How to Spy on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular options in the field of Instant Messengers. Millions of people all over the world make use of its services, as it is a great and affordable way of communicating with others and keep in touch, wherever you may be.

To quote their own description: “WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.” However great and versatile WhatsApp can be for others, it is also a means of spying on others. If you are among the people who want to spy WhatsApp, read along!

Without wasting your time (I know you must be busy), let’s get to the point straight away! There are two different ways that can help you out with your goal of WhatsApp spying:

Spy WhatsApp the App Way

The first way is none other than the use of some monitoring software. This is a quick and effective way, with many different types of monitoring software available on the market and the web nowadays.

One example of such software is mSpy. As soon as you have managed to install mSpy (or any other similar option) on the device you are interested in spying on, you can get your hands on the chat messages and the calls, the videos, the images, the group chat and the contacts of WhatsApp. This is pretty cool, right? Below is an overview of how mSpy (or an app like this) is going to work for you:

  • All WhatsApp conversations (and other stuff like pictures, videos etc.) are going to be uploaded on your account control plan that’s accessible from anywhere and any device
  •  You’ll be able to look at every single WhatatsApp chat of the target (person having that phone where you installed mSpy)
  • See with whom they’ve been chatting to as you’ll be able to get your hands on all numbers and names
  • Not just WhatsApp messaging records, you’ll get date and times stamps leading you to know when each chat actually went through
  • You’ll be able to access any video, audio file or photos sent via WhatsApp and literally saved on target phone

One thing worth noting here is; if you want to spy WhatsApp messages and other stuff on an Android device,  the target device needs to be rooted if you want to spy WhatsApp being used on it. As with spy apps like mSpy, you need to have the target phone rooted if you want to monitor non-default apps such as Facebook, Viber, Skype, Gmail and of course WhatsApp.

But never the less, rooting your mobile isn’t a complex myth either and mSpy sends a very easy to follow guide that enables their users to root target device in no time (I was able to root the device I tested on, within a couple of minutes).

Spying on WhatsApp via Mac address

The second method involves some advance (I’d rather say difficult) steps that are required. First of all, you are prompted to uninstall your WhatsApp. After that, you need to obtain Media Access Control (MAC) address of the person.

According to the various operating systems (OS), the searching options for MAC address can vary. Android users: Head to Settings and then go on with About Phone, Status and Wi-Fi Mac address. iPhone user are expected to go to Settings, General, About and Wi-Fi address.

Windows users head to Settings, About, More Info and Mac Address. Blackberry users go to Options, Device, Device & Status Info and finally WLAN MAC. Android mobile phone users, you need to install BusyBox. You will be given instructions as to how you can end up activating the app and finally installing WhatsApp.

Summing up….

Make sure that you take full advantage of the options available, in order to spy the ones that you want while they use WhatsApp without knowing what’s going on. There are endless possibilities, for parents who wish to check out what their kids do and for couples that want to establish their trust, as well as many other different solutions that such options provide. Do not get left behind!

Stella Strouvali Stella is a certified writer and zealous wordsmith, a true fan of Placebo, technology, Panionios and wellness. Still, her true passion has to do with eagerly learning new things and passing them on to others. “An unexamined life is not worth living”, to quote Socrates.
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