Sony Pictures Unreleased Movies Going Vile in File sharing Sites After Hack

Sony Corp is yet in another security meltdown, after tens of unreleased movies from Sony Pictures went viral on file sharing sites, after a hack allegedly by a North Korea state-backed hackers’ group. The leaks are part of a series of embarrassing incidents marring the Japanese Tech giant in the recent past, maybe it’s time for Sony to reengineer its defense mechanism.

Sony had a really dark Thanksgiving week and its security woes won’t end any time soon if circulating media reports are anything to go by.  Credible sources indicate that tens of Sony studio’s unreleased movies are now making rounds in file sharing sites such as KickAss Torrents, following a hack on its computer networks.  The hack comes just days after Derp Trolling allegedly took down Sony PlayStation network, and leaked millions of Customers’ log in credentials.

Last week, a hacker’s group codenamed GOP infiltrated the computer network of Sony Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony Corp, forcing employees to shut down their workstation for days. The hackers purportedly stole huge chunks of Sony’s internal data and “secrets” which they promised to leak online if the Tech giant failed to meet the group’s demand. The Japanese Tech giant brushed off the incidence as a small “IT matter”, but it’s now clear GOP meant business after Sony Pictures unreleased movies went Viral online.

Movies making rounds online are believed to be the advance DVD screeners of “Annie, Still Alice and Mr. Turner, all of which are yet to appear in theaters according to Variety.  Some of the circulating films such as Furry, a World War 2 drama by brad Pitt, was released last month while “Still Alice” was to make its debut early next year.

Sony is yet to make an official statement about the leaked films nor link GOP to the incident, but there is wide speculation that a North Korea state backed hackers’ group is behind the hack. Credible sources say Kim Jong-un administration is opposed to an upcoming film “The Interview” by Sony pictures which features a ploy to assassinate the North Korea leader.

Sony spokesman told news rooms that the Tech giant was working closely with investigators to unmask those behind the leak.  “The theft of Sony Pictures Entertainment content is a criminal matter, and we are working closely with law enforcement to address it,” said Sony spokeswoman.

The attack on Sony is part of a wave of misfortune which have plagued the Japanese company in the recent past.  Notably, Sony’s PlayStation Network has been on the receiving end of very severe Denial of Service attacks from huge botnets. A DDoS attack in August, targeted on popular gaming Zone including Eve online, PSN and League of Legends caused a major shut down of Sony’s PlayStation Network. A similar attack in 2011 pulled down PlayStation Network and Sony online for almost a month, besides leaking private data of millions of Sony customers.

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