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How to Watch FILMON.TV Outside the UK Right Here And Right Now

Everyone wants to watch filmotv abroad. Here is how you do it properly.

FilmOn is one of the most innovative features that has made headlines in recent months.

And that is because of its ability to allow users to stream all types of local TV content via their mobile device and/or computer.

Not only that, FilmOn also has the ability to allow users to take advantage of its catch-up option on broadcast TV shows.

Users do not need to have a TV box and/or an antenna to use any of the FilmOn features.

However, the main problem with FilmOn.tv is that the service has banned its services for all users who are outside the United Kingdom.

In other words, they can’t avail the services of FilmOn.tv.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could show you each step that you will have to take in order to watch Filmon.tv outside UK?

It would be great if someone could actually make things so easy for you that you only needed to follow a simple list of steps in order to get set up with FilmOn.tv outside the UK.

Well guess what?

This is the guide that you need to read right now if you want to watch FilmOn.tv outside the UK.

We will show you each and everything that you have to do in order to watch FilmOn.tv in countries such as,

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • The United States of America

By the time you have completed this guide, you will know everything there is to know about how to watch FilmOn.tv outside the UK with the help of a VPN service.

What if FilmOn?

The first thing you need to know about FilmOn is that it is not a new service.

Actually, it got its launch back in January of 2009 in the United Kingdom.


However, later in September of 2010, the service was also made available in the United States of America.

Our research shows that currently FilmOn.tv offers users more than a total of 600 channels.

That is a lot considering that most of the users who will watch FilmOn.tv outside the UK would be adults with jobs and other stuff to do (and hence have a limited number of hours to entertain themselves).

Add to that the fact that there are close to a total of 90,000 videos which are available on demand.

You can rest assured that you will find something to watch and like when you know how to watch FilmOn.tv outside UK.

The other thing you need to know about the Filmon.tv service is that the service tries very hard to stay up to date with all the current and upcoming streaming trends in the business.

And that is why you will find that FilmOn TV provides all its services based on simple but effective subscription tiers.

In simpler terms, FilmOn.tv offers users two options.

The first option is the Premium option.

And the other option is the Free option.

Let’s discuss the Free option first.

The thing you need to understand about the free option is that it only includes channels in its listing which number less than 100.

The total number keeps on changing so we cannot say exactly how many channels you have access to.

But rest assured that it will always be something close to a 100 channels.

However, the one problem that some users may not have the capacity to endure is that the free version comes with advertisements.

Not only that but the viewing options available on the free tier are pretty low resolution considering the year we are living in.

On the other hand, there is the Premium option.

This offering costs users around $14.95 each month.

And what it does is that it allows you to have complete access to over 500 channels in addition to the hundred that you already have access to via the free version.

Apart from that, the premium tier allows users to watch over a total of 45000 on-demand high-quality video titles as well.

Our research shows that the video quality for the Premium tier is high definition.

So there is not a lot that you would ask of an online streaming service than what FilmOn.tv offers you if you are fed up with the likes of Netflix and others that keep on charging money to people without offering them the content which attracted them to the service in the first place.

What we have also come to know is that the service is more or less available on all mainstream and internet-enabled platforms and devices.

Not only that, but the service tries its best to make sure that you have access to hundreds of different channels from around the world at the ready.

You have choices, to put it in simpler terms.

And choices, matters a lot in the online world.

There is one other catch though.

Some of the channels that filmOn.tv offers to users are only watchable or are available after the service has determined your true location.

Yes, FilmOn.tv takes into account your real location before it offers you a portion of its content.

That, as you can probably see, is a big problem for everyone.

But don’t get the idea that FilmOn.tv does this because it is evil.

Or that it likes to torture online consumers just because it is in a position to do so.


What we want you to convince yourself about is that services such as FilmOn.tv have to restrict some of the content that they offer to users because of licensing issues.

Now, what on earth does that mean for the end user?

Well, end users such as yourself and others should understand that after everything is said and done FilmOn.tv is, for the most part, a commercial online service allowing access to premium content to users from all around the world.

In that respect, it wants to ensure that its customers do not get into any kind of legal trouble when they are trying to view local stations from locations that are remote.

There is one issue with this approach though.

