Real Debrid: Guide, Installation and Alternatives

Users who want to stream content online via Kodi but don’t want to go through an ocean of dead links need to use Real Debrid, a multi-hoster online service that enables quick and buffer-less video streaming and downloads. Officially Real Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that can be used to quickly download content, in the form of files, at blazing speeds. The main features of Real Debrid include the ability to download content, subscription packages for premium service and links that actually work, HTML 5 streaming without any plugins, and plugins for Chrome and Firefox with JDownloader, CCF, RSDF and DLC decrypter. Other features include unlimited traffic, parallel downloads, AES secure downloads and multiple link hosts for the same content.

Installing Real Debrid on Kodi

In this guide, readers will learn about what Real Debrid is, how the service works and the legality of installing and using the platform. Readers will also know more about how to install Real Debrid and which VPNs perform the best with Real Debrid.

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is an online service that allows users to download content quickly and stream without buffering. Such services are typically described as multihosters or unrestricted downloaders.

As mentioned before, the main features of Real Debrid include allowing access to premium streaming links, optimizing the user’s connection for maximum download speeds, premium host access and multi-platform support. The main usage of Real Debrid is fixing Kodi buffering problems.

How does Real Debrid Work?

Real Debrid works with the Kodi addons that the user has already installed. Once configured, Real Debrid supplies extra streaming links whenever the user tries to watch something through a given Kodi add-on. The links Real Debrid provides are not commonly available. As a result of the premium links, the user encounters less buffering. Sometimes Real Debrid is able to offer HD versions of content that is usually not available in HD via Kodi add-ons.

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Users should know that Real Debrid is not a Kodi add-on; instead, Real Debrid is a multi-hoster service that facilitates downloading content quickly and provides extra links to content that a given Kodi user might be trying to watch with a Kodi add-on.

Readers should keep in mind that a lot of the content available via Kodi add-ons is copyrighted. Violating copyright protections can lead to legal problems, depending on the laws of the country where Kodi users reside.

This is important:

Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Security Gladiators condone copyright violation on the part of users. Kodi users should only access content that isn’t copyrighted or content that the Kodi user has already gained the license for.

This is where readers should also know that Real Debrid provides access to around 60 additional link hosts. The vast majority of hosts do not give due consideration to copyright protections. Only a handful of link hosts such as Dailymotion, YouTube and Vimeo (among others) offer content that isn’t copyrighted.

What is the Cost of Real Debrid?

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Since Real Debrid is a multi-file hoster, the service charges a subscription fee of about $5 per month to allow users to have access to premium file hosters. Real Debrid also offers a free version, though the service has paused offering users a restricted free tier. But as is the case with all free packages, Real Debrid offers better links in the premium package. Depending on the length of the subscription package, users can be charged anywhere from 3 euros to 16 euros.

Real Debrid sells four packages: The “RD N 1” package costs $3.29 and lasts 15 days. Users get unlimited traffic and 150 “Fidelity Points” (more on that in the next section). Then, there is the “RD N 2” package, which costs $4.39 and grants access to Real Debrid services for 30 days. Users who subscribe to this package get 200 Fidelity Points and unlimited traffic.


Real Debrid also has an “RD N 3” package that costs $9.88 and allows access up to 90 days. Subscribers also get 450 Fidelity Points and unlimited traffic. Finally, the “RD N 4” package costs $17.56 and allows access for up to 180 days, with 800 Fidelity Points and unlimited traffic.


What are the Real Debrid Fidelity Points?

The Real Debrid Fidelity Points are points that subscribers can use to get free days. Fidelity Points benefit subscribers because this perk essentially gives free access to users. Fidelity Points offer the premium Real Debrid to loyal customers for free in order to retain as many subscribers as possible. To use Fidelity Points, users should go to Real Debrid’s website and then navigate to the “Account” menu. From there, users should click on “Account Settings” and then “Convert.”

Generally, users need about 1,000 points to get 30 days of free premium Real Debrid service.

What are the Problems with Real Debrid?

There are a few problems with Real Debrid that prospective users should know about. The main problem users encounter is when Real Debrid does not work with a given application or an add-on. To get rid of the problem, users should first unpair the problematic add-on or application and Real Debrid. Then, close the problematic application, quit any VPN app running in the background and then relaunch Real Debrid and the problematic application to finally pair both again. Launch the VPN application again and start streaming.

