How to unblock Hopster outside the UK (How are people doing it?)

You want to know how to watch Hopster. And we want to help you get there. So let’s get started.

If there is one popular entertainment channel for children in the United Kingdom then it is probably Hopster.

At the very least it is one of the best.

But what is Hopster?

At the very least it is one of the best.

But what is Hopster?

Even though it is a service but it provides that service with the help of an app.

The app provides users with a good range of VOD or video on demand online content.

Apart from that, the app also provides users with some educational games which appear at the very end of each and every show.

The service has become pretty popular since it first launched.

And the reason for that is that it is able to attract many families to its content rather than lone wolves living in the basement of their parents.

Our research shows that currently, the service is only accessible by those people who live in a country that is present in the service’s official list.

The official list consists of 120 countries spread in various corners of the world.

In order to assist users to avoid the embargo, we have come up with quite a useful suggestion.

That is, in order to have complete and unrestricted access to services such as Hopster in any location around the world no matter where it is, you need a VPN service.

Believe it or not, but that is it.

What is Hopstar though?

If you go to the official website of Hopster you will come to know that one of the major ways that the service is able to assist various kids in learning is via stories.

Not only that, children learn the best things from the stories that they actually love.

Hopstar can also count on the backing of Sony Television to help it target move kids who are still under the age of seven or six.

Apart from that, we have come to know that Hopstar is actually one of the very few online services which promise to broadcast a total of zero advertisements.

Why does the service do that?

Well, it turns out neither Hopster nor Sony Entertainment wants to advertise to children who are under six.

According to them, somehow it is wrong.

In order to get a subscription to the service, all that parents of these children have to do is to pay around four pounds per month.

But it is true that parents also get a chance to try out the official Hopster service for a period of 7 days.

Everyone can thank the service’s free trial package for this privilege.

Moreover, the official subscription package also offers the option of receiving monthly and timely updates on what all the kids are actually up to.

This further helps parents to keep well informed about what their kids are doing, or rather watching, on Hopster.

Hopster also provides users with the option of downloading official content and then watch that content offline when they do not have access to an internet connection.


However, it is also true that the service of downloading content is only available to those users who have actually bothered to sign up with the service and have subscribed to a package.

Leaving aside things such as TV programming, and you have Hopster providing parents with different books for their children to read and learn from.

There is also a dedicated creative section which includes different activities such as playing video games, growing a real plant and also selecting some other content for their ears.

How to watch Hopster Abroad

A Virtual Private Network or VPN allows users to connect to the company’s VPN servers.

These VPN servers are neatly scattered in different places all over the world.

When you connect to a good VPN service, you give yourself every opportunity to have access to various services that have geo-restrictions on them.

There are also those services that are available to users of other countries and have announced to come to your country at some later date.

With the help of a VPN service, you can actually watch those services and stream content from them before anyone else in your country.

A VPN service hides your real location so effectively and easily that no one can know where do you come from.

In order to access Hopster in a country that Hopster does not support yet, you need to make sure that you connect to a VPN server that is located in the United Kingdom.

At the very least, you should try to connect to a VPN server that belongs to the list of countries that Hopster currently supports.

Once you do that, our research shows that you are all set and done.

How to watch Hopster abroad step-by-step guide

Here are the steps that you need to take right now and we are sure that you will be all set.

  1. Go to the official website of your VPN service and then sign up for a package that you like.

Make sure that it is a reputable VPN service.

Otherwise, you might not want to invest in such a VPN service.

Now, signing up for a good VPN service is hard enough already.


We do not want you to waste some of your precious time in researching VPN services for yourself when it is not your job.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the ten best VPN service providers in the world right now.

Click here to have a look at them and then decide for yourself which one would you like to go with.

As you shall see very soon, each VPN service comes with pros and cons of its own.

So make sure you give them a good read before you decide which one do you want to sign yo with.

  1. The second step is to first download and then install the official VPN client on a device that is compatible with the VPN service as well as the Hopster online streaming service.
  2. Now you need to sign in with the new VPN account that you have just signed up for and then connect to a VPN server that is located in a country where you can watch the channel that you want to watch.
  3. When that is done you need to launch the official Hopster application.
  4. After that, it is all a matter of having the best Hopster can possibly offer to you and the consuming it.

