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VPN Accounts and Why You Should Use Them

Great number of people know that VPNs exist, but had never felt like they need to use them. They are a great way to protect yourself while browsing the Internet, but they can also be dangerous if you don’t use them right. There are couple of things that you need to know about VPN accounts before you chose the right one for you.

What’s VPN and what does it do?

The abbreviation VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. The goal of home VPN accounts and VPN accounts at work is to provide a safe and secure online environment for the individual user, alongside the complete freedom and anonymity.

This is done through data encryption of all the information that is a part of the communication between your device and the webpages you visit. You can open a VPN network on your own computer or on a VPN specific website. After that you’re operating through VPN computers and networks that are located at a remote server.

Why Use a VPN?

VPN accounts are not used only by company employees or people that travel a lot. Every Internet user can benefit from the usage of this type of network. They are mostly used by businessmen and people that download great deal of data today. Nevertheless everybody can recognize some benefit of using a VPN account because their number rises each year.

VPNs act as an added security measure when you’re connected to a home network, but it is crucial to use them when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi connection. It’s crucial to use VPN when you’re downloading using an application like bittorrent. You’re probably downloading legal files, but not everybody knows that, so it’s probably best to hide your tracks.

Which VPN Services To Use?

The amount of VPN providers out there is just astonishing. There are thousands of providers that you can choose from, but there are also some things to keep on mind while making that decision. It is true that VPN accounts are created in order to improve your online security. The thing that most users don’t think about is that the data flow inside the virtual network is not protected. This means that any user that’s using the same network as you are, can easily breach your security measures. Below are a couple of trustworthy VPN providers to get a VPN account from.

HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss is probably the biggest player in the VPN industry. They have earned the respect and thrust of their loyal customers because they advocate internet anonymity through everything they do. HideMyAss pro doesn’t only provide an excellent VPN service, they also have tons of free services available on their website. The only downside that this provider faces is their location. Having their headquarters located in the UK forces them to answer to certain state laws. This compromises their ability to provide absolute internet privacy.
HideMyAss VPN has an one year subscription plan worth $78 and also six month and one month plan, which are little bit more expensive when you compare the value of the subscription for one month. This is probably the best provider that you can use for creating home VPN accounts.


ExpressVPN is probably the solution you need when trying to create a VPN account at work. It uses a very simple to operate platform that anybody can figure out. Express VPN is also one of the most secure VPN accounts provider out there. The company has great number of servers located all around the globe that can reach impressive speed.
It’s a close battle between HideMyAss VPN and Express VPN on the VPN accounts market. The company offers three different pricing plans: 12 month, 6 month and one month. The price per month for the annual subscription is $8.32 with an included %30 discount. Read in-depth ExpressVPN review our editors came up with.


PureVPN has great number of features included in the plan and at the same time it’s very user friendly, which makes it an easy to use VPN operator. They are one of the most customer orientated VPN accounts providers that you will find. There are over 10,000 loyal PureVPN customers that receive a 24/7 customer support with all of their queries.
PureVPN has great number of international servers that work under great speed and will provide you the utmost online experience. You may get scared from the numerous options available at first when you visit their website, but there is a tutorial for everything that you need. There are couple of security issues that the company is trying to solve, but most of the users will find them good enough. The price for a one year subscription is $49.95, which makes this one of the most affordable professional VPN account providers on the market. Read our complete PureVPN review.

Which One to Use

Each one of these VPN providers belongs on the top of the market and will suit almost every user. If you want to work on fast international servers and don’t worry about security at all, then HideMyAss is your choice. It’s a little bit pricey, but it’s also the most quality one from this list.

Everybody needs a VPN account. You are probably using some VPN accounts at work, but you also need to consider creating a home VPN account for your everyday needs. For all of our readers out there that have recognized the need for a VPN account, we would be glad if you shared some personal experience regarding the providers we suggested and some other that should be on this list in your opinion.

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