Sometimes, Real Debrid has problems with the URL resolver. To fix URL resolver issues, users need to go to “Settings” (from the Kodi application main menu) and then click on “Add-ons.” After that, users should click on “System” and then “Dependencies.” Finally, users should go to “ResolveURL” and then “Configure” to click the option that says “Reset Function Cache.”

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Other times, a custom skin or theme may prevent Real Debrid from working. A few skins and themes actually manage to block access to the resolver settings mentioned above. To fix that problem, launch Kodi, go to “Tools” and then to “Settings.” From there, go to “Accounts” and then to “Debrid Service.” Then, click on “URLResolver” (sometimes the option may appear as “ResolveURL Settings”) and then select “Reset Function Cache.”

If Real Debrid is not streaming content for some reason, users might need to reauthorize Real Debrid. To do that, Kodi users first need to go to the “Settings” menu from the Kodi homepage and then click on “System.” Then, users should go to “Advanced” (some Kodi versions may have this option as “Expert”) and then go to “Add-ons” to select “Manage Dependencies.” As before, users then need to scroll for a bit before coming to the “URLResolver” option. Click URLResolver and then “Configure” and then “Universal Resolvers.” From the new screen, pick Real Debrid and then from the next menu, pick the value 90 as the “Priority.” Then, click on “Reauthorize my account.”

Users should then see an authorization window from Real Debrid URLResolver. Go to and enter the code shown on the Kodi application screen.

Once authorized, close and then relaunch Kodi, then select the video add-on to play some content. Real Debrid should provide new links for the content.

How to Sign up for Real Debrid

The steps showing how to get Real Debrid account credentials and complete the Real Debrid authorization process are given below.

  1. Visit Real Debrid’s official website and then select the “Sign up” button in the upper-right corner.
  2. Provide a username, email address and password. (Note that Real Debrid doesn’t work with most temporary email services.)
  3. Once the registration form has been filled out, click on “Sign Up.” That should allow Real Debrid to send a confirmation email.
  4. Open the confirmation email sent to the email address used for registration.
  5. Go back to Real Debrid’s website, and this time, click the “Login” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  6. Input the login credentials and sign in.
  7. After that, the user can subscribe to one of the four packages available and use premium content links.

How to Set up and Install Real Debrid on Kodi

Learning how to activate Real Debrid is as simple as opening a confirmation email and clicking the “activate” button to power up Real Debrid. The steps involved were mentioned in the previous section.

As a preliminary, users should make sure Kodi is updated to the latest version 18 (the later, the better), as Real Debrid only supports Kodi 18 and later.

The steps for setting up and installing Real Debrid on Kodi are given below.

  1. After signing up for Real Debrid and activating the account via the confirmation email, users should ideally start by installing a VPN service first.
  2. The next step is to open Kodi.
  3. Go to “Settings” and hit the button that says “Advanced,” located in the bottom-left corner of the Kodi screen.
  4. Select “Add-ons,” and then go to “Manage Dependencies.”
  5. Launch the URLResolver. (Depending on the screen size, the user may have to scroll for a bit before the option is visible.)
  6. Once the URLResolver is opened, click the “Configure” option located close to the bottom-left corner of the Kodi screen.
  7. Click on “Universal Resolvers.”
  8. Scroll a bit and change the value of the item priority to 90.
  9. Hit the tab that says “(Re) Authorize My Account.”
  10. Go to the URL shown on the screen (copy/paste the URL in a web browser) and then type the code given below the URL (in front of where the screen says “When prompted enter”).
  11. Once the user enters the code on the URL given, Real Debrid has been authorized.

How to Pair Devices in Real Debrid

Kodi users must pair apps with Real Debrid to get the maximum benefit. The steps to pair devices in Real Debrid are given below.

  1. Launch the application that needs to be paired with Real Debrid.
  2. If the app supports Real Debrid, then the option to pair with Real Debrid should be present in the “Settings” menu. Hence, users should go to the app’s settings page.
  3. From the settings menu, go to “Account.”
  4. Each app is different in terms of the options presented, but generally, the “Account” menu should have an option that goes along the lines of “Login to Real-Debrid.”
  5. From the “Login to Real-Debrid” window, users should see a URL and code. As before, users need to copy/paste the URL into any web browser and input the code provided. Once the user completes this step, Real Debrid will automatically pair with the user’s device.
  6. Some apps may require the user to sign in with the Real Debrid account again.
    The above process should work for any app that is compatible with Real Debrid.

What are the Best VPNs for Real Debrid on Kodi?

