Industrial Safety Systems Hit by ‘Triton’ Malware

Data protection concept photo with background of keyboard and a message of malware attack

With cyber attacks on the rise, operational outages are far too common. But last Thursday marks the update on one of the biggest and deadliest hacks in recent times. Cyber security experts are particularly concerned about the hack because the malware deployed is both unconventional and limited. The malware, which is known as “Triton,” was …

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New Cyber Security Caucus Has Been Announced

magnifying glass over the words "cyber attack"

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner and his Virginia counterpart Mark Warner announced the launch of the Senate Cyber Security Caucus on Tuesday, June 14 at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). The caucus is set to focus on cyber security from some perspectives, including the economy and the national security. While caucuses by their very nature aren’t …

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