Security Breach ahead of the G20 summit in Brisbane

The G20 summit have been rocked by the first security breach  just days after the Australian spooks warned of possible cyberattacks at the participants of the upcoming Summit in Brisbane.

Just days after Australian spies warned of a possible attack on the upcoming G20 summit in Brisbane, police discovered 2 dummy cameras on the G20 convection restricted area during a security ramp up at the no-go zone. “Two devices have been found in the South Brisbane area in the past few days,” said Queensland Police spokesman.

The cameras reportedly designed to project anti G20 slogans could be controlled remotely to project images on a flat surface. Unsurprisingly, police have downplayed the security threat at the world most protected event. “They are described as having the capability to project images and do not present any community safety concerns,” a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Information as to the exact location of the devices and the exact number of days they have been on place remains classified. However, credible source revealed that the devices were implanted long before the commencement of the G20 Safety and Security Act which took effect on November 8.

Last week, the Austrian Signals Directorate (ASD) warned of possible cyber-attacks on G20 participants. “Targeting of high-profile events such as the G20 by state-sponsored or other foreign adversaries, cyber-criminals and issue-motivated groups is a real and persistent threat,” the directorate said in its G20 cyber-security advisory

The Australian public is on high security alert, as complex security operations intensify in South Brisbane in readiness for the summit to be held at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) on Nov 15th & 16th. The Signal intelligence agency has also warned of persistent cyberattacks on Australia networks. “Australian networks will consequently become a more attractive target for cyber espionage or attack.”

This new development came shortly after an advance security team from Russia arrived at the G20 terminal set up at Brisbane international Airport. The arrival of Putin will received mixed reaction from the Australian public following the controversial Malaysian plane that was allegedly pulled down by Russian forces in Ukraine. 38 Australians perished in the crash.

Meanwhile, Queensland police is preparing to encounter huge protest in Brisbane as protestors try to reach out to the world’s most powerful leaders including America’s President Obama and Russia President Vladimir Putin who are expected in Queensland capital this weekend.

Anonymous group, synonymous with masked protestors has already urged its followers to prepare for a showdown in the coming days of the Summit, “Calling all anons far and wide to mask up and march on the Brisbane Convention Center,” an online post said. Demonstration issues range from climate change, poverty to more violent anti-capitalist issues.

The G20 summit, comprising of 25 most powerful leaders discusses high powered Economic, Diplomatic and Political issues and is a good phishing ground for cyber fraudsters. Some of the issues on G20 agenda this year include; the conflict in the Ukraine, International response to Ebola, the crisis in Iraq and Syria and Russia’s response to the downing of MH17 plane.

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