What is social engineering?


Social engineering is nothing but a kind of attack (cyber) vector. This attack vector relies pretty heavily on user interaction. More often than not, this type of attack involves hackers manipulating users into breaking or violating normal security standard operating procedures. Hackers also try to get users to move away from best practices so that …

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Guccifer To Spend 52 Months In Prison

Marcel Lehel Lazar alias Guciffer is a 44-year-old Romanian citizen. He first revealed that Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton had used a privately owned email address while serving as Secretary of State. Lazar is now facing a jail term exceeding four years. Lazar was extradited to the US in 2014, and last May pleaded guilty to …

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500 Million Yahoo Accounts Have Been Hacked


Yahoo has been the victim of a massive hack attack. The internet company has revealed that more than 500 million accounts have been compromised. This couldn’t have come at a worse time for the company since Yahoo is in the process of being bought by Verizon. Yahoo representatives say that the act was carried out …

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