Watch the Dodgers without Time Warner Cable, Regardless of Your Location

Time Warner Cable has done it again and, this time, they affect all baseball fans in LA. Even though they have spent a substantial amount of money (stretching to $8.35 billion) for the games of Dodgers, they have not made it sell the rights to other providers, such as DirecTV. As a result, the fans do not have the opportunity to watch the baseball matches and are left out of the whole fun.

Watch the Dodgers without Time Warner Cable

Well, fortunately, there is a solution, and we are going to show you how you can unblock all the baseball games, enjoying the last season of Vin Scully and all the other players having the time of their life! Let’s see how you can watch the Dodgers everywhere, without any geographical restrictions.

How to Watch the Dodgers without Time Warner Cable

First of all, you need to check whether or not your TV supports streaming. Most of the modern TVs are now equipped with Internet connectivity, and this allows you to stream the content of your choosing in no time. If, however, your TV does not support connection to the Internet, you can use Roku TV or Chromecast, Xbox or PlayStation. Of course, Apple TV is also great at live streaming.

Then, it is time for you to subscribe to Currently, you can enjoy the whole year of baseball at $109.99, and alternatively, the monthly price is $24.99. Even if this sounds a bit pricey, you should think that it gives you lots of fun within six months. However, there is another problem that you ought to keep in mind. The Dodgers and the Angels are not included in the subscription. Well, you can watch them one hour and a half after they are finished, but this is not the ideal way to watch baseball, right?

To avoid the banning of these baseball games, you need to subscribe to a VPN or a DNS service. In this way, you disguise your real location, and you can lift the barriers, having been applied to you. Connecting to another VPN server or gaining a different IP via DNS, you mask your digital signature, and nobody knows where you are exactly.

Should I Use VPN or DNS?

SmartDNS services are cheaper and easier to use.

They work on any device and offer superb flexibility.

One such example is StrongDNS, and it can help you unblock multiple channels, among which is the ability to bypass blackouts.

On the other hand, VPN offers advanced encryption and, therefore, masks your IP address throughout your web surfing. It provides you with exceptional safety, unlike DNS. VPN works on nearly every device, and it can be found at reasonable pricing. One recommended VPN service provider is Express VPN; it’s highly appreciated among reviewers, fast and a secure VPN (keeps no logs etc.). I tried it too, wouldn’t think twice to recommend!

There is no single product that you can use, since both of these services offer significant benefits to you and are able to unblock the banned baseball matches on your TV or other device. But considering values of a product, VPN should be your first preference.

So, feel free to follow the instructions that we have laid out here in this article and enjoy talented professionals, such as Vin Scully. Get all the fun, without any hesitation or problem whatsoever!

Top/Featured Image: By KennethHan (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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      If you use an unblocker, you can just switch to another location where there are no MLB blackouts.

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