In trying to make sure that it itself does not have any licensing issues, FilmOn.tv has no other choice but to offer some channels in a limited number of countries.

There is also content that does not require FilmOn.tv to take factors such as licensing deals into account.

So no matter what kind of licensing issues FilmOn.tv has to deal with, you will always have some content to view regardless of what your true location is.

On that note, you should also know that you will have a hard time dealing with the geo-blocked content issue especially if you have gotten used to streaming content from various services even when you are abroad.

Fortunately enough, we have a solution to problems such as geo-restrictions and licensing.

That solution comes in the form of a service that is known throughout the world as a VPN service.

By making use of a VPN service in order to stream content on FilmOn.tv abroad you give yourself every chance of having a good night’s worth of entertainment.

So what does a VPN service do?

Well, the first thing you should note about the term VPN is that it stands for Virtual Private Network.

Who manages this Virtual Private Network?

Of course, the company that is providing you with the service in the first place.

This company will usually have VPN servers distributed all over the world in order to increase the quality of its VPN servers.

Our research shows that by routing the user’s online traffic via these VPN servers, the service is able to change the location of the user to any country that he/she likes.

Because of that, a VPN service gains the capability to allow users to have access to all the geo-restricted content that services such as FilmOn.tv have to hide from their customers because of licensing issues.

So let’s assume for a second that you are one of those users who wants to have access to the complete list of UK-based channels.

Moving that example long, with a VPN service, what you would need to do is that you will first have to connect to a VPN server that is located in the United Kingdom.

Once you do, the FilmOn.tv service (or any other service for that matter) would suddenly make available all the UK-based channels for you.

It would populate your screen with those channels automatically so you do not have to do anything after you have connected to a server that is based in the United Kingdom.

The process is fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

Now, you need to follow the step-by-step guide that we have mentioned below in order to have access to FilmOn.tv outside the UK.

    1. The first step is to sign up for a VPN service provider that has built up a decent amount of credibility in the industry. Our research shows that IPVanish is the best VPN for this job. to sign up for IPVanish from the official website and at a decent discount to save yourself some good old money.
    2. The second step requires the user to download and then install the official VPN application from the official website of your VPN service provider. Make sure that you download the app that is specifically meant for your streaming device or platform such as Android, Mac, PC or the iOS.
    3. The third step is for you to run the app and then sign into the app using your login credentials which you should have received after creating a new VPN account.
    4. The fourth step is to connect to a VPN server that is located in the UK.
    5. The fifth step is to launch the official website or FilmOn.

And the final step is to simply start streaming the best content that UK has to offer to users with the help of FilmOn.TV no matter what your location is.

Again, our research is pretty clear that IPVanish is the most suitable and reputable VPN service provider to watch FilmOn.tv outside the UK with.

You should have no problems in seeing FilmOn.tv helping you in an immense way to bypass all types of regional restrictions.

Not only that, it will probably do that for you with ease.


All the while, a good VPN service like IPVanish would also do a terrific job of protecting your online traffic.

These are just some of the benefits that a VPN service would bring to the table whether you configure it or not.

Our own research tells us that by making use of a good VPN service like IPVanish you will be able to have to reasonable different online experience.

And all you need to do in order to have that slightly new and improved online experience is a VPN service.

let’s take a look at some of the other VPN service providers that we think can cover you as far as your quest to watch FilmOn.tv outside the UK is concerned.

  • IPVanish (the best one since it is fast, reputable, effective and reliable)
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • BulletVPN

List of best VPNs for FilmOn.tv

We have already mentioned the fact that a VPN service allows you to surf the internet in a safe way since it hides all of your online activity and makes it very easy for you to keep safe from all the ill-intentioned actors that want to keep an eye out what you get up to on the internet.

Some of the bad actors that we would like to mention here definitely include your own internet service providers.

You might not have noticed this but internet service providers all over the world have this bad habit of spying on their customer’s online activity.

Our research shows that this is really important for them because internet service providers and some government agencies want to know what internet users are doing with their time.

Once they know that, they want to to make sure they put in place all those measures which will help them to somewhat have a tight control over the type of things customers can see on the internet.

Sometimes, they might even control the speed in which a given customer may experience the world of the internet.

