Schools in UK Advised to Monitor Students’ Access to the Web

The recent incidents revealing breaches in security and problems at schools regarding radicalization, the UK is about to start monitoring students’ access to the web.

Nicky Morgan UK spying schools
Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary of UK

As it has been revealed, schools in the United Kingdom have been advised to closely monitor the access of students on the web. In this way, the experts are making intense efforts towards keeping ISIS and other extremists at bay.

Due to the imminent threat of radicalization, the UK aims at preventing such dangers online by spying tactic. Children are thought to be more vulnerable to outer influences and therefore it makes total sense why monitoring their online access can be fruitful.

After several incidents of students having accessed classified information about Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State), the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has announced the new thoughts on strengthening the limitations at schools for students. Along with the benefits regarding the prevention of radicalization, there are further benefits to such a decision.

According to the Education Secretary, there are many risks on the Internet: “As a parent, I’ve seen just what an important role the internet can play in children’s education. But it can also bring risks, which is why we must do everything we can to help children stay safe online – at school and at home.”

Following these words, Nicky Morgan commented on the measures: “These measures are delivering on the Government’s commitment to keep children safe from harm, as well as providing helpful support and information for professionals and parents so we are all equipped to help protect children in this digital age.”

The schools that are still unregistered are facing problems and potential penalties, as the recent prosecutions for 18 schools revealed by Ofsted. Moreover, in Birmingham Ofsted has already shut down three schools that were found to offer sources for the extremists to convey their messages. Three female students at Bethnal Green Academy in London traveled alone in Istanbul and later on in Syria, which is equally disturbing and can hide great dangers.

The Government of the United Kingdom has been working hard for strengthening the restrictions at schools and educating both parents and students on how to prevent potential risks. With two new guides that will be launched within the coming year, the people in charge will try to enhance the defensive system of a whole country.

Quoting the Minister for Internet Safety and Security: “The two guides we’ve published today, developed by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety’s panel of experts, are all part of our ongoing work to keep children safe online…They will equip parents with the information they need for their children to explore the internet safely, and will be instrumental in helping new tech start-ups to routinely factor safety features into the design of their products and platforms.”

Although there are solutions as to bypassing any restrictions applied at school, it goes without even questioning that everyone should live up to the expectations and not jeopardize safety, whether this safety has to do with one’s own integrity or a whole nation.

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