Get to Unblock Spotify Outside UK and US

Spotify is a popular music service that has revolutionized the way people listen to their favorite songs and find out new releases in a heartbeat. It was founded in Sweden back in 2006, and it quickly captured universal acclaim. Music is a universal language, after all! Much to our dismay, though, Spotify is not available in all countries. There are copyright restrictions applied in various countries, forbidding Spotify from streaming music. Agreements between companies affect the accessibility of several locations towards Spotify, which leads to the prevention of broadcasting music that would otherwise be treasured by all.

To get around these restrictions and unblock Spotify outside UK and US, there are two major solutions you can try out. More specifically, you may choose to use either a VPN or a SmartDNS service and get the desired results. But, what makes these solutions reliable and what should you pursue in the first place?

Masking Your IP

The detail that makes you unable to access Spotify in your location is your IP address. If you had either a US or UK IP address, you would not deal with any problems. So, this is what you should aim at; changing your IP address and hiding behind an IP that comes from the United States or the United Kingdom is the best thing for you. Now that you know what needs to change, let’s see how you can achieve that!

Use a VPN

The VPN stands short for Virtual Private Network. By utilizing the VPN, you get to connect to the web via a network of VPN servers located remotely. In avoidance of being blocked from enjoying a website, you may select the respective VPN server and overcome the limitations.

In this case as you want to unblock Spotify, you will need to connect to the US or UK based VPN server. As a result, you will be able to access Spotify outside UK, outside US and everywhere else in the world. The VPN also encrypts your data and therefore allows you to remain anonymous online. This boosts your security layering and enables you to stay off dangers, such as hacking attempts and identity thefts.

This is what you need to do for using VPN:

  • You subscribe to a VPN service provider
  • You download the respective software that meets your device’s needs
  • You connect to the web via the VPN software
  • You choose a VPN server located in the US or the UK
  • You access Spotify and enjoy

Use SmartDNS

Another option for unblocking Spotify is the use of SmartDNS. Even though there is no encryption included, you instantly mask your IP address and gain a US or a UK IP address instead. As a consequence, you will be able to unblock Spotify always and without any hesitation.

The process is straightforward and easy, offering uninterrupted access to the blocked website without much cost. Of course, this is a slightly different method than the one described above with the VPN. Although they aim at the same result, they work for it in a different manner.

The SmartDNS service requires the following on your behalf:

  • Choose the right SmartDNS for you
  • Install the downloaded software for your device
  • Open the software
  • Visit Spotify

VPN or SmartDNS?

These two methods will help you out towards getting your hands on the content of Spotify, wherever you may be in the world. But, which one should you choose? Which one is the most suitable solution for you to consider? Well, there are advantages and disadvantages in either one of the methods analyzed.

When it comes to SmartDNS, it is more affordable than the VPN, and it includes software available for all OS and devices. It is easier to use and very practical. It does not require any technical knowledge, and it offers instant unblocking of geographically restricted sites.

In the case of VPN, the major advantage is the encryption. Apart from the unblocking properties of the VPN, there is also advanced encryption that allows your data to remain anonymous and private. The cost is not that high, and it is undoubtedly justifiable by the quality of services provided. You get to pick a VPN service provider that has got great features, such as the Kill Switch – so that you can enhance your online anonymity even further. One great VPN with all those ideal features is ExpressVPN.

No matter if you choose to use a VPN or a SmartDNS service, there is a way for you to unblock Spotify successfully outside UK and US. As far as I’m concerned, I’d always prefer the VPN over SmartDNS – because of the added security advantage. Choose correctly and enjoy the music that you want to listen to every day. Do not get deprived of the playlists that you have always wanted to experience. Instead, be proactive and make the right moves, so that you can overcome the geographical restrictions applied in multiple countries. It is in your hands!

Stella Strouvali Stella is a certified writer and zealous wordsmith, a true fan of Placebo, technology, Panionios and wellness. Still, her true passion has to do with eagerly learning new things and passing them on to others. “An unexamined life is not worth living”, to quote Socrates.

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