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How to Watch UFC: Conor McGregor vs Khabib In Any Country And For Cheap

Will Conor be able to hold Khabib off?

Who’s the better fighter?

Is it Conor?

Or Khabib?

The answer is McGregor.

But who is the greatest fighter of all time?

That would be Mike Tyson.

Of course, that is beside the point.

This guide will show readers how they can watch UFC 229 and stream McGregor vs Khabib online and save more than $47.99 (the cost that people have to pay for Pay Per View).

You need some knowledge

The first thing that readers need to know is that this will be the first fight that Conor McGregor will take part in since 2016.

That’s right.

He has not had a fight in two years.

But that’s the nature of this sport.

Conor’s return to the UFC Octagon after his long hiatus would see him go up against Khabib Nurmagomedov, a Russian fighter.

Khabib is the current UFC lightweight champion.

Or at least, he holds that tile.

Let’s see how readers just like you can save up to 70 percent off the official UFC fight pass.

We also have a clever workaround for people who want to live stream the entire UFC event without spending a penny.

There is a little-known fact that Conor McGregor didn’t really lose his UFC lightweight title.

The UFC stripped Conor off his lightweight title for not participating in the UFC.

Now (probably because he is running short on money or misses the spotlight, which is fair) Conor wants the UFC lightweight title back.

But just because Conor did not participate in the UFC doesn’t mean he didn’t fight.

Conor is a born fighter.

So even when he did not want to fight in UFC, he took on boxing and fought (and lost to) Floyd Mayweather in August.

The evidence is mounting up that Dana White wants to turn the UFC into a show like WWE except for the fake part.

That can be clearly seen by Conor’s Bus antics, around the time of UFC 223, in the car park.

Conor currently has a lot to prove not just to his fans but also to himself.

He needs to show longevity which is the hallmark of any great champion.

The media is billing the fight as the biggest fight in the history of the UFC.

So it goes without saying that this event is actually a must for anyone who is a fan of the UFC or MMA generally.

Combat sports fans should also pay attention here.


Of course, there is that good old element of entertainment here as well.

In order to watch the fight, all that one has to do is to sign up to the related Pay Per View even with the help of UFC Fight Pass.

However, with some further help from a VPN service, any user can up to 70 percent on the UFC even given that the user is following our method described below.

The best way to watch UFC 229 cheaper

Readers who aren’t sure where they should go in order to watch UFC 229 should know that the most recommended way to watch UFC 229 is by unblocking the official UFC Fight Pass.

One can access UFC Fight Pass via the official UFC website.

Now, the important thing to know here is that a lot of people do not know that the UFC charges users a different amount of money for any event based on their location.

So people living in regions such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America have to pay a lot more than people living in other regions.

However, if a user is smart enough to sign up for a VPN service, then the user can appear to the UFC website to come from a different country.

That way the user can save money and pay a lot less to watch events such as UFC 229.

Let’s see how much money people living in various places can save if they subscribe to UFC events from a different country of their origin.

People coming from the United States of America have to pay $54.99 for the UFC Fight Pass.

This allows them a total of zero savings as that is the highest amount UFC charges anyone to watch its events.

Then there are people living in Luxembourg.

They have to pay $40.62 to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

Now that is a direct saving of $14.37.

So if a reader can just change his/her location then he/she can watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live for much cheaper.

But wait.

It gets better.

Did you know that someone living in the Philippines can watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live for just $17?

That is a saving of $47.99.

This is the reason why we recommend that users should change their location to the cheapest country possible and then sign up for UFC Fight Pass.

Sign up for IPVanish right now by  and purchase UFC Fight Pass.

Stream McGregor vs Khabib live for cheap: A How-to Step-by-step guide

Now, we are aware of the fact that a lot of people would still be living in countries where, officially, the UFC does not broadcast its fights.

Such people can always make use of a VPN service to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

For example, if someone lives in the United Kingdom, then he would not have access to UFC fights because UFC doesn’t offer the UFC Fight Pass there.

Hence, for users to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live, the only way is to subscribe to a channel like BT Sports.

However, with the help of a VPN service, users don’t have to tie themselves up to a 12-month contract.

They can actually watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live with a low and one-time payment.

Using our guide, readers can even save up to a total of 70 percent on UFC Fight Pass no matter their location on the map.

Here are the necessary steps.


  1. First, select a good VPN service.
    In order to unblock McGregor vs Khabib fight stream, we recommend that users should sign up for IPVanish.
    Because it has fast servers which are great for those who want to stream video content such as that of UFC 229.
    So, stream UFC 229 with IPVanish by All that the readers need to do til now is go to the official website and then subscribe for a package.
    For Security Gladiators readers, IPVanish is offering an exclusive discount of up to 70% on its packages.
    In other words, IPVanish will offer our readers its two-year plan for just $89.99.
    That is, on a monthly basis, just $3.74 per month.
    This amount isn’t a lot when one considers the fact that IPVanish unlocks unlimited entertainment and provides the maximum amount of security and privacy.
  2. The next step is to download the official VPN app.
    Here, readers need to make sure that they download the right version for their specific device and/or platform.
  3. Then the reader needs to install and run the official VPN app.
    Once the user has done so, the VPN app will most likely prompt him/her for his/her login details.
  4. Once that is done, the user must choose a VPN server that is either located in the Philippines and/or Luxembourg.
    This way, our readers will be able to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live on the cheap.
  5. Then readers need to go to the official UFC website and then sign up for the relevant Pay Per View fight event.
  6. Now, when the time comes to actually watch the event, all that the user has to do is to connect to a VPN server located in the Philippines and/or Luxembourg and then start McGregor vs Khabib fight stream UFC 229.

