How to watch Champions League Final live: Liverpool vs Spurs

Let’s take a look at how you can watch Liverpool vs Spurs Champions League Final


So let’s get this out of the way right here and right now.

Football is a great game.

Probably the greatest game on planet earth.

This season, we have seen this beautiful game give us two of the absolute greatest football comeback games of all times.

That is especially true if we are talking about Champions league.

Of course, some of us would have wanted to have something like a Juventus or Real Madrid or Barcelona in the final taking on Liverpool but that does not mean the final will not be any good.

It will be.

We have had to wait for quite a long time to see an all English Champions League final.

Again, not the final everyone had in their dreams but this will do just fine.

For the purposes of recap, Liverpool upset Barcelona by coming back from a whopping three-goal disadvantage.

Somehow even without its superstars, Liverpool managed to keep the mighty Barcelona away.

Not only did they do that, but they also destroyed Barcelona 4-0.

That is some feat considering Barcelona has Messi to rely on.


In any case, Liverpool is in the final and there is little Barcelona or Messi can do about it.

Real Madrid did knock out Liverpool last year.

But this season, Jurgen Klopp made sure that no one would stand in their way to the final.

Liverpool could not beat Manchester City to the English Premier title but it did reach the Champions League final.

Klopp has worked really hard to form a side that is free-flowing as well as solid at the back.

Surely, he would not want to see another major trophy slipping through his side’s hands/fingers.

The reason we say that is because of Spurs.

Spurs is coming into the final with an impressive record as well.

With only 45 minutes left in the game to play, Spurs came from behind and scored three goals in order to the semi-final from Ajax.

That is what we call a comeback of comebacks.

Lucas Moura, astonishingly, scored a hat trick in the semi-final.

And in the end, it was enough for Spurts to go through the final.

If you did not watch the match, then know that Spurs scored their final and decisive goal in the 96 nth minute of the match.

Needless to say, this is the first Champions League final for Spurs in their history.

Moreover, if we are talking about attacking football, then we do not know of a team that can attack better than Tottenham.

Of course, for the above statement to be true, you will have to assume for a second that there is no team such as Liverpool.

And since both teams like to attack and score goals, you will get to see a Champions League Final that will have nots of action.

You simply cannot miss this Champions League Final between Liverpool and Tottenham (another name that Tottenham goes by is Spurs, for people who do not follow football but still want to know more about the Champions League final).

With that out of the way, perhaps we should also mention that if you do not read a guide like this one, you can kiss your chances of watching Champions League Final as cheaply as possible goodbye.

Why do we say that?


We say that because traditionally, if you want to watch a game as big as the Champions League Final you really do not have any other option but to sign up for an unreasonably expensive and not-very-good TV subscription package.

Folks who cannot do that usually go to their local cafes and establishments like that in order to watch the game.

But these places are filled with people a bit too much.

Sometimes there is even violence because someone did not like someone else’s team.

If you do not want to take that chance then sign up for a VPN service.

A VPN service is the perfect tool for you and for anyone else who wants to watch Champions League Final.

With a good VPN service in place, you no longer have to worry about having your options limited in any sense of the word.

In fact, if you follow our guide down to a tee then you can potentially watch the full Champions League Final game online and for free.

Perhaps what we mean to say here is that, in this guide, Security Gladiators will uncover all the tricks that you need in order to learn how to watch the Champions League Final game between Liverpool and Spurs live and online.

Your actual physical location will not matter.

Click here if you are still undecided on which VPN service you should sign up for and why.

When does the UEFA Champions League Final start?

More simply, when is it?

Well, our research shows that the Liverpool vs Tottenham Champions League Final will take place on the 1st of June.

We have also come to know that the kick off will take place at exactly 8 pm BST.

Now, all of that makes a lot of sense for people living in the UK.

But sadly, if you have plans to watch the game from outside the UK, you are in for a bit of surprise.

In other orders, if you are outside the UK then you need to convert the time that we have shown you according to where you live.

As mentioned before, the Champions League Final is not a game that you would want to miss at any cost.

