How To Watch CinemaNow Outside US (The Ultimate Guide)

In this guide you will learn everything there is to learn on how to watch CinemaNow outside US.

Most of our readers would agree that CinemaNow is perhaps one of the most popular and widely used on-demand online streaming service in America today.

The only problem is that it is not available to all online users.

You have to live in the US in order to view it.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a US citizen or not.

If you are not living in the US, you can’t access CinemaNow.

IN this guide, we will show you how you can unblock and watch CinemaNow outside US.

CinemaNow is popular for two major reasons.

First, it has a mammoth content library that includes everything from movies to TV shows to audio files and documentaries.

There is a lot of other type content as well.

WIth CinemaNow, you can watch over 35,000 movies along with TV series and documentaries.

Secondly, CinemaNow is available online.

Which means you don’t need to buy an expensive TV or a cable subscription package in order to view content.

All you need to do is sign up for CinemaNow subscription package and you are done.

However, the main problem is that you can’t watch CinemaNow outside US.

In other words, it is limited to people who live in the US.

Even if you are American citizens, but are traveling abroad for work or holidays, you can’t view CinemaNow.


Because it is blocked.

More specifically, it is geo-restricted.

Of course, there is some good news as well.

With this guide, you can actually watch CinemaNow outside US.

We’ll teach you how to watch CinemaNow outside US by unblocking those restrictions.

We’ll also you show you how to watch CinemaNow outside US from any place on earth.

And we’ll achieve all of the above with the help of two methods.

One of them is via a VPN service provider.

And the other method is via Kodi, which is an open source media player available for free.

Can You Watch CinemaNow Outside US?

CinemaNow is your ticket to a Cinema, right now.


You can’t.

And that’s unfortunate.

But that doesn’t change the fact that CinemaNow only operates its business for people who connect to it from US IP addresses or US servers.

This means, that all of CinemaNow content is available only to US based online users.

If you are not part of the US based audience then you can’t watch anything on CinemaNow.

This also means that no matter which other country you are from, you can’t stream any of CinemaNow’s TV shows along with documentaries and movies.

Because you have an IP address that is non-US.

And when you have a non-US IP address you can’t watch CinemaNow outside US.

As mentioned before, even if you are an online user from the US, but are traveling abroad, you can’t access CinemaNow content.

Which is a bit unfair don’t you think?

Don’t worry.

We’ll come to the solution shortly.

For now, you need to know that CinemaNow people are clever.

In other words, the people working over there have set new limitations along with restrictions on users of other countries.

This limits the amount of content non-US citizens can watch.

And hence, CinemaNow becomes an online streaming service for US users only.

We don’t know the exact reason why CinemaNow has such a structure.

But one thing is for certain:

These restrictions are effective and efficient when it comes to limiting and restricting content for users who just want to download and stream some of their favorite CinemaNow TV shows and movies.

If you go to the official website of CinemaNow website, you will receive an error message.

The error message will vary.

But generally, it would say that you can’t watch CinemaNow content because it does not support your region.

Sometimes, the error messages try to misguide you by telling you that there is something wrong with your browser, computer and/or internet service provider.

No matter what the error message says, no that you have become victim to geo-restrictions.

And that there is nothing wrong with your web browser, internet service provider and/or computer machine.

How To watch CinemaNow outside US With A VPN Service

With a VPN service, you will have access to all streaming websites and not just CinemaNow

As indicated earlier as well, CinemaNow is not available to users who are outside the US.

Officially, you can’t watch CinemaNow outside US.

But there are ways to circumvent these geo-restrictions.

The best way to consume CinemaNow content is to use a VPN service.

With a VPN service provider, you can watch CinemaNow outside US.

VPN services also allow users to stream content from any other streaming website.

With a VPN service at your fingertips, you can also download CinemaNow content like movies and TV shows.

The ease that VPN service providers afford their customers is truly remarkable.

And that is why more and more people are using VPN services for various purposes.

Most people though, only want to unblock geo-restricted content on the web via a VPN service provider.

To watch CinemaNow outside US all you need to do is equip your computer machine or mobile device with a VPN service app.

Then you would have no problems in accessing CinemaNow homepage.

You will face no restrictions and no other issues.

With a VPN service in place, CinemaNow servers won’t know where you are from.

They won’t know your original IP address either.


Because your VPN service would have replaced your IP address with one of its own servers’.

This means, after using a VPN service, you can get a US IP address.

And when you get a US IP address you can watch CinemaNow outside US.

What’s the best part then?

The best is that using a VPN service would bring you a lot more benefits than just watching CinemaNow outside US.

VPN services also encrypt your online traffic and then re-route it through one of their own VPN servers.

This ensures that you remain hidden from cyber criminals, government agencies along with internet service providers.

If you have a VPN service configured properly, no surveillance agency in the world would succeed in tracking you and monitoring you.

