How To Watch Hotstar Outside India (The Ultimate Guide)

Been searching for the most comprehensive guide on how to watch Hotstar outside India? Well, you have found the best resource online that has been tried and tested to work the first time every time.

Who doesn’t like a good dose of high-quality streaming content every now or then?

Or maybe every day?

Streaming services have seen a huge boom in the last five years or so.

And to accommodate the increased interest in the online consumer market, streaming services have expanded their range of services.

Now they also broadcast live TV events along with famous movies and TV shows.

The best streaming services at the moment are without a doubt Netflix and Hulu.

But they aren’t much good if you are not interested in US content.

Especially if you are from India.

You can’t just go online and watch Hotstar outside India. You need tools. We have them. Read on

Let’s clear up where we are going with this.

If you want to consume Indian content or Cricket abroad then there are hardly any better choices than Hotstar.

In fact, we don’t know of a single option that can even match Hotstar, let alone surpass it.

According to some sources, Hotstar currently offers streaming content that is as big as 50,000 hours of pure entertainment and the best option to stream cricket.

Moreover, Hotstar offers content in over 8 different languages.

Who Owns Hostar?

Novi Digital Entertainment.

It is a subsidiary of the brand we know as Star India.

What Does Hotstar Actually Do?

Hotstar is India’s premium streaming service.

It is a streaming service just like Netflix.

But here is the twist.

It has a ton of Indian content and a TON of cricket.


It has a ton of US content as well.

We’re talking about TV shows as popular as Game of Thrones and what not.

You can watch all the latest movies on Hotstar without any geo-restrictions (if you follow our tips).

Add to that list a decent number of international sports events too.

With a Hotstar subscription, you will never miss a football match again.

And Hotstar does one you better.

It offers its content on all major platforms.


How great is that?

Okay, maybe not that great.

But if you continue reading, you will surely, eventually, believe in Hostar’s quality as a streaming service.

There is a reason why Hotstar has become the number one fan-favorite streaming service.

It also acts as a high-quality on-demand online entertainment service for millions.

So what is stopping you from watching Hotstar?

Geo-restrictions and payment methods from an Indian location.

Geo-restrictions stop online users from accessing Hotstar outside India by detecting your IP address and physical location.

If you want a premium Hotstar account then you need an Indian address and payment method (bank account or credit card) from within India.

Some might ask, why they would want to access the Premium Indian version of Hotstar? The answer is simple.

You get all the content available on Hotstar (not a smaller selection like some other countries), you get all the latest movies, you get LIVE sports (including IPL and cricket) and you get it at the much cheaper price that is charged in India.

If you want to watch Hotstar outside India then you need to read this guide right here and right now as we show you how to solve all of those problems.

Why Is Hotstar Content Not Available Outside India? Why Can’t I Watch Hostar Outside India?

There is a simple answer to both those questions.

Hotstar, after everything’s said and done, is an online streaming service.

And just like all the rest of the streaming services, it enforces geo-restrictions on its content.

All popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu make use of geo-restrictions.

It helps them to serve “their” customer base more effectively.

And they can avoid all the legal troubles that come with not having geo-restrictions on one’s content.

Hotstar, just like Netflix, has content distribution agreements with different parties.

It can’t show all its content everywhere.

Because of that, it has to manage its coverage.

And that “management” leads to people not being able to watch Hotstar outside India.

It doesn’t matter which other country you live in.

You could live in developed countries such as,

  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • The United States of America
  • Or any other country

and you still wouldn’t have the facility to watch Hotstar outside India.

Again, because of geo-restrictions.

Who would have thought accessing an online streaming service could present one with so many problems.

What Happens When You Try To Watch Hotstar Outside India?

watch hotstar outside india
If it is cricket you want then it is cricket that you’ll get.

If a user goes to the official Hotstar website and tries to watch Hotstar outside India, he/she would get an error message.

The error message would convey to the user that the content the user is trying to access is not available in his/her region.