How to stream Champions League Final Liverpool vs Spurs for free

This is the business end of this guide.

We have mentioned this in one of our previous guides that if you live in the UK then the process of watching the game is pretty straightforward if not outright easy.

BT Sport will broadcast the official Champions League Final game online and live exclusively for people living in the UK.

Again, BT Sports is a premium cable and satellite TV channel that costs a lot of money.

That is money which most people cannot afford to spend even though the game is huge.

And since most people have not signed up for such packages, in any case, they can’t see the game.

Now if you have access to BT Sports somehow, then you need to read that section of this guide which talks about how to watch BT Sports outside the United Kingdom or the UK.


The annoying part about this year’s Champions League final is that some countries will get to see the live stream for free while others won’t.

Such free streams will not be available to people living in the UK though.

What does that mean for the end user?

Well, it means you will have to get hold of a VPN service if you desire to watch Champions League Final between Liverpool and Spurts without signing up for an overpriced cable subscription.

Let’s take an example to further simplify things.

If you have a VPN service installed on your machine then all you really need to do is to connect to a server which is based in a country like Russia.

Our research shows that once you do that, you should have no problems in streaming content from the official main channel in Russia such as MatchTV.

And you already know that with MatchTV available you can actually watch the whole game of Liverpool vs Spurs Champions League Final live and for free.

As mentioned before, the task of signing up for the right VPN service can become a stressful one if you do not what you are doing.

That is why you need to click here and read about the best VPN service providers available in the market at the moment.

Remember, you not only need to sign up for a good VPN service but preferably you need a VPN service that works perfectly with a streaming service like MatchTV in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Of course, good VPN service providers always works with most streaming services around the globe.

But if you wanted us to give you some tips on how to identify the best VPN service provider for your needs such as watch the Champions League Final game then read on.

First, you need to make sure that the VPN service you are signing up for offers fast VPN servers.

WIth fast VPN servers, you will get good connection speeds.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind that the VPN service you sign up for should have a wide selection of VPN servers based in Russia.

Apart from that, it always helps to know if the VPN service is able to perform well under various different conditions.

If your VPN service comes with extra features then that is great as well.

The only problem with signing up for a VPN service in Russia is that the government in Russia has recently started to launch a crackdown on VPN services.

What does that mean for the end user?

It means that you will find it very hard to find VPN service providers that still work in places such as Russia and unblock streaming services such as MatchTV.

Click here to learn more about the best VPN service providers in the world and the ones that work in Russia.

Of course, as always, our readers are totally free to go out in the online world on their own and do a bit of their own research.

There is nothing wrong with that.

However, we also have good confidence that our list of best VPN service providers will give you all the options that you could ever need to get the Russian Job done.

How to stream the Liverpool vs Spurs Champions League Final live


As we have mentioned before, first you need a good VPN that works in Russia.

After that, the process of watching the game on your favorite streaming device is surprisingly straightforward.

If you follow the guide that we have mentioned below you can actually get the whole thing sorted out within a short amount of time.

That would give you some extra time to actually sit down, relax and savor each and every moment of the match, the atmosphere surrounding the whole event and of course, the anticipation that is always there before the start of a big game in sports.

Now, all that we want you to do is to follow the guide that we have mentioned below but make sure that when you do so you go through the mentioned steps in order.

Got it?


Let’s get to it.

Here is the step by step guide on how to watch Liverpool vs Spurs Champions League Final game online and live.