A lot of the content available via Kodi add-ons and Real Debrid is copyrighted. Violating copyright protections can lead to legal problems, including warnings, fines and bans, depending on the laws in the country where the Kodi user is based.

Pro Tip:

Moreover, Kodi users who utilize Real Debrid to engage in torrenting must use a VPN service to guard against problems such as MiTM and DDoS attacks.

The best VPNs for streaming content via Real Debrid links are given below.

  1. NordVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. IPVanish
  5. Private Internet Access

What Can You Do If Real Debrid is Not Working?

If Real Debrid is not working, Kodi users can first try to clear the cache from the app. To get started, users should first go to the app’s “URLResolver Settings” and then click the “Clear Function Cache” button. Sometimes, updating the resolver or making changes to a given Kodi add-on can make Real Debrid stop working. Issues with the source links can also lead to problems. Regardless, clearing the cache should always be the first step.

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Web browsers are also known to cause problems for Real Debrid users. The easiest way to fix Real Debrid site issues is to refresh the website by pressing the combination Ctrl + F5. Otherwise, users should click on the menu button in the top-left corner of Google Chrome (in the shape of three vertical dots), then click on “Tools” and then “Clear Browsing Data.” Check all the boxes appearing on the screen and then set the “Time Range” to All Time. Finally, the user should select the “Clear Browsing Data” button, then restart the browser and try to log in via the Real Debrid website.

Clearing the local DNS cache can also help resolve Real Debrid errors. Windows users can easily clear the local DNS cache by clicking the “Start” button and then typing “Command Prompt.” A black window should appear on the screen; users should type ipconfig/flushdns in the window and then hit the “Enter” button to clear the local DNS cache. The Command Prompt window usually shows a “Success” message.

Using a DNS service other than one supplied by an internet service provider can also make Real Debrid work properly. The best DNS services are OpenDNS, CloudFlare and Google Public DNS.

Kodi users who are specifically using Kodi add-ons like CinemaHD with Real Debrid can run into resolver errors. To get rid of common resolver errors, users should open the CinemaHD app and then log out of Real Debrid. If there is a VPN installed on the system, disable that as well. Then, go back to CinemaHD and log in with Real Debrid (via the “Settings” menu) and then go to Real Debrid’s website. From there, authorize Real Debrid again (refer to the previous section to learn how to authorize Real Debrid on any supported app). Lastly, check if Real Debrid links are appearing in CinemaHD.

What are the Alternatives of Real Debrid?

The alternatives of Real Debrid are given below.

  • DailyLeech
  • LeechSpace
  • AnyDebrid
  • PLG
  • LinkSnappy

This is important:

Readers should keep in mind that most of the content available on Real Debrid or any Kodi add-on is copyrighted. Viewing copyrighted material is generally illegal and can come with severe repercussions, depending on the local laws of the country. Kodi users should always make sure to only access copyright-free content or content for which the copyrights/licenses have been purchased.

What Should You Know about Real Debrid?

Real Debrid aggregates links and hence is not a Kodi add-on. Real Debrid works with other Kodi add-ons to replace low-quality links which may or may not be using restricted servers. Overall, Real Debrid is as safe to use as any other Kodi add-on as the multi-hoster does not serve users with content but, rather, links to good sources hosted elsewhere.

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Officially, Real Debrid mentions that the service is completely legal as the multi-hoster does not link to files with illegal content. With that said, Kodi users should know that Real Debrid charges a subscription fee for links that give access to copyrighted blockbuster TV series and movies.

Coming across content that is illegal or offensive is very likely when using Real Debrid with any Kodi add-on. Users should take all privacy and security measures before streaming content through Kodi and Real Debrid.

Which Kodi Add-ons can be Used with Real Debrid?

Kodi add-ons are extensions that users can install via the Kodi application to get access to more content and features, along with customization options. Any Kodi add-on that can be used with Real Debrid will have a “Login with Real Debrid” option in the “Settings” menu or in the “Setting > Accounts” menu.

The main function of Kodi add-ons that can be used with Real Debrid is to play content from the premium links the service provides to subscribers.

Can Real Debrid be Used with Multiple IP Addresses?

Yes, Kodi users can access Real Debrid links and benefit from all the other features on multiple IP addresses. At a given time, though, Kodi users can only access Real Debrid with one IP address.

Is Using Real Debrid Legal?

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Yes, using Real Debrid is legal. However, the content available via Real Debrid may or may not be legal. To remain on the safe side, Kodi users should restrict content consumption to official sources, public domain sources or sources for which a license has been purchased (usually a subscription fee).

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