The obvious question that comes out of this scenario is how to watch Hotstar outside India.

As it turns out, there are many ways to watch Hotstar outside India.

But we’ll only discuss the ones that are the most effective and proven.

So let’s start with the first solution.

How To Watch Hotstar Outside India Using A VPN Service

We want you to use a VPN service to watch Hotstar outside India.

That is the easiest and most cost-effective method to ensure that you can watch Hotstar outside India.

What is a VPN anyway?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

It is one of the best tools for people who want to bypass geo-restrictions.

How come?

Well, VPN services have the ability to change the user’s original IP address.

They achieve that by cloaking the user’s real IP address.

A good VPN service provider usually allows users to change their IP address to any other country they want.

Hence, you should sign up for a VPN service provider that allows you to connect to an Indian VPN server.

That way you can watch Hotstar outside India.

Now, the market is full of VPN service providers.

A lot of them are good VPN service providers.

Some are even great.

But most are bad.

And a few are scams.

Lucky for you we have gone out in the wild and have picked the best VPN service provider you can use to watch Hotstar outside India.

That VPN service provider is NordVPN.

This is based on NordVPN being one of the cheapest VPNs on the market while also being one of the best.

NordVPN is the best VPN service provider if you want to watch Hostar outside India via the most smooth streaming experience possible.

As a VPN service, we feel NordVPN is the best VPN for Hotstar because it offers the most servers in India.

Currently, NordVPN offers users a total of 21 fast VPN servers in India.

Moreover, these VPN servers are spread over 2 Indian cities.

Compare that to another elite VPN service provider, IPVanish that only offers 2 servers in India and it is easy to see why people prefer NordVPN over IPVanish for Hotstar.

Like many other VPNs on the market, StrongVPN offers no servers in India so you better stay away from them if you want to watch Hotstar outside India.

You can sign up for NordVPN via the official website by clicking here.

Of course, there are other alternatives as well, but they may not work as well and cause buffering.

You can watch Hotstar outside India with VPN service providers such as,

Now, there is a lot more to watching Hotstar outside India than signing up for the right VPN service. Statistically, you are more likely to watch Hotstar outside India on a mobile than on a desktop. That is why the next section is supremely important. So what are you waiting for. Get reading.

How to Download The Official Hotstar App on Android

If you want to get Hotstar app on Android then you will have to go through the process of downloading and installing the official Hotstar app on Android.

That isn’t so difficult though.

All that you need to do is to first quit Google Play Store on your Android device and then turn on your preferred VPN service (NordVPN in our case).


After that simply connect to a server in India (use an Indian server) and then launch Google Play Store.


After that, use the search box in Google Play to find the official Hotstar app and click “Install”.



Wait for Hotstsr to download and install on you device.

It has now finished installing and appears on your device screen.


Launch the app and then you are in the FREE version of Hotstar.


If you still cannot find the official Hotstar app then you need to clear all data from your Google Play Store and Play services application.

Depending on your device, the steps for that would change.

But generally speaking, you first have to go to your Settings menu and then go to the place where your phone shows you the list of installed apps.

From there tap on Google Play Store and Google Play services and then clear the data for both of them.

We want to warn you here that if you follow the steps we have mentioned above without first turning on a VPN service then you will not be able to find the official Hotstar app.

And if you can’t find it, you definitely cannot download the official Hotstar app.

The thing is, without a VPN service, Google Play Store and Hotstar would know that you do not live in India.

Once that happens, Google Play Store and Hotstar will more or less disable your device from finding and installing the official Hotstar app.

Click here to learn more about NordVPN and how it is the best VPN for Hotstar on Android.

So that’s it, right?

Not quite.

You can just watch the free content from Hotstar without an account but you’ll miss out on the best TV, movies and you get no live sport.

So now you need to learn how to set up a premium or VIP Hotstar account.

You will need the premium Hotstar account if you want to watch the best Hotstar content the service has to offer.

