How to Use Smart DNS for Unblocking Streaming Websites

There is a plethora of wonderful websites and service providers that offer unique content internationally. Some fine examples include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and Amazon Prime. Of course, we cannot forget YouTube and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. These are all amazing opportunities given to us by the web to entertain and recreate ourselves, have fun and eliminate the distance in communication.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few geographical limitations that apply to these websites and therefore we are not all free to access all the sites equally. On the contrary, more than too often Internet users come up with a message that informs them about the unauthorized access that has been detected and prevented by the website of their choice. Is this what we have to settle for?

On the bright side, the answer to the previous question is negative; indeed, there are solutions that help us mask our true location in the world and consequently grant us the access to streaming websites all over the globe. Doesn’t it sound awesome?

And you haven’t heard of the best part yet: these solutions are quite easy to make use of, regardless of one’s competence and knowledge in computing! In this article, we are going to focus on the use of Smart DNS proxy for unblocking streaming websites and gaining the precious accessibility that we have been seeking to get!

How Does Smart DNS Work?

This is a proxy server used for amending the domain name system (DNS for short) of a device properly, so that the device can overcome any problem related to accessibility of a website. Whether it is digital media content from channels everywhere in the world or it is the email account you can reach when you are abroad, the Smart DNS proxy server will do the trick for you!

Of course, there are many service providers on the market that will help you set up everything before starting to use this innovative option for overcoming censorship of any sort. It is up to you to have your pick among these service providers, based on their performance and their speed, their reliability and their customers’ support.

How to Start

In your effort to unblock streaming websites, you need to be methodical and scholastic. This means that you should not rush into any decision making, which would be proven to be rather unsuccessful and fail altogether. So, the best thing for you to do is to proceed with the adequate thorough research of the most trustworthy service provider with Smart DNS offers. After that, you can compare their cost and their feedback; just make sure that you do not limit your options.

When you have narrowed down your list of the best service providers for Smart DNS proxy servers, you should feel free to test them yourself. This will help you a great deal and thus you ought to come up with the companies that are not afraid of providing a free trial to the potential customers of theirs. This is really important, as it will be pretty much like a simulation of what you will come up with in the future with your subscription.

After having taken care of the selection part, it is high time for you to download and install all the necessary software. Everything will be cleared up for you by your service provider, so it is strongly suggested that you follow the set up guides available on its official website.

Apparently, there are differences among browsers and OS and this is why you need to choose carefully the guide you are going to follow. If by any means you confront with something that you are not aware of, you are encouraged to contact the support department of your provider at once. They are the most suitable source of information for you at the time and so you ought not to neglect them.

Last but not least, come up with the exact URL of the website you wish to unblock. Enter the URL at the Smart DNS proxy service and here you go!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Smart DNS?

We bet that you know by now how the Smart DNS is going to help you mask your true identity online, and unblock streaming websites that were once out of reach. However, does this service is too good to be true? Does it not have disadvantages that you need to think of, before deciding as to whether or not it is worth using?

Well, you already know the answer and it is none other than the acknowledgement that there are both strengths and weaknesses in this service (as like any other thing on the planet). Let us name the most important ones for you to consider:


  • Super Fast Performance
  • Unblocks Content Everywhere
  • Works on Any Device and OS
  • Affordable


  • Does not Offer Encryption
  • Does not Protect You while Surfing
  • Does not Alter or Hide Your IP

As you can see, the most crucial disadvantage of using Smart DNS is the lack of the protection that is provided by encryption. As you surf the web, you are exposed to security threats found online. If you are interested in covering this need of yours together with unblocking content everywhere, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best solution for you.

Nevertheless, generally the Smart DNS service is more affordable than the VPN account subscription. Plus, with Smart DNS proxy you can enjoy the streaming websites without any delay whatsoever. So, weigh your options and prioritize!

You see that there are various solutions in how to unblock blocked websites promptly and efficiently. One of these solutions has been analyzed here and is of course the use of a Smart DNS proxy. Its use is easy and simple, while its effect is immediate and solid. If you overcome the lack of security that is provided by other competitors, you can try out this powerful tool and start enjoying streaming websites universally! Let us know what values for you the most and what you have come to use over time!

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