How to Stay Protected on the Internet

The Internet is able to offer us the WHOLE world, provided that we know what to look for! It is a revolutionary method that people use for their businesses, as well as for gathering information and communicating with others universally. Nevertheless, it does not come without its price and the actual price that we have to pay is at certain times too harsh to handle.

Indeed, there are cases when a lot of privacy breaches have been reported and people have ended up losing their sleep over the impact that data compromise has had on them. In order for us to prevent such a catastrophe, it is crucial that we learn how to stay protected on the Internet.

Online security is of paramount importance and this is why you are all welcome to read all about how to enhance your protection layering on the web. Join us and let’s get started with the guidelines that we have gathered for you all! You can never be too safe, after all!

Simple Steps for Protecting Digital Traces

If you are really interested in how to stay secure online, here is what you need to pay attention to:

  • Use Strong Passwords: This is basic knowledge, but many people think of passwords as an unimportant aspect of web surfing. Instead, it is one of the major shields that we can benefit from and therefore you should treat passwords accordingly. Do not use passwords that are easy to guess, such as “12345” or “password”, because it will only require a jiffy before somebody finds it out and reaches your private information. A great way for you to avoid such negative consequences is to start using a password manager. In this way, you will find yourself worrying no more about the complexity of your passwords. All at once, you will have strong and most of the times incomprehensible passwords that are securely stored for you alone to access.
  • Update Your Passwords: Similar to the advice given above, you need to make sure that you update the passwords that you use on a regular basis. So, even if a hacker is tracing you and has managed to find some clues about your password somehow, you will keep him off boundaries due the update of the sequence of letters, numbers and symbols that you use at a time!
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Among the most effective online security solutions, there is the two-factor authentication that is able to offer you an extra layer of protection online. Rather than just using a plain password, you had better take advantage of the 2-step verification that is requested in services like Google or Facebook. Two is better than one, without a doubt!
  • Use Security Questions of Quality: Having a security question answered in a way that everybody knows will do you no good, obviously! So, please take the time and choose a security question that is hard for others to figure out. In this way, you can rest assured that these questions truly live up to their purpose.
  • Always Log Out When Done: Have you finished checking your mail and communicating with friends, family or colleagues via Skype or on social media? Very well; now it is time for you to sign off, before closing the browser that you are using and doing something else. It is important to remember why you ought to log off, in avoidance of revealing vital pieces of information to those who wish to steal your password and access your accounts.
  • Pay Extra Attention to Financial Transactions: Nobody can argue that online banking and purchases from online stores have made our life a lot easier! Still, this is no excuse for us to remain exposed to the threats that are related to the Internet banking. This is why it is imperative that we always log out when finishing a financial transaction, as well as maintaining all other precautions that will help us out online; do not complete a purchase from an untrusted source and make sure that the site you visit is HTTPS (for an extra layer of security). In addition, it would be wise of you to use prepaid credit or debit cards or even pay in digital coins. Last but not least, you should also consider using a specific device only for your banking accounts and any financial transaction.
  • Update Your Browser and Anti-virus Software: This is pretty straightforward, don’t you think so too? It is truly important for you to keep your browser and any other software and program that you use up to date. Especially when it comes to anti-virus software, every single day can make a difference and therefore you are strongly suggested to download the latest version of the software available within your reach. Vulnerabilities will not be able to jeopardize your computer that easily in this way!
  • Beware of Links: Even if it appears that a friend of yours has sent you a private message on Facebook including a link or a video, the chances are that you have been scammed. Always be suspicious when receiving such a link and, if you even have the slightest doubt as to who and why has sent you the link, do not open it! Emails often contain phishing links and you need to be on constant alert, so as not to fall for their tricks.
  • Protect Your Mobile Devices: Some people forget that their mobile devices should be handled just like any other computer with access to the web. There is no reason why you should not be scholastic with online protection software, even if you are running iOS or Mac. Androids are not the only devices that have been reported to include malware and other online threats, always remember that!
  • Always Use Backups: In case a rainy day does come your way, you had better be prepared. So, it is only fair that you go ahead with creating regular backups with all the data that you need. This is a prudent move that should not be neglected, due to the cyber threats that might require of you to erase something from your computer and deal with an infection effectively.

We have highlighted some simple and at the same time highly efficient online security methods for you to have in mind. Check through these guidelines of ours and see how many of them you already use, and how many of them you have never thought of following. This can be a truly enlightening procedure, so we are always happy to hear your thoughts and your feedback!

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