SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN is a company established not long back ago, in 2013, in Israel. Offering an alternative to the US based VPN companies with the binding data retention law, SaferVPN makes it possible to obtain a good quality service at a relatively low price.

We are going to analyze both the advantages and the downsides of this VPN service provider, so as to enlighten you as to whether or not this is a solid path to walk on. So, let’s begin with our thorough SaferVPN review and shed some light to the darkness, shall we?

Note: According to our tests, this VPN provider is not at the same standard as the industry leader IPVanish.


SafeVPN FeaturesOne of the major aspects to consider when it comes to a VPN service provider is the quality and quantity of features offered to the users. First and foremost, there is a network of VPN servers remotely located at strategic places all over the world. This is definitely a plus. Although the overall number of the servers is not impressive (24+ locations offering over 100 dedicated servers with an expanding network), you can get servers in the United States, Brazil, Europe and Asia.

99.9% uptime and minimal ping are also great things to consider. Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited location switching are added bonuses, regardless of the plan that you choose to subscribe to. One thing that has not made us happy, though, was the fact that you pay more for adding simultaneous VPN connections. So, this could be a setback for a large family or for somebody who wishes to stay connected and safe on more than one device at a time. Lastly, easy setup and apps for iOS and Android are helpful, to say the least; no such convenience for Linux clients, however.

Online Security

This is a wonderful aspect of SaferVPN. Due to its location, there is no limitation and no additional legislation that the people of SaferVPN ought to comply with. So, no actual logs are kept and the data that is stored does not have anything to do with personal and sensitive information.

Instead, the only things that they keep track of include IP addresses, VPN servers used, connection times and the bandwidth that you have used. They are merely statistics. As far as the security protocols are concerned, SaferVPN supports PPTP, L2TP over IPSec, and OpenVPN. PPTP uses 128-bit encryption, whereas L2TP and OpenVPN use the more advanced 256-bit encryption.

Pricing & Plans

SafeVPN PriceThere are three different plans available for you to have your pick from at SaferVPN. First of all, there is the Single Plan that only allows you to use a single VPN connection at a time. This is offered at $7.99 billed monthly or $5.99 billed annually. The second option is the Multiple Plan, enabling you to use up to three simultaneous VPN connections.

This costs $16.90 or $10.90, depending on how you choose to pay. Last, you can get the Small Business Plan that will cost you $29.99 or $20.99 and will help you connect up to seven different devices at once. All plans come with a fortnight (15 days) full money refund guarantee, which is cool. There is also a free trial offered, but it only lasts for 24 hours.

Speed and Performance

SafeVPN ServersWe have tested SaferVPN on various platforms and using different devices. The results have been more than satisfactory, without anything that could put us at an awkward position due to glitches and delays. After the easy setup (with the exception of Linux, which requires manual configuration and does not work well), we were able to benefit from smooth navigation and no loss of speed.

The only disadvantage was the P2P file sharing, which is typically frowned upon and is not facilitated in any way (though some VPN servers allow you to engage in P2P, like servers in the Netherlands or Poland).


Things do not look so great here, unfortunately. The best thing that you can do is to contact a representative using the 24/7 live chat service. This is the most accurate means of communication between you and SaferVPN. You can also submit a ticket or email them, but the response time will be significantly longer than what you would have expected.

Besides that, the knowledgebase is pretty much basic and does not have the richness and accuracy that many users (particularly novices) would have wanted. No pictures or graphics are added, in order to make things simpler and more straightforward. The setup guides are helpful, though.


SafeVPN CompatibilityThere is full compatibility with all OS and devices at SaferVPN. Nevertheless, there is no automatic configuration offered to Linux clients. All other customers will experience instant setup conveniences, including the cool apps for iOS and Android. Windows and Mac OS X can also take pride in automatic setting up options. In order for you to check the compatibility of your OS and device, you can click here and look at the numerous guides.

Payment Options

Master Card, Visa, Amex, Discover, JCB, Paypal and Wire Transfer are the payment options provided by SaferVPN. Although there is some versatility among these options, the lack of Bitcoin as the most anonymous embracing method prevents us from giving a straight ten!


Now that we have completed our review, it is time we concluded as to the services provided. The location of the VPN service provider allows no logs privacy, which they embrace. Alongside with the advanced security protocols supported and the unlimited bandwidth and speed offered, this VPN is a cool choice.

This is not the cheapest that we have found in the market (especially for simultaneous connections, the price is quite high), but it offers free trial and full money refund guarantee. If they do something about the knowledge-base and if they pay more attention to Linux clients as well, they will become even more reliable and an even safer option in the field of VPN!



SaferVPN Review

by Stella Strouvali time to read: 4 min