For a step by step guide on how to set up a premium Hotstar account, read the section after the next one by clicking here.

You will need to read the next section if you have an iOS device instead of an Android device.

Step By Step Guide For How To Download The Official Hotstar App On The iOS.

Star India provides content on all devices and platforms.

In other words, Apple TV but outside India.

Let’s address a specific user need here.

How do you get the official Hotstar app on your Apple TV, iPad and/or iPhone if you live in countries such as Canada, UK and/or the USA?

Count Australia in there too.

Well, you will need to get yourself an Indian Apple ID.


That doesn’t mean you’ll have to go through an application process at your local embassy.

But you will have to create an account.

Follow the instructions below to do that:

  1. First, regardless of the fact if you are using a Mac or a PC, log out of your official iTunes account.
  2. Then look at the bottom section of your store.
    There, change the region to, you guessed it, India.
    You can do that by selecting the Indian flag.
  3. Go to any free app in the app store
  4. Tap or hit or click Get
  5. The iTunes application will now ask you to create an official account.
    It will also offer you the official “no card” option.
    Take that option and then create a new account.
    Choose a suitable username and create a strong password.
  6. For the next step, you must get an Indian Address.
    Go to this site if you want to generate one right now.
  7. Turn on your iOS device or Apple TV, then go to your iTunes account and log out.
    You can do that from the settings menu.
  8. Then note down the details of your new Apple ID and then use it to log in to iTunes on your iOS devices

That’s it.

Now you are free to download the official Hotstar app on your iPad, iPhone and/or Apple TV even when outside India.

You can now start watching the Free version on Hotstar.

If you don’t already have a Hotstar Premium account and you want access to the latest movies, TV series and live sport, then you need to follow the steps below.

You will need to:

  1. Turn on your VPN
  2. Connect to an Indian server
  3. Go to
  4. Create an account
  5. Use an Indian address, use or another service to find one, or use a friend or relatives.
  6. For payment, either use a friend or relative in India OR go to here and buy a cheap gig for someone with an Indian bank account to pay for your account. It is very easy and takes 5 minutes.
  7. Wait for it to be activated and you’re done!


So what’s next?

Well, now you need to learn how to create a premium Hotstar account in order to watch the best content that Hotstar has to offer.

Read the next section to do that right now.

How to setup up a Hotstar premium account outside India

Why would you need a Hotstar premium account?

Well, the premium membership account provides you access to all the premium titles that Hotstar does not offer to regular users.

Moreover, it also grants you access to all the future mega-hit titles.

In addition to that (the Hotstar premium titles), users also get to enjoy various Live Sports such as.

  • Tennis
  • F1
  • Premier League
  • Cricket

Basically, the premium account is the Hotstar all-inclusive package.

There are a total of 2 plans as far as the Hotstar Premium membership is concerned.

If you sign up for the yearly plan you only have to pay Rs. 999.

If you want to pay on a monthly basis then you have to pay Rs. 299.

Do take note that payments are non-refundable on Hotstar.

Here is the step by step guide that you need to follow.

  1. First, go to the official website of Hotstar premium or VIP membership.
    Click here to do that.
    You can use any web browser you like and have the option of picking either Premium Plans or All Sports plans.



  1. Then, to complete the registration process, provide your valid email address and choose a password.
    Hotstar allows users to make use of their Facebook account to sign up but I would use an email so they can not double-check your location through Facebook.


  1. Input your payment details.


This is where you will need to go to a place like Fiverr. More on that in the next section.

Tip 1: Initially sign up (create an account) on a PC/laptop, connected with VPN to India, on chrome incognito (or another browser equivalent to incognito) with a GMAIL account as it won’t automatically ask you to verify your phone number to verify.

After you have created your account, you can log in on the phone. You then send your login info to the Fiverr gig for them to buy the subscription with an Indian payment source.

You need to do everything (except Fiverr part) with VPN connected to India

That is pretty much it.

