Pros and Cons of a VPN – [Is a VPN Worth It?]

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As political and social tensions rise in countries and regions around the world, more and more governments are deploying mass surveillance programs for national security. Some governments are recording citizens’ online activities because they’re concerned about terrorism. Others monitor their citizens because they want to stop the spread of ideas and values that threaten the …

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Best Antivirus with VPN – 2 For 1 Deal

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If you want to make sure your online security and privacy remain intact then tools like a VPN and antivirus software are your best options. Fortunately, you don’t have to look for two separate applications anymore. Many of the best cybersecurity companies around the world are offering free VPNs with their antivirus packages. Let’s take …

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Best VPN for School and College: Unblock Content on Campus Wi-Fi

Almost all colleges and schools have some sort of restriction on their internet networks. Some middle and high schools will even place blocks on social media sites so that their students can concentrate on studying instead of tweeting, using Snapchat or watching YouTube. You’ll be hard-pressed to name a school that allows students to stream …

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ZenMate VPN Review

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ZenMate is one of the simpler VPN services currently on the market. It’s designed with non-technical VPN users in mind, giving them an easy route to protecting their data and online identity. This is clear from the moment you arrive on ZenMate’s website. They’ve taken steps not to complicate things by removing any technical jargon …

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