This is what the community has come to call as internet throttling.

And you do not need us to tell you that it is a bad thing.

However, when you make use of a VPN service you protect your internet connection.

You also upgrade your online anonymity.

Using a VPN service is just the start of what you can do to protect yourself online.

When you have the protection of a VPN service you can do all the sensitive things like accessing shopping sites and banking sites without any kind of worries about someone stealing your credit card number.

Let’s go into a bit more details about the services that we have mentioned so far that help you to watch FilmOn.tv abroad.


IPVanish as a service operates out of America.

And our research shows it has all the tools to keep you safe.

Don’t get scared just because IPVanish comes from Florida.

It has its ways of avoiding government surveillance and keeping data safe.

IPVanish offers users close to a total of 1500 VPN servers.

And the best thing about that piece of statistic is that IPVanish owns all of them.

That is why IPVanish is so good at performance metrics.

In other words, it is the ideal VPN service for people who want to stream video content from streaming sites such as FilmOn.

You also have access to an unlimited amount of bandwidth and you can switch your IP address to one of the 40,000 that the company offers.

The VPN client here is also pretty good.

With the capacity to connect up to 10 devices with a single account, it is no wonder that IPVanish is the best VPN service for FilmOn.tv.

As for protection, IPVanish makes use of the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption that is more than enough to protect anything and everything.

For those who want to have a lightweight alternative of the main IPVanish service, they should go to Google Store and download the official IPVanish extension for Chrome.

for purchasing IPVanish from the official website. Our readers get an exclusive discount.

And click here to give a read to our extensive IPVanish review.


NordVPN has made it to the second position because it offers users a ton of bonus security features and probably the biggest VPN server network.

Our research shows that the service manages up to 4000 VPN servers from Panama.

The company employs the very powerful 256-bit AES encryption and then merges that with the proprietary double VPN feature to offer increased protection to users who want it.

Once you activate the double VPN feature, your internet connection can rely on the protection of two Vpn servers instead of just a single one.

NordVPN offers top VPN servers for those who are looking to take a risk.

With each NordVPN account, the user is free to connect up to six devices (perfect for people who want to share their VPN service to bring the costs down).

There are also some other advanced features such as Tor over VPN and a kill switch.

Other advanced online protection tools include CyberSec and NordVPN’s very own SmartPlay.

The CyberSec feature is actually a software that does a terrific job of keeping away all types of unwanted advertisements and malware attacks.

On the other hand, there is the Smartplay feature which allows users to have access to all types of geo-restricted channels and sites.

Click here to read our full review for NordVPN.

And perform a  to purchase a NordVPN package from the official website (you may get a discount if you are lucky).


ExpressVPN has established the base of its operations in British Virgin Islands.

And the company has so far kept to its promise of securing the user’s internet connection via a military grade encryption.

Our research shows that the service does a great job of implementing a 256-bit AES encryption and offering users over a total of 2000 VPN servers.

The only downside to using ExpressVPN is that it only allows you to connect up to 3 devices per account.

If you can live with that then know that ExpressVPN will make it worth your while with its excellent customer care service and a social media account that is active 24/7.

You can also contact the service via emails and a live chat.

The company works on a strict zero-logs policy and offers strong VPN protocols such as SSTP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2.

Our research shows that ExpressVPN does the best job of integrating its service with the official Tor browser.

This boosts the user’s online anonymity.

Moreover, ExpressVPN is one of the handful of VPN services that offer a Tor-based website.

The advantages of using a Tor-based website are many since even your internet service provider cannot tell which websites you have connected to if you have done so via Tor.

Other bonus security features include the comprehensive protection mechanism for DNS leaks.

There is also the split tunneling feature for all users to benefit from.

ExpressVPN gives you the power to control which portions of your internet connection get encrypted and hence protected.

The company even offers advanced obfuscation technologies which come in real handy when you are living in high-censored and restrictive countries.

With ExpressVPN’s obfuscation technology you can rest assured that even law enforcement authorities cannot know that you are making use of a VPN service.

And we still have not mentioned all of the other features ExpressVPN offers to users.

Think of this as a snapshot of sorts.

Click here to read our full review of ExpressVPN if you want to know each and everything about this service.

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