No advertising company would steal your data and then use it for marketing purposes as well.

Which VPN Service Should You Sign Up For?

We know.

This is difficult decision to make.

And for good reason.

There are literally hundreds of VPN service provider available in the market today.

We have reviewed most of these VPN service providers.

Our research shows that the best VPN service provider for this job is IPVanish.

IPVanish is great if you want to watch CinemaNow outside US.


Because it is,

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Speedy
  • Economical for the features it offers
  • Full of advanced feature
  • A no-risk buy since IPVanish offers a seven-day money-back guarantee
  • One of the few VPN service providers that have lots of servers in the US.
    And since you want to change your location to the US, IPvanish is the perfect VPN service provider for you.

To sign up for IPVanish from the official website right now, click here.


List Of Best TV Shows You May Or May Not Want To Watch On CinemaNow.

As mentioned before, with the help of a VPN service provider you can enjoy an unlimited amount of streaming services right from the comfort of your home or office.

You can watch all your favorite movies, no matter where you are.

You already know that the CinemaNow library is huge.

It holds some of the biggest blockbuster titles of all time.

We’re talking about shows like,

  • Games of Thrones
  • Better Call Saul
  • Masterchef Junior
  • World’s Funniest Fails
  • Mad Men
  • Glee
  • The Jinx
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Hannibal
  • Supernatural
  • Enlisted
  • Family Guy
  • The X Files
  • Bad teacher
  • New Girl
  • American Dad
  • Lucifer
  • Black List
  • The Big C
  • Shades of Blue
  • Flash
  • Arrow

And many more TV shows and movies right here on CinemaNow.

You Can Stream And Download Movies And TV SHows Right From CinemaNow.

If you have a VPN service provider in place you can watch CinemaNow outside US.

You already knew that.

But perhaps what you did not know is that you can also download all of CinemaNow content.

Well, here is the thing with CinemaNow:

It isn’t really like Netflix.

CinemaNow has an official policy.

That official policy says that users can stream only some percentage of the overall content.

While they can download the rest of the content.

Since you only want to watch the best quality TV shows and movies, there is a good chance that your favorite TV show and/or movies are available for streaming as well as downloading.

Moreover, each content comes with its own price.

Hence, different types of content will have different price ranges.

In fact, we think that the price of any content depends on multiple factors.

Some of the factors include,

  • Geographical location
  • Internet speed
  • The device the user wants to use in order to download and/or stream that specific piece of content

In fact, we have also heard cases where CinemaNow blocks users from downloading and streaming its content because of one or more above-mentioned reasons.

What About Compatibility Issues?

As we have mentioned before, CinemaNow, or more specifically the people working behind the scenes are clever people.

They know they have to provide support for more than one device if they want to make sure that they can attract a larger number of online users to their online streaming and downloading service.

Hence, CinemaNow has done all the homework about the requirements and needs of the modern online user.

That is also the reason why CinemaNow puts so much thought and effort into ensuring that visitors to their site have a pleasant experience no matter what.

This means that CinemaNow gives special attention to user interests.

They also provide room in terms of number of devices and types of devices that a user may or may not use.

All of the above means that CinemaNow is compatible with almost all major operating systems and devices that online users commonly make use of.

In other words, CinemaNow is fully compatible with devices such as iPads, Smartphones along with TV brands and tablets.

Let’s count gaming consoles in that list too.

That’s how comprehensively dedicated CinemaNow is in making sure that customers can watch whatever they want to watch on any device.

Of course, all of this stands true even if you want to watch CinemaNow outside US.

You Must Download CinemaNow Android App for The Ultimate Experience

If you want to watch CinemaNow outside US we strongly recommend that you download its official Android app.


Because an Android app will streamline your streaming experience.

The CinemaNow Android App is specifically built for tablets and smartphones.

Moreover, the app is free.

And it will grant you access to all of the content that CinemaNow has on offer.

Again, for people who do not live in the US but still want to access CinemaNow via its Android app on their tablets or smartphones, they will have to buy a VPN service first and then download the app on their favorite devices.

If You Want To watch CinemaNow outside US On an iPhone Then There Is An App For That As Well

A lot of people don’t want to use Android smartphones.

We won’t go into the details of why they want to do so since ANdroid is cheap and abundant.

CinemaNow knows how important is the iPhone market.

Hence, if you want to access CinemaNow content via your iPad or iPhones, then CinemaNow has an iPhone app for you as well.

You can download this app via the iTunes App Store.

It is available there as CinemaNow’s official app.

The App itself is free.

Moreover, it grants you access to all the latest movies and TV shows that CinemaNow is currently streaming.

Don’t forget though that you must install a VPN service on your iPhone device before you can access CinemaNow content.

Just as before, you can’t watch CinemaNow outside US.