In order to start enjoying Hotstar content via your premium membership on official Hostar apps, you have to sign in via the Apps using the same login credentials that you provided during the registration process.

Also, take note that iOS users can avail the option of buying all Hotstar plan via iTunes.

You need an Indian payment method to sign up for Hotstar premium

If you don’t have it, then you can’t sign up for a premium Hotstar account.

The official website will simply not allow you to create a premium account.

So what’s the solution then?

The solution is to buy a cheap gig on sites like

There are lots of people with Indian credit cards who are willing to pay on your behalf.

They can also do so via an Indian bank account transfer.

Click here to check out an Indian payment method provider on Fiverr.

Go to the link we have provided for Fiverr.
Check if you have everything in order
You will need to provide your own payment method here.
Once the Fiverr guy has done his work, you have to go back to Hotstar and log in.
Since you have signed up for the Premium version via Fiverr, you should have no problems in watching Premium Hotstar content.

On that note, share this guide with your friends and family so they may also benefit from this guide.

We are aware of the fact that some of you may want to sign up for Hotstar from an obscure country. For you guys, we have the next section that talks about whether or not it is worth it to get Hotstar in Singapore.

Should you get Hotstar in Singapore?

The only two countries apart from India where you can watch Hotstar are the US and Canada (and even then you don’t get all the same content as in India).

Hotstar is actually blocked in all other countries.

The reason for that is simple.

Hotstar doesn’t want to end up fighting over content rights.

Different content producers sell different usage rights to different TV networks.

Some of these networks work outside India.

So in other words, you can’t access Hotstar if you live in Singapore unless you make use of a VPN service.

A VPN service will help you bypass all geo-restrictions.

Even though streaming services have multiple systems in place in order to stop people from accessing their content outside a specified region, a VPN service can bypass them all.

With the right VPN service, you can bypass geo-tracking and change your DNS servers which will allow you to access Hotstar from Singapore.

As for the rest of the steps, they are all the same.

You just need to first sign up for a VPN service and then connect to a server that is located in India.

Then get yourself an Indian payment method and start watching Hotstar from Singapore.

Hotstar is expanding rapidly.

And it wouldn’t be any stretch of the imagination to say that it will not take long for other countries such as Singapore to have access to Hotstar without a VPN.

Till then though, you will have to use a VPN to access Hotstar.

Watch Football On Hotstar Outside India

Everything that a TV can offer you, Hotstar can better. So log in.

Plenty of people from India, or otherwise, love to watch football online.

And Hotstar is one of the very few streaming sites that have content for all types of people.

With a Hotstar subscription, you can not only watch TV series and movies but also sports.

Hotstar doesn’t just provide you with a cursory coverage of sports events.

It has a rather large library of sporting events.

Hotstar also offers you entire matches.

Along with replays and highlights from several different football games every season and live.


Hotstar offers live sports via its streaming services.

Again, you must subscribe to Hotstar’s premium account in order to view all the premium sports content.

Let’s also discuss something else.

What if you want to watch Hotstar outside India?

Again, no football content for you.

And again, geo-restrictions will stop you from consuming all of your football club’s fixtures and derby games on Hotstar.

You don’t have to worry about that problem too much though.


Because we have already told you the solution to it.

It is again, a VPN service.

And again, NordVPN is the one that we recommend.

If you have a good VPN service then the process of watching football on Hotstar outside India becomes very simple.

Here is what you would need to do in order to watch Hotstar outside India with a VPN service:

  • First, download the VPN service provider’s official VPN app for the platform of your choice.
    If you chose NordVPN then there is further good news for you since they support all major platforms and operating systems.
  • Then you have to install the app on your streaming device.
  • Then you have to connect to a VPN server that is located in India since you want to watch Hotstar outside India.

And that is it.

If you follow the above steps down to a tee then you should have no problems when trying to watch Hotstar outside India.

