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Incognitel has everything to remain the king of secure online communications for a long time. But will it? Read on.

Incognitel is an anonymity software for individuals, small businesses, and large businesses. To put it another way, if you want to protect your online privacy and identity then it doesn’t matter what you do or where you are, you will need a software that helps you maintain the integrity of your identity and all your communications with your peers and business partners.

With the amount of surveillance measures the new Trump government is expected to utilize, it makes good sense to invest in a platform that provides secure online communication.

Hillary Clinton used an online secure messaging service throughout the duration of her campaign in 2016 in order to ensure that the Russians, or Donald Trump, did not get a sniff of what her aides were up to.

Of course, it didn’t help Hillary Clinton win the election (she did win the popular vote, though) but a reputed and secure online communication can certainly help you protect your communications without incurring huge infrastructure costs.

Incognitel is currently being ranked as one of the absolute best tools that are available online. As indicated earlier as well, it is specifically designed from the ground up for businessman and individuals.

In short, it can be used by anybody as long as the end objective is to protect privacy and guard one’s identity.

Of course, the whole package isn’t perfect and we’ll come to some of its flaws later in this review. But as an overall package, Incognitel is quite impressive for the money.

Just how impressive it is?

Well, you’ll have to read the full review to find that out.

So let’s get to it.

Before we get to the actual review itself, there are a couple of things readers need to understand.

First, Incognitel allows users to communicate in a secure and free manner without having any fear or spying or eavesdropping from government organizations and marketing agencies.

The one purpose for which Incognitel has been developed is security.

Cold hard uncompromising security.

Moreover, it is also designed in a very intuitive manner so that anyone can use the software with ease.

In other words, the people behind Incognitel have made sure that the interface of Incognitel is simple and comfortable to use for all types of users regardless of experience or technical know-how.

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But just how much secure is Incognitel?

If we’re talking about specifics, then it is extremely secure by the looks of it.

Think about it.

Incognitel basically operates from servers that are located somewhere in a Swedish atomic bunker.

The Swedish atomic bunker has consistently been ranked as one of the safest places on earth.

In fact, it is regularly featured in the list of top 10 safest places on planet earth.

Moreover, the servers that run Incognitel are the same ones that help operate WikiLeaks.

So in terms of security and reliability, there is hard another secure online communication platform out there in the market that can beat Incognitel.

As mentioned before, you don’t need to worry about the size your company.

Even if you’re a part of a huge, complex and sophisticated organization, you can still use Incognitel to gain online security.

Incognitel comes with its own set of fully fleshed out features such as secure calling and messaging that you, along with your staff, can use to communicate without wasting even a second.

In other words, Incognitel is not only safe and secure, it is also extremely fast, streamlined and easy to operate.

On that note, it stands to reason that you’ll be able to save a lot of costs on training courses if you just use Incognitel to communicate securely in your organization or with your business partners.

Incognitel Features


Incognitel, according to official sources, is helping the world connect to and communicate through the internet in a secure manner.

Right now, Incognitel can be used by anyone to,

  • Blur sensitive messages sent through the service
  • Make audio calls if one needs.
  • Record video calls if that is the most convenient form of communication
  • Set up video conferencing if there is a large number of participants in the room or meeting.
  • Share sensitive files and folders with other people through a secure medium.

So the idea should become pretty straightforward now. Incognitel has everything you could ever need to communicate, in any shape or form, with your associates.

It is just a handful of secure online communication platforms that is simple and fast.

One of the features that should attract more attention than any other is the fact that users do not need to install anything to use Incognitel.

You just have to visit their official website and start using the service.

IN fact, you don’t even need to register if you want to use the service, in its entirety, for a limited amount of time.

Incognitel has done its best to prove to the cyber security industry that it is indeed a genuinely one-click secure online communication platform and a tool.

To use Incognitel with your business partners, all you need to do is send an invitation to them. That’s it.

As soon as you send the invitation to your business partners, they can open up that invitation and then join you on the Incognitel platform within seconds.