  1. First, sign up for your preferred VPN service by going to the official website of the VPN service provider that you have chosen and think is best for your needs.
    Once you get to the official website you should see a Get Started button.
    Even if you do not see that there should be a pricing page from where you should select the package that you want and then make the purchase.
    You do not have to think too hard about this step because most modern and good VPN service providers provide you with onscreen instructions to make life better and simpler for you.
  2. Then you need to download the official application of the VPN service from the official website.
    Make sure that you go to the VPN website’s VPN app section and then download the app that is meant for your streaming device.
    For example, if you are on the Android platform then you may have to go to Google Play Store for your VPN app and if you are on the iOS platform, then you may need to go to the official App Store by Apple.
  3. If you are on a desktop machine then most likely you will first have to download the VPN app from the official website and then install it as well.
    On the other hand, if you are on a mobile platform then we have already mentioned the fact that you will only have to download the app.
    Google Play Store and the App Store will take care of the installation part on their own.
  4. Once you are done with the previous step, we need you to open up the official VPN app and then sign in.
    You may need to activate it first, so go do that if that is required.
    Use your valid account credentials and other details to log in.
  5. Then from the main menu of the VPN app, you need to go to the screen that lets you see all the servers.
    From there you need to select a VPN server that is based in a country like Russia.
    After that, just hit the connect button.
    Sometimes, the VPN app will automatically connect you to the server once you click on it.
    So watch out for that as well.
  6. When that is done, we need you to go to the official website of MatchTV streaming service here and then start the streaming process.
  7. That is it.

As mentioned before as well, our research shows that MatchTV and the process to watch big games like Champions League final is straightforward.

MatchTV itself is a very reliable streaming service.

To put it in simpler terms, you do not really have any excuse to not stream Champions League final live and for free.

Needless to say, enjoy the game once you do get to stream it live and for free.

Should you let kids watch the match even if it is way past their bedtime?

Well, only you can answer this question.

We would say that if they do not have anything important coming in the morning then it is probably best to let them have a taste of the greatest game in the world as well.

No one is stopping you from inviting all of your friends and other mates to your place and stream the football game either.

The way you want to watch the game is the way you should watch the game.
No one should be able to influence the way that you want to watch the game in your home.

How to use BT Sport account overseas/abroad?

This is how you do it.

We are going to assume here that you have an official and valid BT Sport account.

And if you know that you will be abroad or overseas on the 1st of June this year, then you will need to use a good VPN service to access all the content that your account affords you when you’re abroad.

Again, there are lots of VPN services on the market that claim to help you with such things.

If you do not want to waste time researching them and just want a summary of the best that the VPN industry has to offer then click here and read our guide.

Yes, the best VPNs for the job do sound like IPVanish, NordVPN and/or ExpressVPN but since each online consumer is different with different needs, it is best if we just let you decide for yourself by guiding you towards the best VPNs.

We do not like to make decisions for our readers.

In any case, once you have signed up for a VPN service, what you need to do then is to connect to a VPN server that is based in the UK.

Then you need to log in to your official BT Sports account pretty much as normal.

After that, you should have no problems in streaming the whole of the Champions League Final game regardless of your physical location at the time of the game.

Champions League Final: Where is it?

Glad you asked that.

The Champions League Final between Spurs and Liverpool will take place in Madrid, Spain at the prestigious Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

The stadium is brand new.

Perhaps some of our readers who are Real Madrid fans would not appreciate the fact that the final of the Champions League this year will be played at the home ground of their arch-rivals Atletico Madrid.

But there is a reason why UEFA selected Atletico Madrid’s stadium.

The first reason is that the stadium is new.

It only started to host games at the beginning of the 2017-2018 La Liga season.

Our research shows that the new stadium provides football watchers with all the commodities and comforts that they need and expect from a stadium that is not only modern but also state of the art.

It can hold around 68000 people.

Which is a lot.

You will not need us or anyone else to tell you that the stadium will be packed to the brim once the Champions League Final starts on June the 1st.

Now, here is another small detail that most people miss out on.

The stadium will only allow 16,000 seats to fans of each given team participating in the final.

In other words, the actual chance that you can get a ticket now is not only small but very small.

So what do you do?

Well, you go for the very next best thing.


You stream the match.

Live and for free within the comforts of your home.

What are Spurs and Liverpool playing for?

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, Liverpool and Spurs will be playing for the greatest football trophy after the World Cup and that is the Champions League.

As far as Europe is concerned, this is the biggest trophy that every football player wants to win.

The only advantage Liverpool has over Spurs at this moment is the experience.

Liverpool has lots of experience.

And the team knows how to handle itself on the biggest of stages.

Liverpool has actually won this trophy a total of five times.


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