Repair Your Kodi Device With Help From These Wandering Kodi Repairmen

Open source or no open source, copyright holders want to ban Kodi devices and Kodi add-ons.

Kodi add-ons might soon disappear.


Because everybody seems to be going after them.

There is chaos and that means there is a chance of some major upheaval as well.

Of course, Kodi users can’t give much attention to that.

They have problems of their own.

Problems like their Kodi devices not working.


Kodi boxes, just like all other devices, sometimes, also stop working.

Some Kodi users have reported to their devices not performing as well as they did in the past.

That is normal as well.

But why is that such a huge problem for Kodi users?

Well, it is a problem because they just “bought” Kodi devices.

These Kodi devices came from thousands of miles away probably from the far east.

Hence, Kodi users don’t really know how their Kodi devices work.

And since they have no idea how their device works, they need help.

Enter Kodi repair men.

More like Kodi repair men who travel to fix Kodi devices.

No matter where they are.

These are men who will travel far and wide to come to your home or pub and repair your Kodi device.


Someone sued third-party Kodi add-ons like TVAddons and ZemTV in Texas via the federal court.

That happened this month.

So we’re still waiting on what becomes of the situation.

The point is, Kodi add-ons are in trouble.

Entities are suing them all over the place.

This time, Dish Network filed the complaint against these two Kodi add-ons.

For those who don’t know, Dish Network, a broadcast and satellite provider which is based in the US.

It accused both Kodi add-ons and the people behind them of copyright violations.

Moreover, Dish Network also demanded a total sum of $15000 from each of the Kodi add-ons for their copyright violation crimes.

As indicated earlier, that case is still continuing.

And we don’t really know which way the federal court in Texas is going to go.

If past results are anything to go by, we think we should kiss goodbye to Kodi add-ons like TVaddons and ZemTV.

Needless to say, the fallout from the case court has increased in its intensity in recent weeks.

First of all, the people behind many add-ons have gone missing.

In other words, they have run way.

As they should have done probably.

But the more troubling part is that the hugely popular TVAddons repository has also disappeared into oblivion.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Kodi community is going to burn to the ground.

There are still a lot of people in the community who have the knowledge and the wherewithals to get what they want.

What we mean is, these kinds of people can find, acquire and then install new Kodi add-ons without much trouble.

They can also restore their devices back to their full performance.

And most of all, they know how to handle tough Kodi setups.

Enthusiasts like these know how to deal with tough situations.

They also know how to keep doing what they doing no matter how bad things get.

It’s called weathering the storm.

And such kind of Kodi users know that with piracy comes its bad experiences.

They consider such court cases and “people have gone missing” as mere setbacks.

Additionally, they also understand that all of this is just part of the whole piracy experience.

And nothing to worry about.

Internet piracy is huge.

In other words, it doesn’t just include the Kodi community.

no matter how green an open source technology looks, copyright holders will not allow it to abuse copyrights.


But most types of internet piracy activities have some common characteristics.

The world of Kodi is different.

Kodi setups are unusual and rapidly change because of their circumstances.

This gives these augmented Kodi setups some really weird attributes.

No one can tell you how many people are using Kodi at the moment.

In fact, no one can even tell you how many people are developing add-ons for Kodi.

Consider is as highly-classified material.

But we can ascertain one thing:

Most of the people who use Kodi devices and Kodi add-ons don’t have much idea about how they work.

They just know Kodi and Kodi add-ons work.

Consequently, they can’t give a second thought to how these devices work.

Or what to do in case these devices stop working.

Of course, convenience is one of the factors why people prefer to buy Kodi devices instead of a legitimate streaming service subscription package.

People don’t know the software inside their Kodi boxes either.

To put it another way, they have little idea how they are pirating copyrighted content.

As mentioned before, this is because most people want convenience.

They don’t want to know how their device works.

They just want their devices to work.

And that’s all.

This leaves us a very small portion of people who have the required knowledge on how these devices work.

And how to set them up.

So can these people do something?

There is no doubt about the fact that some Kodi users will start to scour the internet for helpful guides.

They will also try to learn to program in order to reprogram their Kodi hardware on their own.

Of course, such processes take time.

Users who will show patience will eventually know how Kodi boxes work.

And they will also revel in their newfound ability.

Why shouldn’t they?

They have this new skill of repairing their Kodi boxes.

And no one can stop them from using their skill to repair their future devices as well.

But there are those “other” users as well.

These “other” users take a different but misguided approach.

That approach is to contact the official Kodi team.

That’s true.

Some people do contact the official Kodi team and ask them to solve their Kodi device problem.


People have come up with rather ‘open source’ solutions for problems relating to open source technologies.

Of course, the official Kodi team can’t help these users.


Because the official Kodi team simply isn’t interested in helping such Kodi users.

Officially they do not provide support for Kodi add-ons which allow users to view copyrighted content on their Kodi devices.

This leaves Kodi users with one option and one option only:

Take the Kodi device back to the place from where they purchased it.

Then, they can just complain to Kodi deliverers like crazy.

