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In case you are looking for a VPN alternate that allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and access hundreds of websites that you would otherwise miss out on, Unlocator boasts having the solution. This company was launched in 2013 and pretty soon became popular, due to the practical nature of its provided services.

If you want to know whether or not Unlocator is a service provider that is worth your further attention, you should stick with us. We have completed a thorough review, after having put it to the test and after having identified both advantages and disadvantages. If you are ready to have light shed on the darkness, join us and let’s get started!

We cannot stress enough how crucial encryption is while surfing the web. In case you throw yourself in battle with no armory, you risk getting hurt severely. However, Unlocator does not promise miracles and does not have any intention of misleading customers. What it does is to lift GEO-IP restrictions and get past all the limitations that websites have added. Under this prism, we head out to analyzing the special features, the strengths and weaknesses of the service that is based on the use of Smart DNS.


Unlocator Features
One thing that deserves to be mentioned here is the fact that no software installation of any sort is required. You simply adjust the settings of your device, following some simple instructions; from then on, you are good to go! You do not lose any bandwidth speed, since there is no tunneling through VPN servers and consequently there is no waste of your connection speed. In fact, you will notice substantial difference if you have been accustomed to streaming content via a VPN server till now. To this date, 164 different channels are supported and more are added on a regular basis; so, it is fair to say that you can count on having no problem with unblocking channels and sites internationally with Unlocator!

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Note: According to our tests, this VPN provider is not at the same standard as the industry leader IPVanish.


Unlocator Pricing
When it comes to pricing, Unlocator is quite generous and offers three different options. Of course, at first there is a free Unlocator trial provided (with no credit card requirement) for a whole week. In this way, you can see if this service truly suits you or not. After that, you can subscribe to its monthly plan at $4.95. As the company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, there is the respective VAT added to the price for EU customers. That being said, there is the semi-annual plan at $27.50 and the annual plan at $49.95. As for the full money refund guarantee, this stretches to a fortnight and leaves room for a conclusive verdict of the service on your behalf. Payment methods are satisfactory, including PayPal and credit cards.

Help and Support

Moving forward, both, help and support of Unlocator are under scrutiny. First of all, there is a basic FAQ section with the essentials you need to know regarding the services provided and your subscription. Nevertheless, there is a wider knowledge base available at the Support section of the official website. You can browse through the categories available or include keywords and base your search on them. Setup guides are offered to all the customers of Unlocator, in order to facilitate their sign up process and enable them to start using the DNS power as soon as possible.

On the other hand, there is no phone number that you can use or live chat for you to turn to for instant response. They have got an email, which is quite prompt to reply to your questions. Social media are also portals through which you can contact, but either a phone number or live chat would be really helpful.

Unlocator Compatibility

Unlocator Compatibility and Devices
This is where Unlocator is pure diamond, since there is no OS or device that cannot support this service. Whether your device runs on Windows, Ubuntu or Mac OS – it will support all. Whether you have got an iPhone, an iPad or an Android and you are in search of the proper Unlocator app, whether you wish to use Unlocator on your Smart TV or a gaming console or even a media player, you will be pleased to know that its compatibility is spot-on! What is more, you can arrange for setting up your router and thus unblocking all the devices that are connected to this single device. With analytic guides that help you step by step, Unlocator is proven to be a piece of cake, as far as compatibility is concerned!


Now that we have made it to the end of our review, it is time to summarize what has impressed us and what has appalled us with this service. In general, nobody can argue that Unlocator is a trustworthy service that is based on Smart DNS and provides smart streaming to hundreds of channels and other sites internationally. No logs are kept and no tunneling is involved that can jeopardize one’s privacy. However, the lack of encryption can be proven disastrous for your own safety online.

Now with the alarmingly increasing rates of online security breaches, one can never be too careful and encryption is a crucial part of being kept protected on the web. This is where VPN is a better choice, overall. Other than that, Unlocator is affordable and provides versatility with the free trial, the multiple payment methods and the ability to offer full money refund within a fortnight. It is super compatible and it can work just fine for those who focus more on fast web surfing!

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  1. UNLOCATOR is a SCAM! they say on their webpage you can have a trial without giving payment details but it isnt true. this article is old and not legit anymore!

  2. Have used Unlocator for about 3 years now and have had no problems. Once in a while I have to log-in and re-connect after my tablet was connected to another server but that takes not even a Minute. Much better than the VPN I used before. Had always problems with buffering etc. Unlocator is fast and it works. I highly recommend it.

  3. Free trial does work and im using it on my PS4 :3 it works perfectly and i will be byuing a a montly sub so i can watch all my favourite channels aborad… Thank you Unlocator 5 stars

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