Top 10 Antivirus for Your All Time Protection

Computer virus in its nature is a program. The only problem with it is the malware that it brings along. You start experiencing problems related with the virus that you’ve picked up, after you decide to execute or install the program that contains malware. Then, the virus automatically inserts numerous copies of the malware on your device and starts performing harmful actions like data phishing, stealing hard disk space, data corruption, using personal contacts and sending messages to them or even logging on your device without your knowledge.

What is Antivirus?

In order to protect yourself from these occurrences and increase the safety level of your device you will need to use antivirus software. Antivirus is usually a program or sometimes set of various programs that have the goal to provide security measures that will keep your computer safe. The antivirus is created with the ability to detect viruses and malware; and protect your device from them. With the increase of the number of possible types of security threats, the number of antivirus software features is also growing. Currently almost every antivirus has not only an antivirus and malware protection, but also some other features like data backup, identity theft protection, parental control, delicate data protection, browsing protection and many more. You may not require all of these features for your needs, but it is always better to pick only the best antivirus for complete protection.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

This is top quality antivirus software that includes lots of useful features in the whole product package. One of the most important ones, which present an improvement from previous versions, are the Autopilot and Profiles options. They allow the user to switch between different modes of device usage in no time. The Bitdefender Antivirus Plus will work silently in the background and it doesn’t require too much user interference. Purchase three licenses for $59.95. Our full Bitdefender Antivirus review tells everything about it, in detail.

Norton AntiVirus

This company had the top quality and most complete antivirus software for many years. Today the competition finally reached that level, but Norton is still one of the best and most user friendly antivirus systems out there. It is notable that Norton uses complex and top notch security principles, which allow it to score high on security tests. It is cheaper than the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus with a price tag of $49.99 for three devices. Read our complete Norton Antivirus review.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus will detect 92% of malicious files that try to breach your security, which is almost 10% higher than the average in the industry. It is equally good as the Norton AntiVirus, but cannot be compared to the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus when it comes to accuracy in detecting malware. It is highly customizable and user friendly, which will allow you to use only features that you need and schedule regular scans. You purchase three licenses also for the price of $59.95 for all of them.

Avira Free AntiVirus (2014)

Avira Free AntiVirus is one of the best free antiviruses because it offers quality protection and features some very useful options like Child Protection and built in security browser plugin. For free antivirus software Avira scored pretty high on the AV-tests, detecting 82% of all malware samples. There is a paid version of this antivirus that is priced at $67 per year, but for a single computer only. We’ve reviewed Avira free Antivirus thoroughly, in case you want to know more about this Antivirus program in detail.

F-Secure Anti-Virus

When you enter the home screen at F-Secure Anti-Virus you will think that the company hasn’t employed any designers. Although it has a simple design it is also very simple for usage and features all necessary options while focusing on firewall protection and security scans. The software lacks parental control, link checking and safe browsing. The price is set at $39.99 for one year on one computer.

BullGuard Antivirus

Although this antivirus is a part of the top tier products in the industry, you can still try it out for three for a period of two months. The BullGuard Antivirus includes every feature that you can imagine that is connected with online security. Another pro of the system is that it features a powerful child protection system and it can run lots of errands without you noticing that it is turned on. The price is set at $38.85 and you have a huge discount if you decide to subscribe for two years. Please read our BullGuard Antivirus review for in-depth details.

Panda AntiVirus Pro

Panda AntiVirus Pro is one of the cheapest security packs on this list. You can get a one year subscription for only $25. It features an interesting rescue kit that will help you solve some emergency operations and save your data if your OS shuts down. Favorite in the gaming industry because it features a multimedia mode.

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2014

This is free security software, but great number of users have experienced numerous attempts by the company to make a sale during the period they have used the software. The AVG AntiVirus Free 2014 version will protect your computer from most of the viruses out there. It performs top notch cleanup on devices that have not been affected by malware in the past.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

Highly malware detection orientated software that will scan your device numerous times before it deletes all virus infected files. Even if something goes pass the scan you can always use the repair tool that will fix all the damage done by malware. If you’re more of a person that can manage his own browsing security, but is more concerned about malware viruses and data phishing; then the price of $39.99 is nothing compared to what you get form Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus

McAfee is a well known player in the security industry, but not so convincing results during the AV-testing are one of the main reasons of this place on the list. It will protect your computer from malicious scripts, attacks from hackers, dialers, phishing scams, and adware. The price would be much higher if the results of the AV-tests were higher, but now you can get this quality antivirus for only $39.99 at their official webpage. Our McAfee Antivirus review provides detailed information about it.

Companies in the security industry are always adding some new features to their antivirus software systems and trying to improve the AV-test results as much as they can. That’s why this list needs to be updated often (at least every year). We would like to hear your experience with some of these antivirus software systems and is the company improving the product (if you’re a long-term customer).


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