Now you’ll find it enjoyable to track your favorite BPL team’s fixtures and results.

Want to know what happened to the title race between Manchester United and Manchester City?


Tune in to Hotstar and find out.

Hotstar Regularly Broadcasts other big events

As far as sporting events go, there aren’t many better streaming services than Hotstar

And they do not come bigger than a Pakistan India Champions Trophy final.


If you are new to Hotstar then you must know that Hotstar indeed broadcasted the biggest game of cricket for the year 2017.

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is the biggest cricketing prize after the World Cup.

And this year we saw Pakistan and India making it to the final.

Needless to say, experts considered a mammoth match.

It took place on June 18, 2017, at the well known The Oval cricket ground in London.

Hotstar also broadcasted the thrilling group stage matches.

The 2017 edition of the ICC Champions League gave the world the biggest shock in cricket when Pakistan, against all odds, made it to the final.

And most of all, it had to beat India in the final to win the trophy.

Pakistan did beat India.

And quite comprehensively.

But both teams had also faced each other in the group stages.

In that match, India swept aside Pakistan with a tremendous performance.

Pakistan did manage to bounce back after that defeat to India.

Pakistan beat England, Sri Lanka and South Africa to make it to the final.

And finally, beat the finalist India.

So everything is square at the moment.

If you want to view more matches like the ones Hotstar has already broadcasted then make sure you make use of the Hotstar app to catch all the action.

The Hotstar app will enable you to watch all the live-action.

And that includes match highlights along with updates regarding all the big tournaments such as the Champions trophy.

You can’t watch tournaments such as the Champions Trophy if you don’t live in India though.

So the only way to watch Hotstar outside India is with a VPN.

With a VPN you will have no trouble in entertaining and mesmerizing yourself with premium Hotstar content.

A VPN will unblock Hotstar and remove all geo-restrictions to other streaming sites no matter where you are in the world.

So what are you waiting for?

All that live-action isn’t going to wait for you or anyone for long.

Watch everything from Pakistan vs India to Manchester United vs Real Madrid only on Hotstar.

Take advantage of Hotstar mobile apps and desktop software application.

Get an account with a premium VPN service and then install that as quickly as you can on your favorite streaming device.

Just like before, connect to an Indian VPN server and you are all set.

Make a successful connection and then access all Hotstar content along with uninterrupted streaming events of the biggest games in sports such as Pakistan vs India and Chelsea vs Liverpool.

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India And The IPL On Hotstar

Star India has hit the jackpot as far as quality and quantity is concerned.

Maybe you are more interested in the latest IPL season rather than the Champions League Trophy.

Well, Hotstar has that for you as well.

The Indian Premier League started off as the best T20 league in the world.

And it is still considered as one of the best in the world.

To make sure you catch it on your TV screen, you must have access to Hotstar.

People are already anticipating the winners of the next season of the Indian Premier League.

Fans want to know which of the eight teams would make it to the final of the latest season of Indian Premier League.

Remember, the 2017 IPL Twenty20 tournament will mark the tenth edition of the league.

Sunrisers Hyderabad, the winners of the 2016 IPL, will host the opening match of IPL 2017.

To catch all that action and more, tune in to Hotstar.

Hotstar will offer actual live-action along with updates and match highlights of all the matches taking place in IPL 2017.

And it has exclusive rights to IPL as well.

You will have to use the fantastic Hotstar app in order to get instant access to all IPL 2017 cricket matches.

Hotstar will also bring you exclusive media coverage such as behind-the-scenes footage and match reviews.

It will also provide its users with viral videos of all IPL 2017 teams.

The trouble?

You can’t watch all of that if you were not in India.


No catch-up services for you from Hotstar either.


Because Hotstar doesn’t work outside India.

Geo-restrictions will once again ensure that you never get to watch a single match of the IPL.

That is if you try to watch Hotstar outside India.

Fortunately for you, to bypass all these geo-restrictions and more to access Hotstar in a safe manner, all you need is a VPN service.