Hopefully, the device seller will help these users and will fix their Kodi device.

Of course, these Kodi “fixers” will demand a good sum of money to fix Kodi devices.

So users who can’t fix their own Kodi devices will have to pay a little fee to these third-party repairmen to fix their Kodi device.

What if a user can’t even do that?

Well, for them there is an innovative solution.

It is unique and very convenient.

What is it then?

We’ll come to that in a bit.

But people are talking about Kodi devices becoming dysfunctional all over the world.

And that is probably because of the many Kodi add-on shutdowns.

So who’s going to fix all this?

That’s right.

The new guy who will tour pubs in your area and fix Kodi devices on site.

You read that right.

There are people who will roam places where they know people use a lot of Kodi devices.

Then they will offer their services for a small fee.

If you want to get your Kodi device in working order, you will have to pay something like $25 for the fix.

The Kodi repairman will take his laptop, connect your Kodi devices/device to it and will then fix it.

For users who have the Amazon Fire TV Stick, these repairmen offer a $50 trade-in deal.

This deal allows the user to get a new and loaded Amazon Fire Stick.

So how much time can you expect to spend to get your device fixed?

From what we have heard, it takes about 20 minutes for the repairman to repair your Kodi device.

You can just give your device to him, have a little chat with your pals and come back to collect the Kodi device and pay the repairman the money.

Of course, this is all illegal.

Using Kodi boxes is not legal.

And repairing them is certainly not legal.

Nevertheless, it is amazing how quickly some people can recognize opportunities and make money.

Let’s call these type of men the Kodi repair men.

Perhaps it isn’t surprising to see Kodi repairmen show up in places to fix Kodi devices.

Obviously, most of the people know that millions of people have bought these Kodi devices.

So if something major has gone bad for these devices, these Kodi users certainly need someone to fix their devices for them.

Piracy sources always run into problems and other issues.

And it makes sense for someone to wait for the perfect opportunity and get to work as soon as it materializes.

Honestly speaking, perhaps it would be more surprising if there weren’t any Kodi repair men.


Because currently, there is a lot of demand for people who can fix Kodi devices.

And whenever there is a demand for something, someone has to step up and start meeting that demand with sufficient supply.

In other words, the Kodi repairman is a reality now.

All these Kodi repairmen use is a laptop and the user’s broken Kodi device.

And we will have to deal with them.

Some Kodi repairmen also come to your home to fix your Kodi device.

There is one who assists Kodi users by coming to their home for a small extra fee.

Some Kodi repair men do their business from their Facebook pages.

Facebook users have even started to rate their services.


Some Kodi repair men now have reviews on their Facebook pages.

Most of the time though, these Kodi repairmen are the same people who sell Kodi boxes.

These pre-configured Kodi boxes are not hard to buy.

So its makes sense that people who can fix these Kodi devices should not be hard to find either.

Are These Kodi Repairmen Bad People?

Not really.

At least to people who use Kodi devices they are not.

They are just like,

  • PlayStation modders
  • Pirate DVD sellers

And a bunch of repairmen characters before them.

Some consider them heroes because they provide a cheap way for people to consume high-quality content without breaking the bank.

Not every kid on the block can afford to watch movies inexpensive cinemas or buy legit games.

Of course, the issue of whether you should infringe copyrights if you can’t afford a product or not is a contentious one.

But the fact is, these Kodi repairmen and many other repairmen before them, are a form of blessing for people who are cash strapped.

Some even consider them as the modern day Robin Hood.


Because they can cut your TV subscription fee by up to 90 percent if not more.

Moreover, Kodi devices make sure that any person who is interested in watching a Sports event can watch a sports event regardless of his/her income level.

So How many customers Should These Kodi Repairmen Expect In The Future?

No one really knows the answer to that question.

What we do know is that more and more Kodi add-ons will get the ax as soon as the authorities get a chance to do so.

SO these repairmen will always have plenty of work to look forward to.

Perhaps every day.

Of course, no one likes to pay multiple times for a device that keeps breaking.

So repairmen will have to balance the act.

And so will Kodi device manufacturers.

The whole process can become a bit tiresome.

You buy Kodi devices to watch content anytime you want to.

Not when your device wants to show it to you.

And then there is the problem of copyright holder groups.

They are always looking out for potential shutdown opportunities.

And they will not go away anytime soon.

Copyright holders groups will take more action against more Kodi add-ons.

Which means more shutdowns.

And more shutdowns means that Kodi repairmen will have a lot more work.


Regardless of the troublesome popular Kodi add-ons are going through, people are still buying Kodi devices like hot cakes.

Some say you can’t buy these Kodi devices as easily as before.

But that is not true.

People can still get a hold of these devices from online websites such eBay.

Add to that the fact that there are a ton of local sellers as well.

And then there are those publications which carry ads for these Kodi boxes.

People who are not afraid to work for themselves will always have enough opportunities to make a decent living.

Not to mention the fact that things come a lot cheaper when you know your stuff.

And if you can fix your stuff as well, then you have a constant and never ending supply of repair jobs waiting for you just around the corner.

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