Payza Hacked by Famous Madleets Hackers Group

Renowned Pakistani hackers’ group hacked Payza Company’s official blog, allegedly exposing passwords and usernames of registered Payza users.

Payza, an American based online payment company has been hacked by the notorious Pakistani hackers’’ group dubbed Team MadLeets. The breach was first reported on twitter a few hours ago through the twitter handles of MindCracker and H3ll D, lead hackers who were the mastermind of the cyber assault on Payza official blog.

The hackers left behind a defaced web page  showing  passwords  and usernames of registered Payza users in plain-text format alongside a message saying,  “Hey Payza Hacked :P Is this what u Call Security ? Don’t Worry I’m not Going to leak it…

According to a reporter at HackRead who had an exclusive communication with MindCracker, the hackers exploited a bug in the website to access the Payza databases. MindCracker claims the group is in possession of huge chunks of Payza’s users’ personal information, including passwords, usernames and Email addresses alongside other credentials from the hacked database.

Payza is yet to issue an official statement confirming the extent of the data breach. However, in a tweet reply to concerned users, Payza said the hacked blog is different from the payment platform and therefore no sensitive information of Payza users was compromised as claimed by Madleets

“The Payza blog is a separate environment from the Payza platform, no sensitive info has been compromised” tweeted @Payzaofficial  “Our current investigation shows that they are not related to any Payza credentials at all, but investigations are still ongoing,” read another tweet reply.

Payza, formerly known as AlertPay, offers online services similar to PayPal, transferring money from one user account to another for a commission.  Its service is available to millions of users across 190 countries transacting in over 20 different currencies. Payza is particularly popular with users who prefer Bitcoin virtual currency.

Little is known about Madleet’s motivation to hacking, but industry experts describe the group as bunch of hackers interested in fame and online growly. On Facebook the group describes itself as White hackers’ community hacking to help companies strengthen their security. “MadLeets is an Ethical and 1337 White Hat Hackers Community. We are Anti Hackers, we teach how to protect yourself from getting hacked,” reads Madleets page info.

In the past, MadLeets has been linked to numerous data breaches, including hacking Microsoft, AVG, Google Indonesia, Google images, Google plus domains in Malaysia among others. The group has also hacked several government website including Indian and Pakistani government sites.

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