US and UK Users Vulnerable to Hacking due to Their Password Practices, Survey

Based on a recent survey by Siber Systems, there is still a lot that can be done for raising awareness on Internet users from the US and UK (and the world), as to the importance of handling their passwords prudently. The password practices of Internet users from US and UK are vulnerable!

Although there is a plethora of incidents highlighting the negative effects of malpractices in password management, it is true that the vast majority of Internet users still use the very same problematic practices throughout their web navigation. According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by Siber Systems Inc, there is still a lot to be done in this direction for ensuring a safe environment for security on the web. The survey focused on the answers of 1,000 consumers in both these countries and the results were less than encouraging.

To name just a few of the findings from the survey, we have to stand at the fact that over 6 out of 10 Internet users had either forgot their professional password or had it compromised at least once in their life. Out of them, more likely to forget or expose their password were those living in the States.

If we concentrate on the suggestions made by the experts as to the quality of the passwords, only a few of the Internet users actually did what they have to for guaranteeing their safety. This includes using upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers blended together. Even though there have been large campaigns and an overall attempt to raise awareness on the matter, convenience still gets the best out of Internet users, as it seems.

Visiting multiple sites with the same password constitutes another red flag, which has been proven by the survey as well. Even if the users visit a lot of sites and sometimes proceed with transactions of all sorts (forum posting, banking transactions etc.), they tend to use repetitive passwords.

Although about 74% of the users admit visiting more than 6 sites on a daily basis, only five or fewer passwords are used by 59% of them. You can do the Maths and see where this leads! Last but not least, the users benefited from having multiple devices on which they can connect online and they even keep themselves logged in to their accounts on all of these devices.

It is worth outlining the fact that Siber Systems Inc was founded in 1995 and has been involved in the field of online security. This is the maker of Roboform, which is a password manager and aims to provide the tool for safeguarding one’s anonymity online. Of all the findings that his survey has given us, the truth is that it is shocking that only 8% make use of tools such as password managers.

This could lead to a much more thorough handling of passwords, offering convenient and yet efficient protection. Users do not have to memorize long and difficult passwords or write them down somewhere it is not safe to keep them; instead, they need to remember a single password that opens the door to everything else. Here is a list of best password managers to help you keep your passwords as much strong as you can think off, without having to worry about memorizing them all or any fear of your password leak.

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