An Overview of the UK, US and EU Cyber Security Status

How are we, or our governments prepared for Cyber Security?  Are there any commonalities? What does the future hold?

In undertaking this task, I’ve limited it to the United Kingdom, United States and  European Union.  I’m in no doubt that other countries are progressing with their own measures in the cyber arena, thus all are respected.

Having just discovered the news that; the majority – 72% – of cyber attacks on businesses in the UK actually originated in the UK, source IT Governance Blog.  This puts a different slant to this article, however let’s view the measures being taken.

United Kingdom

The government has taken the lead within the domestic  and international cyber security arena.  A pragmatic view has been taken on technical and organizational measures to be implemented.  The following link will take you to a rich policy document, with multiple avenues across its spectrum HM Government and equally supported by its technical arm at CESG.

Education in schools will be implementing a new computer science GCSE from Sep 2016, which will include cyber security, details are available here.

United States (US)

Under US Foreign Policy, a 12 point initiative namely the ‘The Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative’, defines the requirements for addressing cyber security, details are available here.

Given the magnitude of the cyber threat, its multiple causations and the regulatory impact across the size of the US, I considered it was better to link as follows:

Albeit these are only three links, I have no doubt others will criticize this.  However, given its magnitude and proliferation the threat is enveloping cyber space, this is merely an overview.

European Union (EU)

It’s a fact that the EU has 28 member countries, the management of the Union inevitably brings issues to the table and none more so than cyber security.

Under the ‘Digital agenda for Europe’, a diverse insight is clearly placed and available here and dashboard here.

Amidst my research into this subject, a comprehensive overview for the EU for a statement of applicability please view here, with pages 8 and 9 stating their readiness.


This has been a whirlwind overview for the status of the UK, US and EU and what they are achieving in the field of Cyber Security.  We’re sure you’d concur this is a complex subject, it’s out of control and an uphill struggle.

Diplomacy and collaboration are over arching factors for the way forward.  We need to be positive, all businesses from  the C-suite down need to take ‘ownership’, ultimately it’s down to team work.

We can read all  the reports and statistics, the cyber threat is still here.

To review the 3 questions posed, we proffer:

How are we or our governments prepared for Cyber Security? – We should be taking the lead from our governments and be using mental agility for remediation by taking ‘ownership’ of the threat in the first instance.

Are there any commonalities? – I trust these will be well documented from numerous sources.

What does the future hold?- That this threat will be with us for some time and it won’t be an easy fix.  So Security Gladiators trust you will be addressing this on a continuum.

Top/Featured Image: By CeBIT Australia / Flickr

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