Human Rights and Freedom organizations challenging UK and US surveillance at European Court

After hard struggle, Amnesty International and other groups fighting for privacy and personal freedom have filed complaints to the Court of Human Rights against UK tactics in mass surveillance. Edward Snowden has been the beacon of such revelations, as always.

The European Court of Human Rights has been given out an application that is signed by Amnesty International and similar organizations (Liberty and Privacy international). The application is directly linked to the fact that the United Kingdom makes constant use of mass surveillance as government and this is a grave violation of the Human Rights.

UK and the US have been violating the private liberties of the citizens, according to the announcement that has been published by Amnesty International on the matter: “The UK government’s surveillance practices have been allowed to continue unabated and on an unprecedented scale, with major consequences for people’s privacy and freedom of expression. No-one is above the law and the European Court of Human Rights now has a chance to make that clear”, is what Nick Williams (a legal counselor of Amnesty International) has announced respectively.

Of course, behind the accusations made by the organizations lies none other than Edward Snowden. Snowden has become some sort of a legend in revealing the illegal acts of the NSA and governments in general, when it comes to surveillance without any limitation or agenda whatsoever. Based on the documents that have been leaked by Edward Snowden, there are huge privacy breaches to be noticed and accounted for by the governments.

This file has been a direct response to the recent decision stating that the sensitive information shared between the US and UK regarding the internet traffic taking place at the time did not oppose to any legislation and therefore was no harm to human rights and personal liberties. This apparently made the organizations see a giant opportunity to make their opinion heard, as the decision leaves room for even further violations of personal freedom in the near future. The basis of the decision was the fact that the policies that have been used were eventually made public and thus there was nothing secret that could have raised an eyebrow of doubt.

No matter which techniques and schemes have been used though, according to the organizations, people get damaged by the decisions of monitoring them without any solid ground and without even a shred of doubt backing up such techniques. Privacy and freedom are of paramount value and should not be jeopardized under any justification. Spying on others is illegal and this is what it should be over time, without any exceptions and without any cloth of legality added by governments in Europe or the United States.

The first complaint was issued by the organizations back in July 2013 and it has made its way up to the Court of Human Rights after a lot of struggle and many different fights against all odds. However, now the groups can finally have their way and inform people of the illegal nature of such practices, no matter if they are covered by the false pretenses of a government.

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