Top 5 SmartDNS Service Providers for Making Your Life Easier

These top 5 smartDNS service providers will simplify your online life to a great extent,

To start off our top 5 smartDNS service providers we must first understand the word DNS.

DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is a naming system for anything connected to the Internet.

If you want to parallelize DNS with a service, this would most probably be a phone book.

This phone book interprets the host names that are inserted at the address bar of your browser into IP addresses, in order to redirect you to the specific website that you are searching for.

So, rather than memorizing a substantial set of numbers, you simply write down the URL that you are interested in visiting.

And DNS (Domain Name System) does all the hard work!

You can see that the DNS is a fundamental system of the web.


Well it is since it optimizes the user experience.

And does not deteriorate any service in return.

Now that we have clarified what a Domain Name System actually means, it is high time we learn more as to how it can be used for unblocking sites that are typically restricted to you.

Of course, it requires using a different DNS for unblocking content that has been blocked for your device.

Still, it is totally worth taking the trouble and making use of a SmartDNS that will allow you to surf the web freely.

Now, in case this whole description has reminded you of VPN (Virtual Private Network), then that’s great.


Because they both have the same objective.

Are they identical services, though?

Not really.

Allow us to explain.

What is the Difference between DNS and VPN?

It is true that DNS is used as an alternative method to the use of a Virtual Private Network.

Both of these services aim at offering you a pathway towards unblocking any website that you had been unable to access otherwise.

However, these two options are not the same;

indeed, there are some distinct features that set them apart.

First of all, in DNS there is no encryption involved and therefore one can claim that the use of VPNs can keep the computer safe.

And of course it provides the layer of anonymity that is much appreciated and desired in cyber space.

Due to the lack of encryption, though, using DNS can offer you much faster speed than any VPN.

In fact, the more advanced and thorough the encryption, the greater the impact on the speed of your connection and this makes total sense.

Additionally, no connection sharing is allowed when using DNS and therefore it is not a viable option for those who wish to use a single account on multiple devices.

Still, DNS does not require any difficult setup.

So, in a nutshell, the differences between DNS and VPN include:

  • Protection and Anonymity (VPN Uses Encryption, Unlike DNS)
  • Speed (DNS Is Much Faster)
  • Connection Sharing (DNS Does Not Allow Connection Sharing)
  • Ease of Setup (DNS Is Much Easier)

The Good and Bads of Using DNS

There is no such thing as the perfect service and this is something that applies to the use of SmartDNS, too.

Apparently, there are strengths and weaknesses that everyone should be well aware of, prior to deciding whether or not DNS is an option worth putting into effect.

Among the most highlighted advantages of using a domain name system throughout your web surfing patterns, is its speed.

Undeniably, since DNS does not use any type of encryption protocol for ensuring that the data transferred is kept anonymous, it is a lot faster than any other method used for unblocking websites and such (for instance, VPN).

However beneficial this might sound as to the speed gain that you get, you have to consider the fact that the data of yours is in no way protected online with the use of typical DNS.

What is more, DNS requires of you to have a static IP or get to register your IP – every single time you wish to use DNS (which can be tedious).

Other than that, setting up the DNS is a piece of cake and does not require any special knowledge at your end.

Nevertheless, it does not allow connection sharing and therefore it can be a bit frustrating to use different DNS to each device of yours.

Summarizing both the advantages and disadvantages of using DNS:


  • Fast Speed when Browsing
  • Efficient Unblocking of Sites
  • Easy Setup without Any Requirement of Technical Knowledge


  • No Encryption Involved
  • No Connection Sharing Allowed
  • Must Have Static IP or Renew Registration

And now that we have learn all about how DNS works and why you should use or avoid it, below we refer to the best SmartDNS providers available on the web.

Let’s start, shall we?

Updated June 2015!

5 Top SmartDNS Service Providers

  • StrongDNS:

    top 5 smartdns service providers

    StrongDNS is basically a smart DNS service.

    You may have heard about StrongVPN.

