Russian Apps Raise Concerns over Privacy

There are two brace apps from Russia that have raised grave concerns over privacy among individuals and businesses alike. As a result, there is debate as to whether or not such apps should be used. The first one is an actual system, which is used to intercept the conversations of employees.

Natalya Kasperskaya and Infowatch have created it. Natalya is well known to the public for Kaspersky Lab, which she co-founded with her ex-husband from Russia. The system has expanded to intercepting employees’ emails and USB flash drives and even printers.

The debate raised regarding the security measures and privacy settings of this system surprised Natalya Kasperskaya, who said: “We weren’t expecting this. For us, it was only another channel of communication.” She claims that the ultimate goal of the system is none other than preventing any data leaks. This is truly crucial, in the light of recent events that have taken place and have been related to data leaks (with Edward Snowden representing the most substantial leak of all times).

On the other hand, the human rights advocacy group named Agora has depicted the enormous amount of privacy breaches held over Russians within the last few years. Although, Kasperskaya claims that the new world has no room for secrets, Agora, and many other people cannot agree on the same acknowledgement.

Another app called FindFace allows everyone to photograph complete strangers on the streets and have their figure identified on social media platforms. Over one million downloads of the app till now depict just how successful this has been among Russians. However, there are several complaints as to the privacy breaches that this app involves.

The impact of the app has been controversial. In one case, out of many examples available, some people have tracked a porn actress and have started threatening her. This is awful. On the other hand, though, the police have managed to identify arsonists from the app. The representatives of the app claim that it can be used both ways, including positive and negative feedback. It is in our power to make the most out of the app and prevent any collateral damage.

As you can see, a huge debate has been taking place towards addressing privacy issues in Russia. Russian apps and new technologies have been facilitating the life of everyone, but at the same time, there is a grave concern as to the privacy breaches involved.

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