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StrongVPN is a US located company aiming at providing you with reliable solutions in the field of protection and freedom online. Having been in business for over 20 years, they have gained valuable reputation in the IT industry and therefore the company is a great candidate for quality VPN services offered.

This is what has driven us toward pulling through this review of StrongVPN, so as to find out what this VPN service is all about and whether or not we should give it a try. Let’s get started with the different aspects completing the wider picture of this VPN service from the US, shall we?


First of all, we have to admit that StrongVPN is more concerned about offering solid performance to every single device and OS (Operating System) than about providing extras that are of no grave importance. Still, it would be nice to have the opportunity to get simultaneous connections for more than one device at a time with a single subscription. PPTP and OpenVPN are available to the users, in order to connect via solid encryption. The servers’ switch is not unlimited though and, depending on the plan that you have chosen, it can be proven a rather difficult problem to tackle affordably.

Price Rates

StrongVPN Rate
This is where the most discomforting aspect of our review has been, nothing is straightforward about the pricing and the features offered at a time. First of all, there are many questions that you have to answer prior to being handed over the plans that are most suitable for you. There are Lite, Standard and Deluxe plans for either PPTP or OpenVPN options and the Premium plan including everything at $30 per month. We find this all inclusive plan to be rather pricey, in comparison with the competition universally.

You can also get the a la carte plan for servers in a single city at $9 monthly (PPTP) and $12 monthly (OpenVPN). A second VPN account can be added for $2 on a monthly basis. There is a 7 day full money refund guarantee available for you to make use of, as well as automatic renewal. The payment methods are spectacularly flexible, including Bitcoin and PayPal, Western Union and Discover. For discounts, there is a special note that encourages people to engage in reviews or referrals and so on.

Number of Servers

StrongVPN No. of Servers

Overall, there are currently 486 servers in 47 cities of 22 countries. This number though is only available to the Premium plan that allows you to access both PPTP and OpenVPN servers. According to the plan that you wish to subscribe to, there are details as to the complete number of servers that you can access and their origins. Typically, the servers that are available for you are featured in the United States, Asia and Europe. There are a lot for you to sort out in this field, as well!


StrongVPN has packages that you can benefit from based on PPTP/L2TP/SSTP or OpenVPN protocols encryption, depending on your exact priorities. Of course, OpenVPN offers more advanced options in encryption; however, if speed is what matters to you the most, PPTP will work just fine! Access to the servers is of guaranteed safety and there is unique compatibility with all OS and devices (Windows, Mac and Linux, iOS and Androids).

Team Viewer Remote Setup is offered to the subscribers, while encryption can reach 128 or even 256-bit AES-CBC. PPTP servers are Dynamic IPs, whereas OpenVPN servers are Static IPs. As for the logs, the company claims that no logs are kept except for promo reasons and informative aspects. Still, it is US based and there is the ground for reasonable doubt as to the privacy issues emerging from NSA and so on.


The interface is pretty basic, unlike everything else about StrongVPN. You will have no problem setting up the VPN subscription of yours and keeping your encryption into motion. Still, it is unfortunate that the switching of servers is paid extra. This is one of the most frequent changes that you can go ahead with completing on a regular basis, and it is a pity to count each and every single switch.

Some alternative options for you...

Our score: 9.8

From $5.20 per month

Our score: 9.5

From $5.75 per month

Our score: 9.1

From $5.10 per month

Help and Support

StrongVPN Help
This is one of the strongest parts in StrongVPN, we have to admit that! There are multiple methods for contacting the support and having your problems resolved without any delay, including live chat and Skype, with on duty managers. Along with that, you can also call the tech department or wander through the blog and forum, the how-to guides and the FAQ section of the website. Congrats to company on the structure and versatility of the support!

Pros in a nutshell:

  • Solid Performance
  • Reliable Encryption Enabled
  • Great Support and Help
  • Flexible Payment Methods

Cons in a nutshell:

  • Complicated Site and Plans
  • Only 7 Days Refund Guarantee
  • Bit Pricey (Server Switches Extra)
  • Concerns about Privacy

Bottom Line

Having ended our review and learn quite a lot about the services provided, we can safely state that this is a solid, but rather expensive service to be offered. Although there is unique flexibility in the plans for somebody to have his pick from, this can end up being too confusing to handle. The restrictions in the servers’ switches per month and the usage of servers from various countries at an affordable price rate make us avoid recommending this VPN hands down. And not to forget that it’s US based, so privacy can be issue for some as well. Still, if you can spare $30 per month, this is a cool VPN service!

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5.6 Overall Rating
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Highlighted Pros
  • Solid Performance
  • Reliable Encryption Enabled
  • Great Support and Help
  • Flexible Payment Methods
Highlighted Cons
  • Complicated Site and Plans
  • Only 7 Days Refund Guarantee
  • Bit Pricey (Server Switches Extra)
  • Concerns about Privacy
Review Summary
StrongVPN is an efficient VPN service provider with state-of-the-art encryption and with superb technical support and assistance. Nevertheless, its website and plans are more than baffling for the average Internet user and might put people off from choosing their services. Its affordability is also at question, especially when adding some extras. Fortunately, payment methods are more than satisfactory!
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StrongVPN Review

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