    That’s the VPN service which offers StrongDNS as its smart DNS product.

    This SmartDNS service comes for free with a StrongVPN subscription plan.

    StrongDNS works with all the major streaming services such as Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.

    Using StrongDNS you can access these sites from any place in the world.

    It is also fast since it doesn’t waste resources on encryption.

    Moreover, it doesn’t have any bandwidth restrictions.

    As we just pointed out, StrongDNS comes for free with any StrongVPN subscription.

    StrongVPN costs $10 per month if you sign up for one month.

    It costs $8 per month if you increase that duration to three months.

    And if you sign up with the company for a period of 12 months then you only have to pay $5.83 per month.

    All the while you get StrongDNS for free.

    So you not only get the speed and versatility of StrongDNS but also get the security of StrongVPN.

    All for the price of one.

    Click here to read our full review of StrongDNS.

    Click here to buy StrongDNS from the official website right now.

  • Overplay SmartDNS: (Discontinued)

    Important Update: Overplay is closing its services down very soon. So it is best for users to find another SmartDNS service provider. Click here to have a look at the top SmartDNS service providers in the market right now.top_5_smartdns_service_providers

    Overplay SmartDNS is the best on the market as well as being one of the cheapest.

    The fact that is works seamlessly to Unlock US Netflix, as well as tons of other locked streaming services, makes Overplay rise to the top of the list.

    If you are only interested in using SmartDNS, you will be expected to pay $4.16 per month (a limited offer, which would otherwise be $4.95).

    However, there is the option of combining VPN and SmartDNS at the price of $8.32 per month;

    both these versions come with a 14-day full money refund guarantee.

    Read our thorough Overplay SmartDNS review.

    Click here to buy Overplay from the official website right now.

  • Unblock Us: top_5_smartdns_service_providers_unblockusThere is a free trial for a whole week and then the cost is $4.99 per month, if you decide to try out Unblock Us.No software needs to be installed and there are detailed instructions as to set up the service, according to the device used every single time.You can read more about it in our detailed review of Unblock Us service.Click here to buy Unblock US from the official website right now.
  • Unlocator:

    top_5_smartdns_service_providers (2)

    With Unlocator, you also get a 7-day free trial of the services provided, with no credit card requirement.

    After that, you get to pick among the monthly subscription or the longer commitments (6 months and a whole year).

    The prices are $4.95, $27.50 and $49.95 respectively, with the money guarantee being valid for a fortnight.

    Read complete Unlocator review.

    Click here to buy Unlocator from the official website right now.

  • TorGuard SmartDNS:


    TorGuard Smart DNS completes our list with the best SmartDNS service providers today in the world for you to benefit from.

    It provides unlimited speeds and bandwidth, working on any OS and device and requiring no software installation.

    Based on the duration of your subscription, the cost goes up to $5.95 (for 1 month), $14.95 (for 3 months), $29.95 (for 6 months) and $46.95 (for a year’s contract).

    In-depth TorGuard SmartDNS review is right here.

    Click here if you want to buy TorGuard DNS service right now from the official website.


Top 5 SmartDNS Service Providers: Conclusion

That’s all!

No really.

That is it.

You don’t really need to know more about top 5 Smart DNS service providers anymore.

These are service providers that aim at providing Internet users with the opportunity to unblock websites.

And ultimately, lift any restrictions applied to the web.

They have all been proven trustworthy over time.

And they have gained reputation and the appreciation of web surfers.

These are web surfers who are in need of experiencing the true and absolute freedom of the Internet.

Make sure that you check through their services via their official websites.

And find out more about their pros and cons, in order to reach a solid decision.

That approach will allow you to enjoy unlimited access to the web at all times.

You can comment and let us know how you have made the most out of your goal to unblock all sites of the cyber space!

And don’t forget:

If there is a Smart DNS service that you think we may have missed out, then use the comments section.

Keep following Security Gladiators to know more about the top 5 SmartDNS service providers in the market today.

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