We have already mentioned our pick, which is NordVPN, and the rest which you can try out if you want to.

If you have installed a VPN app on your streaming device, then you can easily connect to a VPN server that is located in India.

Once you have an Indian IP address, you can watch Hotstar outside India.

At any time.

And any day, from any place on the map.

Even if you are in India and you find that you can’t watch Hotstar then you can use a VPN service to make sure someone isn’t blocking Hotstar in your region.

And remember, sign up for a premium VPN service to make sure that you can smoothly experience HD streaming.

What About Other Tournaments Such As Olympics on Hotstar?


Hotstar is really that versatile.

Sports fans who only want to watch the most popular athletic competition like the Olympics can do so via Hotstar.

In fact, Hotstar streamed the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Hotstar broadcasted the whole of the Olympics 2016 from August 5th, 2016 until August 21st, 2016 when the Olympics concluded.

Media reports recently revealed that Hotstar broadcasted around 3000 hours of footage from Rio Olympics 2016.

If you had Hotstar back then you would have consumed all that content live and in English.

Or in Hinda depending on your preference.

Moreover, if you lived in India, you would have no problems watching Olympics on Hotstar for free.

For those who don’t still don’t live in India, tough luck.

Geo-restrictions are not going to leave you alone that easily.

Even when it comes to a global event such as the Olympics.

To watch all the live action from future Olympics events and more, you have to remove these irritating geo-restrictions.

The best way to do that is to use a VPN service.

A VPN service will annihilate all types of geo-restrictions.

Including the ones that Netflix has put on its content.

NordVPN, is again, the VPN server of our choice and you can sign up for NordVPN from the official website by clicking here.

VPN service providers like NordVPN have dedicated VPN servers in India.

These servers enable users just like you to watch Hotstar outside India from any corner of the globe.

And that includes Olympics coverage.

Watch Season 7 Game Of Thrones On Hotstar

Game of Thrones fans are everywhere now.

And since winter is coming, why not watch Hotstar outside India and catch up on all Game of Thrones latest episodes.

Lucky for Hotstar users, Star India has managed to acquire the official rights to broadcast HBO’s greatest TV series of all time, Game of Thrones.

What does that mean exactly?

That means that now you can watch full episodes of Game of Thrones latest and greatest season seven without running into any legal problems via Hotstar.

Of course, you will first have to sign up for a premium account with Hotstar.

Hotstar didn’t always have a premium service.

The streaming service introduced the premium account just recently.

For those who just want to try things out, Hotstar offers a full one-month free trial.

With the free trial, you can enjoy all of your favorite shows with some restrictions.

For example, the trial period offers you the first four episodes of Game of Thrones.

Considering that you don’t have to pay Hotstar a single dime for those episodes, we would wager that is a pretty sweet deal.

What does the package cost on the whole?

The premium Hotstar account will cost you around $3 per month.

That comes down to about 200 Indian rupees.

In other words, Hotstar is cheaper than any other streaming service of comparable content library and quality.

We are certain that you won’t find such a deal from any of your cable TV providers.

Having a premium account does that mean that you won’t have to deal with geo-restrictions.

You will.

Hence you will still need to find a way to know how to watch Hotstar outside India.

If you don’t, then you won’t have the opportunity to watch Game of Thrones via Hotstar either.

Again, you’ll need the help of a VPN service.

A VPN service will unlock everything for you.

Not just Hotstar.

We have already told you the VPN that we recommend.

It is NordVPN.

With NordVPN you can watch Hotstar outside India all you want.

You can also watch full episodes of all the hit US TV shows from any place in the world.

What Are You Waiting For, Download Hotstar App Outside India Today

Hotstar is not just your average streaming service.

It is state-of-the-art.

It is the ultimate mobile entertainment platform.

And its developers have made sure of the fact that they designed an app that catered to the appetite of all types of entertainment buffs.