So use a VPN service, change your location to US and then download the app and start watching.

The process is pretty simple and you should have no problems in streaming content from CinemaNow once you have the VPN app and the official CinemaNow app installed on your favorite streaming device.

How To watch CinemaNow outside US With a VPN Step By Step Guide

  1. First, you will have to sign up for a VPN service provider.
    As mentioned before, we think that the best VPN service to use with CinemaNow is IPVanish.
    To sign up for IPVanish from the official website, click here.
  2. Then you have to download the official IPVanish VPN app for your favorite device.
    You can access the download files once you have purchased a subscription package of your choice.
    The download file is available on the official IPVanish website.
  3. After downloading the VPN app file, you need to install it on your favorite device.
  4. Then run the VPN app
  5. After that, input your login credentials
  6. Then, from the main menu screen, connect to a server that is based in the US.
    This will allow you to change your location to the US and hence unblock CinemaNow outside US.
  7. After that, you need to hit Connect
  8. And that is it.
    Now you can watch CinemaNow outside US.

Short Summary For the VPN Method

CinemaNow is the ultimate source of downloading high-quality content

CinemaNow has worked hard to become one of the most in demand mainstream on-demand online streaming service.

It considers itself as the premium entertainment service that supports all online users from the US.

It doesn’t work for users outside the US though.

All of CinemaNow’s content is limited and geo-restricted.

Hence you can’t watch CinemaNow outside US.

If you don’t have a US IP address then you can’t watch CinemaNow outside US.

The only way you can watch CinemaNow outside US is via a VPN service.

It is the most cost-effective and convenient method of all other methods.

Moreover, if you want to watch CinemaNow outside US and download its content as well, then you will have to buy a VPN subscription package.

IPVanish is the VPN service provider that we recommend for this job.

To sign up for IPVanish right now, and from the official website, click here.

How To watch CinemaNow outside US With Kodi

Kodi is the best open source media player that you can use to watch CinemaNow content much more.

There are some problems though and we will address them shortly.

The first thing you should know here is that Kodi itself doesn’t have a lot of content to offer.

Kodi is open source and that means people who know tech can come up with add-ons for it which enhance its functionality.

These are called Kodi add-ons.

Kodi add-ons enable users to watch high-quality premium content on Kodi without any charge.

And that’s why they aren’t exactly legal in many countries.

So what do you do?

Well, before we teach you how to watch CinemaNow outside US with Kodi, we need to do something more important first.

That is, to protect you from hackers and potential lawsuits.

Why You Must Use a VPN Service With Kodi No Matter Where You Are

You see, Kodi is great.

But the highest quality content that is available via Kodi is all copyrighted content.

And when you access that without prior permission from the creator of that content, then you are effectively engaging in piracy.

Now, depending on where you live and the law in your region, you could run into some problems.

Of course, no user has ever gotten into trouble with the law for using Kodi and Kodi add-ons.

It is the creators of these add-ons that get into trouble.

But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that once copyright holder groups are done with the developers of these Kodi add-ons, they will certainly come knocking on the doors of Kodi users as well.

Hence, to protect yourself from all that mess, you need to make sure that you are using a VPN service with Kodi.

Again, the best VPN service provider for Kodi is IPVanish.


Because IPvanish,

  • Is compatible with all Kodi add-ons
  • Is fast which ensures that you have a smooth streaming experience
  • Can stream content from any source and from any country.
  • Is reliable
  • Is safe
  • Has world class encryption technology which makes sure that not even your internet service provider can know what you are doing on the internet
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee which means that when you sign up for IPVanish you are not taking any risk because you can cancel your subscription at any given time

To sign up for IPVanish from the official website, click here.

How To watch CinemaNow outside US With Kodi Add-ons

There are many ways to view CinemaNow content. We’ll show you the best ones.

Let’s better that.

In other words, we will show you how to watch more content than CinemaNow, Netflix and Hulu can offer you even when combined.

Just read on.

First Things First

All of Kodi content that we’ll show you how to access will come for free.

For those still not in the loop, Kodi is the same as XBMC.

In fact, Kodi is the new name of XBMC.

But it is the evolved version of XBMC.

Since the original Xbox had limitations, hardware ones and software ones, developers had to get rid of them.

When they did, they ended up with Kodi.

Kodi supports all major hardware platforms.

It even supports Raspberry Pi.

You can even install Kodi on your Amazon Fire Stick

Moreover, Kodi also supports media center boxes along with Android boxes.

If you don’t want to install Kodi then you can buy media boxes that come pre-configured with Kodi.

As mentioned before, once you have installed Kodi, you need Kodi add-ons.

These will enable you to watch CinemaNow outside US and much more.

Think of Kodi add-ons as Android smartphone apps.

You install add-ons in your Kodi setup and they take care of the rest.

