Mac or any other operating system as of now. However you can easily get Netflix offline on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other device you want. The saved files can be transferred to other devices (such as another computer, Android, iPhone etc.) without having to worry about changing the format or using a special app to move them.

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Is Netflix offline legal?

Of course, it makes total sense that we should primarily comply with the terms of use for Netflix. A couple of questions that come to mind are, is it legal to watch Netflix offline, can a user be sued by Netflix for such an act?

Well, practically speaking it all costs just about $20 (for the whole year) with the above mentioned “play later” service that sounds somewhat unfair – if you take it in a sense of recording every single episode and then watching/distributing in the wild. Now, on the other hand, you’re a paying Netflix user and want to have the ability of Netflix offline just to be capable of playing your most loved Netflix collection that you’ve recorded and saved on your device – that sounds perfectly alright.

But here I think that carrier companies might be pressuring services like Netflix behind-the-scenes not to allow offline streaming because they wouldn’t want to stop collecting overage fees. For example, Amazon and MixRadio and both permit users to cache the music for offline listening later. I’m assuming the carriers “let this go” because music utilizes just a fraction of Internet data compared to what the video does.

So, if you’re recording what’s legally available to you (you paid for your Netflix, right?) and are doing it with no intentions of using that for commercial purposes – that’s perfectly legal!

Having said that all, whatever reason or logic is behind this, one must not violate a service’s terms of use. We at SecurityGladiators back good ethics only and are against data theft and piracy of all kind, this means that Netflix online streaming should be our first option for watching their content. Still, if you are forced to watch something on Netflix offline, it is always a good thing to know how to do that promptly and efficiently! Have fun!

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