Hotstar content will suit other movie lovers along with crazy sports fans as well.

Hotstar will provide you with coverage of all the major sporting events around the world.

And it will augment that content library with TV shows and all the latest blockbuster movies.

The official Hotstar app is no ordinary application.

It comes with the best selection of content in the online world.

The variety of options are really endless with the Hotstar app.

Moreover, Windows users don’t even need to download the Hotstar app on their systems.

Mobile users will have to though.

But it is not too difficult.

They can just go to Google Play Store and download Hotstar app from there.

The app itself is very user-friendly.

It is also quick to install.

You can install Hotstar Free Download App here if you are on Android.

To download Hotstar Free Download App for iOS devices like iOS and iPad click here.

If you are living outside India, Hotstar may not have the app available for you or in your region.

That is why you must find a way to change your official app store’s location.

To do that, you can use a VPN service.

But don’t just go ahead and start doing it.

Here are the steps.

  1. First, close the app store on your device
  2. Then turn off your location.
    That is, set the location parameter to OFF.
  3. After that, switch on the VPN service you have signed up for.
  4. Then connect to a VPN server that is located in India.
    It is better if you use the PPTP protocol.

That’s it.

Now you should have no problems when trying to install Hotstar app outside India from the app store.

Let’s get more specific now. Learning how to watch Hotstar outside India is great. But learning how to watch Hotstar in the US is better since it is more specific. Read the next section for even more enlightenment.

How To Watch Hotstar in US

Indian content fans and fans of high-quality content, in general, living in the USA can also enjoy Hotstar.

And all its Bollywood on-demand videos that hopefully suit your taste.

We hope some of them would.

Hotstar will offer you the same content it offers to an Indian citizen.

And if modern Bollywood movies are too vulgar or pointless for you then Hotstar also has some classical movies for you.

You won’t have to search hard to find old movies with Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar at the top of their acting games.

Want to see how Amitabh Bachchan acted in his heydays?

Well, Hotstar is the place to see that.

Of course, if modern Bollywood movies are your thing then you can always go to movies starring big actors such as,

  • Hrithik Roshan
  • Amir Khan
  • Salman Khan
  • Shah Rukh Khan

All while you sit in the US and enjoy other streaming services as well.

Some users would want to watch other types of Indian content.

Content such as,

  • Talks shows
  • Sitcoms
  • Indian Television

Hotstar will connect you with the latest episodes of all popular Indian TV shows if you live in India and subscribe to their premium service.

Now, there are a ton of Indian TV shows.

No doubt, you have to avoid some of them since they aren’t worth your time.

Or your money.

But there are others that have great moral stories and historical backgrounds.

A VPN service is all you need to watch them all in the US.

But maybe you don’t live in the US and don’t want to watch Hotstar in the US. Maybe you want to do the same in the UK. For you we have the next section.

How To Watch Hotstar in UK

Hotstar doesn’t leave out its fans in the UK either.

Most viewers in the UK want sports.

Hostar has sports.

It doesn’t matter if you are obsessed with cricket or a movie lover.

This Indian streaming service will take care of all your cricket live streaming needs.

And for those who have time for the Oscars, Hotstar will accommodate them as well.

It did telecast the 88th Academy Awards Ceremony in 2016.

Star live has hit the jackpot with its streaming service that manages the live streaming part of online streaming so well.

We don’t know of a major event that this streaming service doesn’t cover on a regular basis.

With a premium account, a user can watch an unlimited amount of sporting events.

They can catch up on all their previously missed TV content.

Hotstar has hundreds of dramas on its roster.

And each of these dramas has over a hundred episodes.

This is perfect for users who want to binge-watch their favorite TV shows and movies.

All you need is a VPN service.

With a VPN service, you can watch Hotstar in the UK.


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

And this has benefited no one but the end-users.

They can no enjoy all their favorite movies, TV shows, and sporting events right from their smartphones and TV sets.

And from any place in the world.

