Obama says before they get any better Cybersecurity woes will get worse

On Monday, American President Obama said that the latest attack on the record of OPM (Office of Personnel Management) and on the private data of employees was another sign of the “weakness” of federal Govt. networks. And he also added that until Washington answer back in a solid way, these sort of problems are just going to increase.

Barack Obama said in a press release just after addressing to G7 Summit in Germany, “We have known for a long time that there are significant vulnerabilities. And these vulnerabilities are going to accelerate for a long time.”

Obama asked to Congress to authorize the bill of internet security legislation, which Obama says would cover few attacks faced by the networks of American government. Obama also pushed his personal admin’s efforts to upgrade old computers to better defend against these types of problems, containing the Einstein program (government anti hacking program), which spotted the recent attack.

The President didn’t say anything on Chinese hackers whether or not they were operating this cyberattack on the OPM (Office of Personnel Management), that’s basically working as the human resources unit for the federal government. Almost 4 million current and former federal workers are in danger of devising their private data stolen.

On last Thursday the US official stated that they think the Chinese actors were behind this cyber-attack, however as Time’s Mark Thomspon believes they haven’t yet placed out proof to authorize that is the situation. Thomspon written:

While U.S. officials have linked the thefts to China because of the peculiar hacking techniques and computer addresses involved, they haven’t been able to come up with a motive. The data haven’t shown up on the black market. China denied any role in the hack. “If you keep using the words ‘maybe’ or ‘perhaps’ without making a thorough study, this is irresponsible and unscientific,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.

On the other hand, Barack Obama stated on Monday, “The problem is not going to go away,” saying that the American need to be a “nimble, aggressive, and well-resourced” as hackers are trying to breach into these federal government’s systems.

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