Remember, you can use this service with your colleagues at University or just your friends too.

With just one license you can communicate to a whole team of business partners, colleagues and other associates.

If you’re privacy matters to you or if you have been a victim of some cyber attack and lost whole or some part of your privacy and want to get it back then you should definitely think about signing up for a service like Incognitel.

Incognitel makes use of the latest that technology has to offer and employs exceptionally strong encryption methods which protect the company’s customers privacy and online identity.

In short, Incognitel provides some of the most sophisticated and secure online security solutions that one is likely to find in the current market.

Moreover, Incognitel has state-of-the-art systems in place which work just to protect users from incidents such as industrial espionage along with criminal eavesdropping and other activities related to surveillance campaigns by authoritarian governments (some might even add democratic governments to the list too considering the executive orders taken by President Donald Trump).

Right now, it is extremely important for anyone who values his privacy and online identity to invest in an online secure communication platform.

And at this point readers would do well to remember what Edward Snowden said about privacy and protecting it.

Basically, he told reporters that it did not matter what you were doing online (or weren’t doing) because everybody gets spied on by the government and they have a pretty clear idea of what a particular user is doing online when engaging in his/her daily routines.

That is of course if that user has not invested in a technology like Incognitel (or even a VPN service) and roams around the internet without any sort of protection.

Incognitel tries to bridge that gap between the user and total anonymity as far as communications are concerned.

As mentioned before we also have a discount and a coupon code for you to reap the benefits of.

Simply go to the official website and then apply this Incognitel coupon discount code “SGDISCOUNT” and you can get a massive 25 percent off the regular price.

It may not be able to change your location or provide you access to Netflix (there are other technologies available for that) but it does a pretty good job of making sure that no one can read your messages or decipher if a particular message came from you or one of your associates.

Incognitel’s is a super simple web service with super simple buttons

That is the sole reason why Incognitel is such as great match for businessman around the world. In fact, some businesses already use Incognitel on a daily basis to communicate with colleagues and share all sort of files and folder with complete anonymity and security.

As far as Incognitel servers are concerned (about which we have talked about earlier in the article as well) Swedish legislature has prohibited extradition of any form of data (or even any kind of information) to law enforcement authorities or any other kind of authorities or entities that are not related to Swedish law enforcement authorities.

While that is certainly good news for many users, some other users might be concerned about Swedish law enforcement authorities having a bit too much control over Incognitel and its data.

Well, worry not.

Because even in the case of Swedish authorities, Swedish law grants them very limited power over data or information that Incognitel might or might not have over a particular user.

But what makes Incognitel so secure and leak proof?

More simply put, apart from the official sources, have any other reviewers or auditors reviewed the integrity of services being provided by Incognitel?

The answer is yes.

In fact, many independent security audits along with bug bounty schemes (which are crowdsourced) have gone through Incognitel.

And while in audits like these there are no winners or “pass marks”, if one of these independent audit firms and crowdsourcing platforms do find a problem with a service, they report it to authorities and make the information public so that people would know about a shady business.

Incognitel has been on the radar of independent security specialists and other types of ethical hackers for quite a while now.

They have monitored the services being offered by Incognitel and so far have not reported anything that might compromise the service or its claims.

Ethical hackers from every corner of the world have been able to get a hold of Incognitel and have tested the official website along with the application in order to ensure that Incognitel is providing to its customers exactly what it is marketing to them.

Send Secure Text Messages

Using Incognitel, your messages are always secure. How?


Incognitel uses a complex system of end-to-end encryption.

This encryption technique is applied to everything from text and files to video and voice messages.

Each and every message that you send through Incognitel first gets encrypted and then gets sent.

Before encryption, nothing leaves your device.

Moreover, according to official sources, Incognitel does not keep an archive or any other type of record of your communication.

Send Files

As is the case with messages, files are also encrypted before they are sent.

You can share up to 200 MB (megabytes) with your business partners.

There is no limit on the number of people to whom you can share a file with.

Which is great right?