Hotstar is one outlet for that entertainment.

There aren’t too many streaming services that put this much content right in the palm of the user’s hands.

It does come with geo-restrictions though.

Just like every other streaming service.

You will need a VPN service to get past those geo-restrictions.

And watch Hotstar outside India.

To experience all the benefits and online services from the comfort of your house, sign up for the premium account.

That is the best way to enter the world of truly global entertainment with Hotstar.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

25 thoughts on “How To Watch Hotstar Outside India (The Ultimate Guide)”

  1. Hi Zohair,
    I’m using NordVPN and able to access Hotstar BUT not premium content. When I try to view any premium show it gives me an error saying content not available in your region[4031].

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Can you ensure that you changed your location before accessing the Hotstar app?
      And do you have a valid subscription to Hotstar?

    • Thank you for the comment.
      This is where we tell people to start being nice to their relatives/colleagues/friends in India.
      If that isn’t an option for you then go to Fiverr. People there will literally do anything for $5.

  2. Hi Zohair,

    i have used Expressvpn and manage to download Hotstar, for English premier league live streaming, do i need to sign up for premium content package? currently i am able to view videos under sports tab but as currently there are no live matches , i cant find out whether the account is enough for the live streaming when it starts.

    Also if i do need to sign up for the premium package to access EPL live, will State Bank of India Card or ICICI card be sufficient? ( these banks exist in my country of stay, i am not staying in India )

    Thanks for your reply in advance!

    • Hi there Reus.
      Thanks for the comment.
      You will need to sign up for the premium content package.
      Moreover, you will need an English credit card system though sometimes, depending on luck, another country’s credit card information may work.

  3. Currently, Hotstar India has started to block most VPN if you could update your article would be helpful. or even more have suggestion and how to pass by their system.
    I am currently using PureVPN which no longer works for Live Sports. I am told that ExpressVPN and Tunelbar dont work either.
    Hindi serials play after a day or 2 of its telecast.

  4. Most VPN no longer works for Hotstar India. They have figured out that most of us use it for their low cost.
    Please update your article with ways you can bypass.

    PureVpn ExpressVPN these no longer work.

  5. Currently, Hotstar India has started to block most VPN if you could update your article would be helpful. or even more have suggestion and how to pass by their system.
    I am currently using PureVPN which no longer works for Live Sports. I am told that ExpressVPN and Tunelbar dont work either.
    Hindi serials play after a day or 2 of its telecast.

  6. Hello Zohair and everyone, I am Touseef. First of all very informative article.
    I want to summarise it in short what exactly you need to watch hotstar outside of India:
    2.An hotstar account(preferable)
    3.Contact someone on fiverr(you can contact me in this case).

    Thats it!. I am on fiverr and have a specific gig for this:

    You can also search me through my username:touseef266touse


  7. Hello Zohair and everyone, I am Touseef. First of all very informative article.
    I want to summarise it in short what exactly you need to watch hotstar outside of India:
    2.An hotstar account(preferable)
    3.Contact someone on fiverr(you can contact me in this case).

    Thats it!. I am on fiverr and have a specific gig for this.

    You can also search me through my username:touseef266touse


  8. Hi Zohair, I already have a premium subscription to Hotstar. However, when I tried accessing Hotstar in Denmark using Nord VPN, it detected the VPN and did not allow access. What could possibly be the solution? Unable to watch Premier League which is very frustrating. Have tried many other VPN’s but Hotstar detects all!

    • HI Indranil.
      Thanks for the comment.
      Sometimes VPN servers stop working in specific countries.
      As mentioned in the guide, VPNs, and streaming services are playing a game of cat and mouse when it comes to unblocking and blocking content.
      So it is possible that NordVPN was unable to provide you with servers that worked in Denmark, that weekend or night.
      What you need to do is to get in touch with NordVPN customer support and then specifically ask them to give you information on the servers that work in Denmark for Hotstar.

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