Best VPN for Hopster

The thing you need to understand here is that when you make use of a VPN service that not only performs but is also credible, you basically help yourself in making sure that you remain pretty much secure whenever you access the VPN service.

A VPN service is able to provide protection to users by encrypting their VPN connection.

What does that mean?

That means, that a VPN service encodes your online internet traffic in a way that no other kind of third-party advertiser or any other company is able to actually read, intercept and then decipher your data that you have managed to transmit through the online world.

In such a way, you essentially make sure that no one has the opportunity to interfere with your internet connection and hence your online stuff.

If you use a good enough VPN service then you would have good protection even when you have connected to a public WiFi connection.

Yes, we are talking about those WiFi connections that exist at all the airports as well as restaurants.

Now, the other thing you need to keep in mind is that even though the internet is reaching more people than ever before, the risk of cyber attacks is also increasing.

More and more cybercriminals are coming out of the factories to attack people on the internet in order to take their money away.

So the safe way to move forward is to assume that someone in some dark alley is always keeping tabs on you in order to get a hold of your personal data.

By making use of a VPN connection, you give yourself an extra layer of online security.

This layer is responsible to keep you safe even on occasions where you have to do some sensitive stuff like doing some shopping on an online platform from home or accessing your official banking website to set right your financials or even search on the internet about a possible illness that you have either right now or in the future.

As mentioned before, there is no doubt about the fact that the market is filled with a good number of VPN providers on the market.

And you have the option of trying them all out.

But why waste the time when it becomes so difficult to actually pick out what or which should you go with.

It is here that we would like to address those users who are beginner VPN users and have little to zero experience of using a VPN software before.

We would like to tell them that there are a good number of reliable and trustworthy VPN service providers which you should definitely give a look to.

All of them have some unique characteristics that make them the best at what they do.


In the end, it would eventually come down to your own personal preference.

For example, there is ExpressVPN.

Many consider this VPN service as the best VPN for Hopster for the simple reason that it is based in the region that we call as the British Virgin Islands.

But that may not suit each and everyone of our readers.

Maybe you would like to sign up for ExpressVPN because it offers 2000 VPN servers to users.

ExpressVPN has done good work in the VPN industry for a good number of years now and that has probably made it incomparable with 90 percent of the competition.

Most advanced VPN users know ExpressVPN as the VPN service that has propelled the industry forward in the right direction because of its excellence.

ExpressVPN is also considered as the most reliable VPN service that beginner users can sign up for.

It offers a great customer care service and always has a staff member manning the station in order to make sure that each of its customers gets connected to a company representative as soon as possible.

We think that you will find it hard to contact ExpressVPN customer support and not receive a timely response.

The other thing which makes ExpressVPN stand out from the crowd is the fact that it provides users with a 256-bit AES VPN connection which is considered military-grade protection.

This is the strongest encryption that you can buy anywhere and anytime.

However, for many users, the dealbreaker might be that Express VPN only allows users to connect up to a total of three simultaneous devices per account.

All of the good work that ExpressVPN has done so far might not avail it any good since users like to connect lots of devices to their networks and they want protection for all of them and preferably with the help of just a single VPN account.

ExpressVPN also offers users the most comprehensive DNS leak protection that they can ever hope to get from a VPN service.

Not only that, the company also offers an internet kill switch for users who like to shut down their internet connection whenever their VPN connection drops without any warning.

ExpressVPN is also one of the very few VPN service providers who afford their users with a feature that the industry calls split tunneling.

This is where users gain the ability to decide what parts of their online data they have the option of encrypting.

Our research shows that ExpressVPN takes its VPN service to another level with the help of stealth servers.

These servers are supposed to help those users who are accessing VPN services in highly restrictive and sensitive countries.

The latest figures indicate that as many as 200000 IP addresses are available to ExpressVPN users to make use of.

Many feel that these are just some of the reasons why people should prefer ExpressVPN over all others.

