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How to Watch Netflix on iPhone

Netflix is the leading company in online streaming of high quality videos, featuring great films and blockbusters, documentaries and series. Such a package has attracted the interest of people everywhere in the world, although Netflix is in fact a geographically restricted website; this means that only people residing within the boundaries of the United States have got the privilege of accessing the content of Netflix in its full, original version.

Over the years and due to the increasing popularity of Netflix, some other countries have been treated with other versions of the same service. Still, the genuine US version of Netflix cannot be matched in terms of quality and quantity and this is why everyone is in search of coming up with ways to unblock Netflix outside US and without any obstacle whatsoever.

At the same time, worldwide usage of mobile devices has been increasing exponentially (based on a recent report from StatCounter, the independent website analytics’ company, the use of mobile devices to access the Internet has increased by 67% worldwide over the last 12 months).

One of the most treasured mobile devices is none other than the iPhone, with the recent news from Ibtimes.com referring to an all-times sales record: “Apple Inc. has broken its previous all-time sales record by selling a staggering 69 million iPhones in the December quarter, according to the latest estimates released by UBS, a Switzerland-based global financial services company.”

This is why it is truly helpful to structure a way to access Netflix on an iPhone. It is worth mentioning that there is a Netflix app for iPhone and therefore you can go ahead with downloading the app on your iPhone and proceed with watching the content of your preference. Nevertheless, there is a catch that you ought to beware of when it comes to watching Netflix on your iPhone; indeed, you ought to make sure that you have got a Netflix account that you will use for logging in. Don’t you want to know why this is a catch?

GEO-IP Restricted Sites and iPhone

As we have outlined earlier, Netflix is one of the geographically restricted websites and this means that the service is not free to view globally. Instead, only people within the United States have got the opportunity to sign up for Netflix and get the full version within your reach. Of course, you can sign up for other versions of Netflix (for instance in Latin America and Canada).

Still, there are some issues that have to be taken into account on your part; even if you are a US citizen, you will encounter troubles accessing Netflix on your iPhone once you fly overseas on business or vacations, for studies or for any other purpose. So, what can you do for overcoming such a problem and gaining full access to Netflix on your iPhone regardless of your location?

Change Your IP and Access Netflix

The only problem that is stopping you from enjoying Netflix on your iPhone is your IP address. Unless you have got a US IP address, you will not have the chance to enjoy the unique content that this cool service has got to offer. Instead of feeling frustrated and repeating to yourself that it is totally unfair to be deprived of such a great service, you need to act promptly and efficiently towards changing your IP address respectively.

After having done that, you will notice that there is no other obstruction that lies ahead and does not allow you to enjoy Netflix universally. If you are wondering how you can change your IP address and take advantage of your iPhone for watching superb content on Netflix, check out our following guidelines!

Using a VPN

VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network and it has to do with a plethora of remote servers comprising a solid network. According to your needs, you choose a remote server and you connect to that; this server acts as the middleman and redirects your traffic so that you do not appear located at your current location. On the contrary, you get the brand new IP that comes from the specific remote server that you have used for connecting. So, as you can easily comprehend, you are going to use a US based server for obtaining a brand new US IP. If you wish to follow the steps required for it, here you go:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service provider and setup VPN on your iPhone (you can either download the iOS app your provider is going to give you or make use of manual configurations – both are provided by them once you’ve a VPN account)
  • Choose a US based remote server and connect
  • Assuming you now are on a US IP, Sign up for a Netflix account (in case you don’t have a Netflix subscription already)
  • Download the  for iPhone
  • Visit Netflix and enjoy!

Thanks to the VPN, you also get excellent data encryption and the opportunity to unblock a whole lot of other websites that would otherwise remain out of reach for you. Last but not least, your anonymity does not allow any online surveillance whatsoever.

The Security Gladiators team has gone out in the wild and done a massive amount of research to bring you a humongous list of thousands of hidden categories for Netflix shows. Find all of your favorite categories with just one click right here.

Using a DNS

Alternatively to the VPN, you can use a DNS that permits you to do the exact same thing (without the added protection from the data encryption). DNS stands short for Domain Name System and gets to open a new door to your online routing. What you need to do when choosing to go for a DNS, is:

  • Head to the Wi-Fi option of your iPhone
  • Choose the “Others”
  • Scroll down to DNS
  • Choose among US DNS codes that work (you can pick one from here< (Not longer available)
  • Download the Netflix app for your iPhone
  • Connect and enjoy

As you can imagine, the DNS works effectively but the codes are updated regularly. So, this means that you will have to check for newest additions and evaluations of the DNS codes available online. Nevertheless, this is a free option that can help you out.

Another thing that you ought to keep in mind is the sign-up process for getting a Netflix account. If you have already got a Netflix account (either for the US version or for any other version) you can use it without any problem. If however, you do not have an account for Netflix, you can follow the instructions below and obtain one for the US Netflix website (and thus for the respective iPhone app):

  • Subscribe to a VPN like  (to get a US IP)
  • After having got a US IP, you go to Netflix website for sign up
  • Sign up using a US address (any fake one will do)
  • Use a US zip code that is valid (pick one from here)
  • Use an email address that does not lead back to you (just to be sure)
  • Pay with the use of a US credit or debit card
  • Alternatively, use PayPal or a Netflix gift card (on eBay, Amazon or from here) to complete the payment step – which is the final one
  • Assuming you completed all of the above steps, you now have a working Netflix account. Cheers!

For detailed information, you can read through our guide on Netflix without credit card topic if you need.

Downloaded Netflix Content and iPhone

Since there is no service for you to download Netflix content via your iPhone, you can benefit from the conversion of your files to Mac supporting videos. The compatible formats of the files include MOV, MP4, M4V and in certain cases AVI. If you wish to be sure, you can download Video Converter for Mac by iSkysoft or simply use any other similar tool. If you do that, you install and run the application; next, you drag and drop the files that you wish to watch and choose the preset for iPhone. After that, you launch the conversion and next you can watch everything you have already downloaded on your awesome iPhone!

As you can see, there are several guidelines that you need to comply with for getting the desired results and unblocking Netflix on your iPhone no matter in which part of the world you are. Do not just settle for using your iPhone for communicating with others, gathering info on Google or checking your emails. This is a powerful tool and it needs to be used for something equally amazing – streaming Netflix content, of course!

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