Report: A new Android malware appears in every 18 seconds

Latest Android vulnerability strains almost 440,000 malware discovered within the 1st quarter of 2015, or you can say that a new smartphone bug strain for Android is exposed every 18 seconds and 5000 times per day.

According to a recent research from G DATA and its report about Mobile Malware in 2015, the financial bugs and banking Trojans make up a huge chunk of the recent stains: almost half (50%) of malware has the motivation to directly attack the finance of the person/business.

The product manager of G DATA, Christian Geschkat said, “The use of smartphones and tablets for online banking is increasing rapidly. With its dominant market position, the Android operating system in particular is coming to the attention of cyber-criminals. Hence it is no surprise that attackers are developing and distributing financial malware such as banking trojans especially for this platform. As such, we are expecting a significant increase in financially motivated malware for the Android operating system this year.”

Generally, the number of malware cases in Android increased by 6.4 percent (413,871) compared to the 4th quarter of 2014. If we compare to the 1st quarter of 2014, the rise is even bigger: 21 percent (363,153).

Moreover, G DATA cyber security researchers expect a sudden boost in the number of latest Android vulnerability cases in 2015 too. For the reason that the constantly high distribution numbers for the OS (operating system), attackers are focused to get malware into flow here, the report said.

“Mobile banking and online shopping are booming,” the firm said. “Fifty per cent of US consumers use a smartphone or tablet for their banking transactions, and 78% of Internet users make purchases online. This is a trend that has also attracted the attention of cyber-criminals recognizing the exploitation possibilities such as forced subscriptions via premium SMS or calls, extortion via ransomware, and remote control of money transfers.”

Additionally, the IoTs is aggravating the concern. Whether these are routers, heating equipment, or smart cars, experts are coming across ever more security lacks. In numerous cases, tablets and mobiles are being utilized to control smart devices. The G DATA experts expect that intelligent device will turn out to be a major hack vector soon.

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