Make Video Calls

Video calls are the new form of communication. More and more organizations are switching to video calls in order to increase their productivity and save time.

But it wasn’t possible to have video calls on a moment’s notice.

With Incognitel you can set up video calls without any effort because the team behind Incognitel have made it so easy, and safe, to communicate through video calls.

At the time of writing, you can utilize up to six video calls simultaneously.

Utilize Voice calls utility

When you sign up for Incognitel you can be sure of the fact the sound quality of your voice calls would be great. Crystal clear, to be crystal clear!

Moreover, you can make as many phone calls as required and the company will not charge you anything extra.


Enjoy Extreme Speed

With Incognitel, you can arrange meetings faster than most people can say the word meeting.

Most of all, there aren’t any requirements.

Incognitel doesn’t require any additional downloads or installation procedures. It doesn’t even want you to register before you are sold on the product.

As mentioned before we also have a discount and a coupon code for you to reap the benefits of.

Simply go to the official website and then apply this Incognitel coupon discount code “SGDISCOUNT” and you can get a massive 25 percent off the regular price.

Incognitel Compatibility

Incognitel has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. Modern world dictates that a particular user might need to use any given software at any given time on any given platform using any given device.

In other words, Incognitel fits the bill perfectly by providing a platform for secure online communication independent of the fact if you’re working on a desktop computer or a laptop or even a smartphone.

Not to mention you can even access Incognitel through your tablet.

That is why Incognitel is just the complete solution to most, if not all, of your online secure communication needs.

The fact that a secure online communication tool could be so simple in its use and in its overall design and, on top of that, be so flexible, makes Incognitel an ideal solution for secure communication for either business use or even everyday use.

Incognitel Price


Incognitel is pretty generous when it comes to offering different kinds of subscription packages for users in order to cover every kind of user.

If you’re not sure about using Incognitel for a long period of time then you can simply sign up for its three-day service for a total of 9€.

However, if you show a bit more confidence and sign up for the service for a duration of a whole month, then you’ll only have to pay 79 € which is 11 € less than what you would have had to pay had you signed up for the three-day period ten times.

Incognitel offers a massive discount to users who sign up for the secure online communication tool for a whole year.

You can sign up for Incognitel for the whole year for just 399€. That comes to around 33.25 € per month which is less than half of what a user has to pay for a monthly subscription package.

After you sign up for one of the packages, the official website will take you to a couple of steps, like checkout and then activation, and then provide you with a unique PIN code.

You will need to use that pin code in order to access Incognitel service.

Incognitel Security


You already know that Incognitel servers are located in a Swedish atomic bunker, which is, quite safe.

Probably more safe then “safest”.

But is that enough?

Perhaps, for some users, no.

Don’t worry though because Incognitel has got you covered.

Incognitel’s system basically assigns each participant of a particular meeting an alias.

Using that alias, any participant can contribute to the meeting without revealing his/her identity.

Moreover, the nicknames created by the system are totally anonymous.

You will not find a single place in Incognitel’s ecosystem where you are required to use your own name or identity.

In other words, your security and anonymity remain untouched.

To further strengthen the overall security of its product, Incognitel also makes use of TLS encryption.

This simply means your confidential information and data is transferred to its destination in a safe manner using 256-bit TLS encryption.

Moreover, is actually a member of Geo Trust.

What’s Geo Trust then?

It is just an authority that gives our safety certifications which are internationally recognized.

On top of that, Incognitel makes use of a multi-layer protection system.

In other words, it uses an additional safety layer of TLS encryption.

That layer is the use of AES-GCM encryption which is probably the most modern encryption there is.

If that is still not enough encryption for you then Incognitel takes it up a notch and uses RSA (KEM) for the purpose of key exchange.

As mentioned earlier in the review a well, Incognitel does not keep any form of information about any user’s communication.

The official word is that they will never archive information about user communication but we can’t be certain just now.

To further top off the previous security measures, the company also makes sure that all forms of communication through the network takes place only between the concerned users.