Covenant is one such Kodi add-on and it allows Kodi users to stream TV shows along with movies via Kodi.

Kodi has many different sections.

It has options for,

  • Weather
  • TV
  • Audio files
  • Favorites
  • Videos
  • Add-ons
  • Pictures
  • Radio

When you have installed Covenant Kodi add-on, you will see it appear under the Add-ons tab.

How To Install Kodi Krypton 17.3

To install Kodi you must first decide the hardware you want to use Kodi on.

If you want to keep everything simple then you should install Kodi on,

  • Mac
  • PC
  • Old computer
  • Or a dedicated media center

To install Kodi, all you really need to do is to go to the official Kodi website and download the official install from there.

To do that right now click here.

If you want to install Kodi for Mac or for Windows, then just download the relevant installer file and then follow the onscreen instructions.

If you want to use Kodi with Raspberry Pi or Fire TV stick then the process becomes slightly more difficult.

Click here if you want to know how to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Enables Unknown Sources In Your Krypton 17 Kodi

To install good add-ons, you must enable an option that says Unknown Sources in Kodi.

This is a must-do step.

To do that,

  1. First, run Kodi
  2. Then go to Settings.
    THis is a gear symbol that is located in the top left corner of your screen
  3. Then go to System Settings
  4. And then make sure that you are in Expert Mode
  5. Then click Add-ons
  6. After that, enable Unknown Source by clicking its toggle button.
  7. Click Yes on the warning box that pops up
  8. Now you need to go back to the main screen.
    You can easily do that by right clicking an empty space

Repositories And Add-ons You Will Need To Watch CinemaNow Outside US And More With Kodi

Kodi is one of the best ways to get more than what CinemaNow offers. For free.

Now, we will assume that you have enabled the option Unknown Sources.

This means that now you can install add-ons and repositories without any restrictions.

In order to add a repository to Kodi, you need a repository URL.

Only then can you install that repository.

What are repositories?

Repositories are just simple websites.

They store download files for Kodi add-ons.

If you add these websites’ URL into your Kodi, then you can download all add-ons that a repository may have.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of repositories and add-ons that you can add to your Kodi.

We will show you how to install Covenant add-on which is the one you want to install if you want to watch CinemaNow outside US.

It is a good idea to install a couple of add-ons so that in the case where one stops working, you still have another one in proper order.

As mentioned before, make sure you are using a VPN service with Kodi.

That is absolutely essential for security and privacy reasons.

How To Install Covenant (New Exodus) Add-on In Kodi

  1. First, run Kodi
  2. From the main menu click the System icon which is located in the top left corner of your screen in the shape of a gear symbol
  3. Then hit File Manager
  4. Now you need to go ahead and hit ADd Source option which appears on the left-hand side of your current screen
  5. Then look for the section where there is the None option.
    Click it.
  6. After that, enter the following URL in there “
  7. After that, look at the lower box where it wants you to select a name for the source.
    Click it and then type this in there, “Smash Repo”.
    then hit OK
  8. Make sure everything is in its proper order and then hit the next OK button
  9. Make your way to your Kodi main menu and then click on Add-ons.
  10. After that, hit the Package Installer icon that is located in the top left corner of your screen.
  11. On the next screen, hit install from zip file
  12. Now you should see a box slide open.
    Here you need to find the repository by the name of Smash Repo.
    When you have found it, you need to click it
  13. Then hit
  14. After that, you need to wait a bit for Kodi to install Colossus Repository.
    You will get a notification in the top right corner of your screen when Kodi has finished installing the Colossus Repository
  15. After the notification, you need to hit Install from repository
  16. From here, you need to hit Colossus Repository
  17. Then click on Video add-ons
  18. After that find the Covenant add on here and then click it.
  19. When that’s done, click install
  20. Kodi will now install the add-on.
    This add-on will go directly into the Video > Add-ons section of your Kodi main menu.


Now you have more than what CinemaNow can ever offer you.

How to Use Covenant Kodi add-on

You need to make sure that you wait for at least sixty seconds before the video you have selected plays out via Covenant.

Covenant uses this time in order to find the highest quality and the best video links that are available in the Kodi universe.

Once Covenant finds the absolute best stream link, it will display it to you.

If you want to start the streaming video right away, then you will have to click the link.

Covenant will then automatically sort out the details and shortly will play the video once everything is lined up properly.

If you happen to experience a link that pops up time and time again asking you to PAIR, then simply hit cancel.

Then Covenant will move on to the next available link that is present on the list of links.

Where Is Covenant?

Covenant is located in your Colossus Repository.

When you enabled Colossus in your Kodi, then Covenant will automatically show up.

On a side note, in order to get every feature and addon possible on kodi and to not get sued if you accidentally watch something pirated, you need a VPN. You can find the 5 best VPN’s for Kodi here.


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