But then there is IPVanish.

If ExpressVPN is considered as one of the most reliable VPN service providers then IPVanish is considered to be THE MOST reliable VPN service in the market today.

If you do not know what you want and where you need to go then IPVanish is the way forward.

According to some, the greatest two features that IPVanish offers to users are security and speed.

Both of these features combine to offer users the absolute best Vpn experience.

The latest figures indicate that IPVanish provides users control over a total of 1500 VPN servers.

Most of all, IPVanish owns and operates all of its servers.

Cumulatively speaking, IPVanish provides users with a total of 40,000 IP address that they can happily choose from whenever and wherever they want to.

Our research also shows that IPVanish is one of the handful of VPN service providers that properly implements 256-bit AES encryption.

IPVanish also does not engage in putting any kind of limits on the user’s bandwidth.

Apart from that, the service allows users to connect as many as a total of 10 simultaneous devices per account.

Not only that the service also allows users to switch their servers as many times as is wanted.

You would be hard pressed to not consider IPVanish as the best of the best in the business.

To further provide proof for IPVanish effectiveness, we would like to tell you here that IPVanish does not make it obligatory for users to download the company’s own VPN client.

You can have the complete IPVanish protection with the help of a simple web browser extension as well.

The other reason why you may never want to actually download the official IPVanish VPN client is that the company offers users a SOCKS5 online web proxy.

Using that you can access any website that you like and only allow IPVanish to encrypt your data when you are actually online.

Then there is the fact that IPVanish offers users a Smart DNS service for people who are willing to sacrifice a bit of security in favor of speeds.

However, the thing that users need to remember here is that a Smart DNS service only allows users to hide their real location.

In other words, it does not provide users with extra security.

These are just some of the benefits that IPVanish provides to users with a single subscription package.

So is IPVanish is the best for Hopster?

Well, all signs indicate that the answer should be a positive one.

But here is the thing.

Some do not appreciate the fact that it is based in the United States of America.

Or that, some media publications ran stories on IPVanish and how it slipped up one time in the last year or so.

By this time you should get the general idea that the concept of a best VPN for Hopster or for any other service simply does not exist.

Besides, VPN services continue to change the features that they offer to users with their packages.

And they also keep on changing their prices.

One day you will find that your VPN service is working with US Netflix and the next day you will find that it is not.

It is hard to put a number on any of the top VPN service providers.

That is the reason why we have created a top VPN service providers in the world page for you.

This page is updated and compares all the best VPN services in the world right now to give you a birds-eye view of which one would suit your needs the best.

But in case you still want another example to see how all the best VPN services are the same and different at the same time, let’s take about NordVPN.

NordVPN is a VPN service that provides users with the most number of advanced security features per dollar.

Most of the VPN users, especially those who are just starting out, would have a hard time in finding a VPN service that offers this much value.

NordVPN is based in the country of Panama and offers users close to a total of 4000 VPN servers via its large VPN network.

Again, that is enough for some people to just go ahead and sign up with NordVPN just because it offers such a big network.

To them, we say that it also offers more unique security features that the vast majority of its competitors are simply unable to offer.

NordVPN has servers in place that support users who like to change the VPN servers that they have connected to based on the kind of work that they are about to do.

More specifically, NordVPN provides users with servers that are custom-made for activities such as gaming and torrenting.

There are also special servers for those users who want to sign up for a VPN service just because they want to have the option of download their own high-quality content.

NordVPN allows all of you folks to connect up to 6 simultaneous devices.

That is 4 less than what IPVanish offers.

But 3 more than what ExpressVPN offers.

But then, NordVPN does not have the same user-friendly apps that ExpressVPN has nor customer support.

However, NordVPN does offer state of the art encryption which is the 256-bit AES one.

This is the same one that IPVanish and ExpressVPN offer.

So they are mostly equal in this aspect.

However, NordVPN tries to take the lead over these two and the rest by offering some unique security features such as double VPN.

The double VPN feature passes your data through two servers instead of just one.

So you see that there is really no way to recommend a single best VPN for Hopster.

Click here to see our list of best VPNs though.


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