Top 5 Android Security Apps

There has been a lot of debate as to whether or not Android devices should be that concerned about security apps and anti-virus software in general. Still, it is best to be safe than sorry and especially after the recent and ongoing reports regarding Android vulnerabilities, the answer is more than obvious! In the form of an eloquent example that will help you understand how crucial security of Androids can be, Dan Wallach from Rice University has stressed out the need to protect such devices from extensive vulnerabilities leading to Android crypto key theft. Fake ID is a rather recent and terrifying vulnerability, as well. The list of vulnerabilities goes a long way, indeed! Luckily enough, there are quite a few wonderful and highly efficient security apps that can protect your device fully.

Why Is Android Vulnerable?

Android users tend to download a great many different apps from Google Store and so on. Not all of them come from trustworthy sources and therefore there is extreme risk of suffering from vulnerabilities. What is more, choosing to go for public Wi-Fi hotspots can trigger a lot of negative effects to the user. It is true that such places do not provide any security reassurance and thus they are prone to trigger problems to the overall safety of the Android mobile device. Taking into account how many people prefer Android as an operating system and how many make use of the web from their mobile devices on a daily basis, you can easily comprehend why Android is vulnerable!

Now, we shall go on with the top apps for Android security and we hope that you find them useful and practical to benefit from!

Avast! Mobile Security

One of the most popular and qualitative Android security apps is none other than Avast! Mobile Security. It is available for free and this can be really tempting for all Android users to try out. Besides antivirus software, there are quite a few other features that will help you out a great deal. More than 100 million people have already downloaded this security app and this speaks much louder than words. Another wonderful option that can come in really handy is the web-based phone locator feature. Anti-theft is great, especially since mobile devices are vulnerable against prying eyes that want to lay their hands on cool Androids!

360 Mobile Security

Listed among the top apps for Android security, we find 360 Mobile Security. Qihu has made a great solution for Android users and it is also offered for free. It is state-of-the-art and it boasts being highly effective and reliable. 600 million users have been excited, after the download of this security app and this is certainly dithyrambic to comment on! With the modern phone cleaner and memory booster, you do not only rest regarding the overall security layer of your device; you also get to optimize the performance of your Android mobile and thus enjoy its special features to the maximum! SMS blocker and wonderful anti-theft features add to its exceptional value.

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

If you have been trying hard to combine premium features and amazingly easy interface, you will be glad to check out another one of our top Android security apps. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus comes at a free and a premium option for you to have your pick from. The detection rate of viruses and other malware reaches the outstanding 99.7%! Remote Lock and Siren are just few of the advanced bonuses you get out of its anti-theft features. On demand scan is always practical, so as for you to be able and control the safety inspection of your mobile device in the best manner possible.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile

Our list of the top Android security apps would not have been complete without Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile! Once more, we are talking about a free security app that prides in being exceptionally versatile and really easy to use. 100% malicious app detection according to AV Test is definitely impressive and therefore Webroot does the trick and provides unique benefits to Android users. Automatic scanning of threats, as well as limited battery drainage and block of unwanted calls are just some of the features that will blow your mind about this security app. As for the total people universally using the app, the number is worth considering, since it exceeds 1.5 million!

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Last but not least, Kaspersky Mobile Security is a marvellous security app that will help you out remarkably in your effort to shield your Android. Starting at $14.95 for a whole year, there is a handful of features that will allow you to secure your Android perfectly and without any hesitation. Call and text filters will make your life even easier, while anti-theft protection is a blessing, in case of an emergency. You can control everything remotely and make sure that you lock personal data on time, as well as spot where your device is located at all times. Both on-demand and automatic scans optimize your protection layering to the fullest!

That’s it, we have displayed the top 5 Android security apps available for you to benefit from. Of course, there are several other options that can work true wonders for you and your Android device. Check them out thoroughly and make up your mind, as to which security apps are worth safeguarding your precious device.

Even if Androids are exceptionally prone to security breaches, you can take full charge of what is going on and get thoroughly prepared for unique protection online. Your personal data is totally worth being preserved intact and away from anyone willing to intercept valuable information, which might harm you. You should not be afraid of online threats, rather than be on alert and provide the solutions that will help optimize the performance of your device on the go!

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