Protecting Elderly from Scams, Malware and Other Online Threats

"Scam Alert" Word on Office WorkplaceIt is needless to state that the elderly (let it be parents or grandparents) are not that much capable of dealing with technology as the younger people in the world today. This leads to significant problems occurring, as elderly try to cope with the demands of technology and bump into huge walls.

As they’re not as good as younge r generations in computers, scammers consider them soft targets and hit the elderly – most of the times. Now, it’s heartbreaking for anyone who loves his parents/grandparents to see them taken advantage by bad actors via scams or either way online.

In avoidance of the negative consequences that have to do with ignoring the rules and the details of secure technology and computing, we ought to take a stand and offer a helping hand to those who do not know as much as we do in this field. How can we do that?

  • Education: The proper education can be of great use to the elderly, when it comes to dealing with technology. In order to protect them from online scams and other Malware, you should make sure that they know what they are up against. There are constant threats like AMMYY scam that you have to educate your folks about, so as to offer them the power to prevent attacks.
  • System Update: As happens with any of us, the system of the device in use must be updated with the latest version of the OS. The same goes for the other software, such as anti-virus programs etc. Otherwise, the device will not be as powerful as we would want it to be.
  • Second Opinion Malware: Besides the basics, the elderly will more likely be in need of extra attention. The option of second opinion malware can work great to have reliable Malware security and therefore this is not something that should be taken lightly.
  • DNS Filtering: If you add DNS Filtering, you can expect to avoid phishing attacks and other similar threats. This can mean the world to the elderly, as they are not experienced in the field of computing and they can easily be tricked into visiting suspicious sites.
  • Wi-Fi Protection: In case they are using a Wi-Fi connection, the elderly will be much better off having the WiFi connection secured. This can prevent unauthorized access and even more severe consequences. Especially if they use outdated, obsolete routers (that we have given them, because we have bought something more sophisticated), they will be in need of extra security.
  • Get Them a Privacy Tool: Here, I’ll start with asking you a question, you use a cover for your letters – so why should everyone be able to track your (or your elders’) traffic online? It is your right to protect and encrypt your Internet connection and not to leave traces at every corner of the Internet. To cover the extra mile in ensuring your elders’ Internet security, you should consider getting them a privacy tool like VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN enables one to hide real IP and surf the web anonymously, so when the elderly are going to be anonymous online they’ll be less likely to be traced and trapped.

If you pay attention to the elderly and if you spend some quality time with them, informing them on the potential dangers they may have to deal with online, the problem will be resolved. Everyone is entitled to using technology to the maximum and benefiting from its great use – however, the right measures to keep your family safe online should never be underestimated or ignored!

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Stella Strouvali Stella is a certified writer and zealous wordsmith, a true fan of Placebo, technology, Panionios and wellness. Still, her true passion has to do with eagerly learning new things and passing them on to others. “An unexamined life is not worth living”, to quote Socrates.

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  1. It is the responsibility of younger ones to provide all the details regarding the scams and malware that may affect the system. In other words, the younger ones can guide them by checking the system regularly.

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