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How to Watch Netflix in Spain

Ideally, the internet opens up a whole new world of self determination as to what information one can or cannot access on web. But in reality not everything on the internet is freely available to all those who want it, partly due to numerous internet restriction in many countries or mainly due to a problem of Geo restriction. The latter is a disgusting geographical rationing system which implies you cannot access something on the internet simply because of your geographical Location. Great services like Netflix and Hulu (to name a couple) are geo restricted and only available in the United States, UK and Canada.

Netflix is a leading online movie store, offering a variety of award winning movies and series on a daily basis. Is it possible to watch Netflix in Spain? Absolutely YesThe only reason Netflix locks you out is by using your device IP address, to tell you’re in its geo-restricted zone. So to watch US Netflix version from Spain you must mask your device IP address to make it look like you’re requesting Netflix from somewhere in the United States. In this article we describe a few methods that will enable you unblock Netflix (practically, any geo restricted service) in Spain.

Using Virtual Private Network

Subscribing to a Virtual Private Network is by far the easiest and most secure way to stream US Netflix catalog while actually being in Spain. As the name suggests, a virtual private network helps one establish a private network over the Internet. Notably, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts your traffic providing you with a safe browsing haven in a potentially dangerous web. More importantly, a virtual private Network conceal your real IP address, which is going to be a key for watching Netflix and accessing other geo-restricted in Spain.

Setting up a Virtual Private Network is pretty simple on windows or Mac OS. First, decide on a reliable VPN service.

Well, there are many free available VPN services but most then are unreliable.

Here is a list of top VPN services. If we were to recommend one, that’s NordVPN VPN, which is easy to set up and by far the most reliable VPN service available.

If we were to recommend one, that’s NordVPN VPN, which is easy to set up and by far the most reliable VPN service available.

NordVPN VPN has servers in over 60 countries and gives you a chance to use over 1172 VPN servers to mask your identity and enable you to watch Netflix right from Spain.

To get NordVPN, first Sign up for an Account on  and then download the VPN client software to access their many VPN servers worldwide.

The service will cost you as low as $5.75 per month if you sign up for a full year.

To Set up NordVPN VPN client on Windows or Linux Operating Systems, Install the setup file using admin privileges.

On the Dashboard tab, enter your Password and Username, select your VPN protocol, this could be either a point-to-point-tunneling protocol (PPTP) or OpenVPN.

They are pretty much the same only that PPTP is much faster.

Next, select a US VPN server of choice, Click connect and NordVPN will be up and running in a matter of seconds.

If you’re still having problem click here for a more detailed guide on how to set up NordVPN VPN client software on your Device.

At this point, your VPN should be working correctly – open it and connect to a US server.

Now Go to Netflix.com and sign up for Netflix account.

Make sure to follow the easy guide to set up a Netflix Account and start your free month of great content from Netflix.

The Security Gladiators team has gone out in the wild and done a massive amount of research to bring you a humungous list of thousands of hidden categories for Netflix shows. Find all of your favorite categories with just one click right here.

What if I have a non-US credit card?

To enjoy US Netflix’s complete catalog in Spain you need a payment system recognized in US such as Visa, MasterCard or PayPal, which you most likely don’t have by now. But thanks to Entropay.com, you can still pay Netflix without a hitch. Entropay is an America based company that partners with Visa to provide a Virtual Visa card complete with a credit card number and Expiration date.

This is how it works, Visit Entropay.com from here, Sign up for an Entropay account, top up your new Entropay account using your own/local bank card. Entropay only takes few minutes to generate a Virtual Visa card number and an expiration date. Finally, use the virtual visa Card number to complete your Netflix account sign up and enjoy Netflix. Note that Netflix will only deduct your money after the expiration of your free month.

Using DNS redirection

A smart way to avoid the few shortcomings of a VPN, is to subscribe to a SmartDNS service. Unlike a VPN, DNS redirection allows you to unblock Netflix anywhere in the world without affecting your streaming speed. A VPN routes all web communication through a remote VPN server which acts like a man in the middle and in turn throats your speed and streaming quality. DNS redirection removes the man in the middle VPN server and routes traffic directly from Netflix servers to your device.

Basically, a Smart DNS service functions more like a VPN virtual private network, allowing to mask your IP address and watch Netflix in geo restricted zone as if you were in the United States. Currently, there many available Services available in the market but for a reliable service, go for premium SmartDNS such as Unblock US. Here is a list of best DNS services you can take a look at.

Like the name suggests, Unblock-US allows you to Unblock US Netflix (or any other US restricted content) no matter if you’re in Spain or anywhere else – by giving your device an American IP address which is compatible with all of the major geo-restricted channels (in our case Netflix) at cost of $4.99 a month. Notably, no credit cards, huge downloads or DNA samples required to subscribe to Unblock-US service, just your email address. To get a seven day trial service, Go to , enter your email address and follow the provided guide to set it up on your device. For more information on how to set up Unblock-US on Widows PC, click here, For Mac PC click here.

At this point, Unblock-US should be working correctly. Next go to Netflix.com, sign up for a basic account and claim your free month of great streaming from Netflix at the comfort of your living room in Madrid. If Netflix doesn’t recognize your payment details, sign up for a virtual Visa Card using Entropy as described above.

Using Hola Browser Plugin

Previously, we discussed how to use Zenmate browser plugin in our Netflix South Africa article to unblock geo restricted websites. Now here comes another smart way to watch Netflix – using another brilliant browser plugin known as Hola. The plug in allows you to mask your device IP address on Chrome and Firefox browser, for free.

To install Hola, visit Hola.org from here, hit the blue installation button, and accept the request to have the extension added to your Chrome or Firefox browser. Next click on flaming Hola icon appearing next to browser’s menu Icon, Sign up for a Hola Account and Select Netflix from a list of supported Geo restricted sites. Next, sign up for a Netflix account and enjoy great content.

Which Method Should I choose?

You can comfortably enjoy Netflix using any of the method discussed above, no matter in which part of Spain (and practically of any other country) you’re. But depending on your preference, one of the methods might suit you better. Notably, A VPN will be a perfect choice because of the enhanced security it provides. All communications on a VPN are highly encrypted using a virtual tunneling technology to give maximum security. On the downside, VPNs throats your browsing speed significantly.

A smart DNS won’t encrypt your traffic nor interfere with your streaming speed. If you can forego some level of Security – not recommend, a SmartDNS will probably work for you. A browser plugin on its part won’t encrypt traffic form your other programs and surely not a good choice for advanced users.

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