This direct approach allows the content that is to be transferred to not go through any servers and hence user anonymity is preserved.

Additionally, the encryption that we have been talking about since the beginning actually happens on the client side.

That means even the staff at Incognitel don’t know anything about a user’s data.

Yes, you read that right.

Incognitel operators can’t read your messages.

And the biggest advantage of that feature is if Swedish authorities ask for any information on Incognitel clients, the company doesn’t have any data on them and hence can’t comply.

We’ve already alluded to the fact that you’ll be given a PIN code once you sign up for Incognitel.

What we haven’t told you is that this secure PIN is a very important piece of information.

Do not lose it under any circumstances because Incognitel has no way or recovering it since they don’t store any information on their clients.

When you sign up for Incognitel, you’ll be given a one-time license key. Every user gets one license key with each purchase.

With the license key, you can activate your account and then the system will generate a totally unique PIN code for you.

As mentioned before we also have a discount and a coupon code for you to reap the benefits of.

Simply go to the official website and then apply this Incognitel coupon discount code “SGDISCOUNT” and you can get a massive 25 percent off the regular price.

Incognitel User Interface


By now you should know that Incognitel is a web-based secure online communication service.

There is no app, neither a desktop client.

When you log into the service for the first time using your PIN code, you’ll be guided to all the features of the service with the help of an interactive tour.

There is only one main screen.

On the left, you have your standard options and user list.

Most of the real estate goes to your actual chats though.

A button at the bottom of the screen, right beside where you write your message, allows you to choose a random nickname for yourself in order to protect your privacy.

The panel on the left gives you the option to lock your conversation as well. Once a conversation is locked, it is fully secured.

There is specific lock button that you have to press in order to lock a conversation/meeting/conference. Its color changes from red to green when the lock is turned on.

Then there is another button beside the lock button which allows users to add more users to the meeting or to the conference.

When you click this button, you’ll be shown a pop-up window which will list the number of options available to invite a particular person to a meeting.

You can either send your associate or friend or business partner a link or a meeting key or even an email.

Make sure your meeting is not locked when you invite someone. If you lock your meeting, no other user, invited or not, would be able to join the conversation.

There is a settings button too which enables a user to blur text messages, turn notification sounds on or off and ask for help.

Aside from that, there is an exit button and a delete conversation button.

That is pretty much it as far as the user interface is concerned.

Needless to say, the user interface of Incognitel is pretty minimalistic and that is a good thing since it keeps people focused on the task at hand rather than check out all the cool looking features that are unnecessarily available in some other apps like Incognitel.

One thing to note is the big green lock button at the bottom left corner of the screen. This show how secure is your conversation.

Official sources recommend that you should always have it at 100 percent. If it is not at hundred percent you should not use that meeting or chat room to communicate with anyone unless you want to jeopardize your anonymity and security.

When you click the “100 % SECURED” text on the screen it will show you exactly what that means.

What it means is this.

A hundred percent secured means there is SSL/TLS encryption along with AES-256 encryption and hence the entire meeting is completely safe to interact with other participants.

Incognitel: Should You Buy It?

Based on the fact that Incognitel provides superior incognito services than any other secure online communication tools out there in the market, Incognitel definitely gets a nod from us.

Its strong encryption methods along with end-to-end message encryption make it a great choice for users looking to send messages through a completely secure network.

Not to mention, you don’t have to register with Incognitel to use the service and that is immensely valuable to new users who don’t want to waste time going through long registration forms (or are concerned about providing their email address to a service they don’t yet know they would use in the future).

The only downside to Incognitel is that it is purely web-based and hence if you don’t have an internet connection, you better hold on to your messages.

Plus, it would have been a nice touch if Incognitel had dedicated apps for different operating systems such as Android, Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Linux.

Perhaps they will work on this in the very near future.

As mentioned before (finally) we also have a discount and a coupon code for you to reap the benefits of.

Simply go to the official website and then apply this Incognitel coupon discount code “SGDISCOUNT” and you can get a massive 25 percent off the regular price.


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