Do You Qualify As a Security Gladiator? The Ultimate Checklist!

Online security is a fundamental issue, which ought to concern every Internet user worldwide. Even if some people choose to look the other way, nobody can deny that online threats are becoming stronger and more persistent by the minute. Digital world is not risk-free and therefore we should all be on constant and efficient alert, if we want to prevent our private lives from being revealed out in the open.

Of course, there is more to data interception than failing to keep your life a secret. Leakage of classified documents, hacking of bank accounts and innumerable other aspects of our digital traces can lead to severe consequences for both our personal and professional life.

In avoidance of such a domino, it is imperative that we all learn how to be a Security Gladiator! We need to defend our digital world in the best way possible, and keep all threats at bay. Since we know how difficult it can be for somebody to cover all the different aspects of online security, we are here to lay a helping hand. Check out our list and answer truthfully, in order to see whether or not you succeed in protecting what is valuable for you online!

Do You Use the Right Security Software?

This is a tricky question, as there are many people who believe that having any antivirus software will cover their needs to the fullest. Nevertheless, there is much more than having an antivirus program safely installed and activated on your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone. In addition to that, you ought to make sure that you use the proper firewall and that everything you install is licensed and secured. For instance, you need to download anti-malware software only from well esteemed and reliable providers and trustworthy sources. Keeping your OS up to date is crucial, too. So, it is not just about the quantity of the programs installed; you have to combine it with the best quality as well!

Are You Aware of Encryption?

Encryption is the key to success, when it comes to keeping your online identity secret and perfectly safe. End to end encryption ensures that nobody is able to decrypt the coding of your data, even if he accesses something by mistake. Encryption is accomplished through security protocols, VPNs and other programs that aim at making the process of reading through your stuff too hard to pull through! Without encryption, your emails and stored files in a cloud based program are at risk and therefore you need to be extra cautious in this field.

Do You Camouflage Your IP?

If somebody wants to track you down online, the most useful detail that you give out is your IP address. So, in case you want to prevent being tracked down, IP camouflage is a truly helpful option! There are various different methods for accomplishing such an IP amendment without fail. As a Security Gladiator, you can choose to use a VPN service provider, as well as Tor and web proxy servers. According to your needs and based on your budget, these solutions provide exquisite defense against IP tracking.

Are You Careful with Passwords?

It is true that there are many hackers using sophisticated methods for obtaining personal information via email accounts and other registrations to websites with passwords. Of course, nobody can argue that using the very same password for all your needs is convenient. However, convenience is not always what you should go for! Instead, you should be certain of the strength and solidity of your passwords. Being able to use a hard to decrypt (let alone guess!) password is the best way to go, always keeping in mind that you ought not to use the same login info for more than one accounts. Password managers can help you out remarkably, enabling you to save everything without fearing of forgetting your username and passwords.

Do You Often Use Wi-Fi?

Are you one of those people who get excited, when they realize that there is free Wi-Fi to use at a café or any other hotspot? Well, don’t be! The truth is that public Wi-Fi involves a great deal of risk and you should not challenge your luck. If you are serious about being a Security Gladiator, you have to avoid using a public Wi-Fi at all costs.

Even in an emergency, you should make sure that you have got the proper protection and never use sensitive information. It is not wise to access your email account when using such a vulnerable Internet connection, needless to say! Best advice for those who continue accessing Wi-Fi everywhere is to do so via a trusted VPN provider.

What Do You Do for Backup and Sharing?

There are always files that should not be jeopardized in any way, as you know. This is the main reason why we tend to keep backups of such files and documents. Still, choosing the perfect backup option is not always easy. There are both free and premium programs offering cloud based storage and sharing options for you to look out for.

So, next time you start wondering which folder you have stored a top classified document you just cannot seem to reach, think of solutions like Dropbox and you will feel much better! Sharing and backup can be made simple and easy, along with instant synchronization and immediate access everywhere!

Do HTTPS, SSL Ring Any Bells?

If you want to call yourself a security savvy, you ought to dig deeper and learn more about trusted websites. In order to avoid any troubles due to the lack of security that several sites suffer from, you need to be prepared and focus on HTTPS (S standing for secure, of course!). So, any site you visit should ideally start with https and have a padlock somewhere on the address bar. SSL is a protocol that enables cryptography while transmitting data (Secure Sockets Layer protocol, to be more specific).

In case you want to go the extra mile, there are security extensions you can use for making the most out of safe websites. Such extensions (for instance, HTTPS Everywhere) will guarantee that you are always on the right track with the sites you visit.

Are You Neat with Your Computer etc.?

Aren’t you expected to clean up your mess at home or at your office? Well, the same applies to your computer. Deleting your browser history and the cookies on a regular basis is the best way for preventing any problem in the future. Additionally, you must be neat and organized with the files that you save on your computer and you need to delete the programs that you just do not use anymore.

What is more, you ought to be careful and log out when not using your email account or any other website with your username and password. Finally, if you decide that you are not going to use a specific email host or any other registration that you had already completed, feel free to delete your account! Not only will you have one less thing to take care of, but you will improve your online security at the same time!

Do you read tech and Security News?

Security Gladiators ought to keep track of the recent online security news, especially the things that have an impact on our digital lives. If you find yourself wondering what the Heartbleed Bug is and how it can damage your computer, you either have severe memory blanks or you should consider learning more about security updates, headlines and news!

NSA has been under ongoing scrutiny, after the revelations of Edward Snowden and the leaks that have been shedding light to the darkness of governmental surveillance. Every day, there are security breaches occurring on a global scale; some of them spread like the plague and cause grave problems to businesses, websites and Internet users in general. Do not stay idle in front of such threats; information is essential in these cases and so you have to know what is going on in the technology, cyber security and innovation world.

Where Do You Stand on Anonymous Payments?

It is true that many people use the web for completing their purchases in an efficient and convenient manner. This is why there is the persistent need of coming up with the optimal methods of payment online.

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies allow you to be kept anonymous and avoid any problems related to linking your bank account or your credit cards. What is more, you can use such crypto-currencies for paying your subscription to services like VPN; there is no better combo than empowering your online anonymity via payments that remain anonymous, after all!

Are You For or Against Jailbreaking?

Of course, it can be tempting to improve the limitations of your mobile phone or any other device of yours. Sometimes, people believe in the significant advantages of having their gadgets jailbroken. This is a huge no-no, when it comes to online security! From the moment you jailbreak your device, there is no way for you to get the regular updates of its OS.

Moreover, you can no longer rely on the warranty that you have been given upon purchase. As a result, your device becomes a lot more prone to online threats and damage deriving from malware, hacks and viruses. This is serious food for thought as to the benefits you enjoy through jailbreaking, wouldn’t you say so?

That’s it! This is our checklist, including the basics in online protection from any type of danger. Based on your answers, you will see whether or not you qualify as being a powerful Security Gladiator.

If you do, way to go! Keep on doing what you do and continue valuing your privacy and your digital boundaries, against all odds! If you don’t, there is no need for you to panic. As you navigate through our articles, you will gradually learn what it takes to shield your online identity and make sure that nobody threatens you again digitally. Either way, we will be happy to have you with us on our journey to educate, inform, as much as share knowledge and tips towards eliminating the dangers associated with the web!

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