Is there a way to watch McGregor vs Khabib fight for free?

As mentioned before, it is entirely possible to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live and the PPV event of UFC TV on the cheap by simply pretending to come from the Philippines or Luxembourg.

However, for some users, it may, in fact, be possible to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live for free.

There are rumors floating around that a broadcaster in Russia will stream McGregor vs Khabib fight for free on MatchTV Live Stream.

For our readers, that means they first have to connect to a Russian VPN server (in other words, a VPN server that is located in Russia) and then click on the very link we have provided above.

In this way, our readers can watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live without spending any money.

The only problem, for some users, may be that the stream will probably have Russian commentary.

Moreover, we have no way to guarantee that this stream will work come the night of the McGregor vs Khabib fight.

McGregor vs Khabib Fight: At what time will it start?

Official sources say that the main card for the UFC 229 event will take place on October 6, 2018.

The calendar says that it will be a Saturday.

The exact time for McGregor vs Khabib fight would be 10 pm Eastern Time.

Moreover, the actual McGregor vs Khabib fight will take place in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile arena.

This also means that UFC fans in the United Kingdom will have to tune in to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live at Midnight.

Additionally, the main card is not expected to start at least until 3 AM BST on Sunday.

In effect, the event might start on October 7.

And even later if all the scheduled fights go the full five rounds.

UFC 229 Undercard

As mentioned earlier as well, the preliminary fights will probably get underway around 6:30 PM ET.

Now, as for the undercard UFC fights, these will include,

Main Card

  • Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title fight.
  • Anthony Pettis vs Tony Ferguson for the lightweight bout
  • Dominick Reyes vs Ovince Saint Preux for the light-heavyweight bout
  • Alexander Volkov vs Derrick Lewis for the heavyweight bout


  • Jalin Turner vs Vicente Luque
  • Jussier Formica vs Sergio Pettis for the flyweight bout
  • Alan Patrick vs Scott Holtzman for the lightweight bout

Fight Pass Prelims

  • Tony Martin vs Ryan LaFlare for the welterweight bout
  • Nik Lentz vs Gray Maynard for the lightweight bout

How to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live with Sling TV

Readers who cannot access the official UFC website can always take advantage of Sling TV to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

All that the reader has to do is,

  1. Sign up for a good VPN service.
    Our choice is, again, IPVanish because it is the best service at unlocking all sorts of streaming sites and not just UFC website.
    to sign up for IPVanish right now and from the official website at a huge discount of 70 percent on the two-year deal.
  2. After that, the user should download the official app.
  3. Then the user should install it
  4. And then run the official VPN app
  5. Then the user has to pick a server that is located in the United States of America.
  6. Readers who do not have a US credit card can always search the internet for people who provide these facilities. Or they can purchase a Sling TV gift card online as well.
  7. Then the reader has to make his way to the official Sling TV website in order to redeem his/her gift card or sign up with his/her US credit card.
  8. After that, the user should go to sling.com/account in order to buy the pay per view event McGregor vs Khabib.
  9. The last step is to gather up all of one’s friends and then watch the mega fight on October 6, 2018 at 10:00 pm US EDT.

Readers who want a Spanish language stream can avail two more options.

They can either follow the guide that we have mentioned above but instead of going to the official UFC website in English, they should sign up at us.ufcespanol.com in order to purchase the McGregor vs Khabib fight.

In this way, the UFC website will provide users with a live stream that comes with Spanish subtitles.


The other way is to purchase the McGregor vs Khabib fight on Fox Deportes.

This network is available on streaming services such as fuboTV.

Now, fuboTV offers users a seven-day free trial.

But the PPV events don’t come for free.

DirecTV also offers the Fox Deportes channel however, users who want to go this route will need to have a valid AT&T cable provider account in order to actually sign up.

How to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live with Kodi

Before we actually start the guide, we would like to mention that users must secure their internet connection with the help of a VPN service before streaming McGregor vs Khabib fight via Kodi.

VPN services have become vital tools for all modern online consumers.

Casual users, as well as heavy downloaders and streamers, need a VPN service in order to have location variability, anonymity and encryption features in one place.

A VPN service uses all of these features in order to keep users safe and secure each and every time they connect to the internet

Not only that, but VPN services are also very important for users who want to use Kodi to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.


Because there is a good chance that such an activity would draw the attention of the user’s internet service provider.

Now to choose the best VPN service provider for the job, one has to look for a specific set of features.

Deciding which VPN service has all of those features is a tough job.

But there is only one type of VPN that is suitable for streaming UFC events and even other sports.

Security Gladiators has gone out in the wild and have tried our best to make the whole process a bit easier for the users.

We have outlined the best qualities a VPN service should have in order to ensure that it can allow Kodi to download each and every stream as quickly as possible.

For a good VPN service, we also give points if the VPN service has all of the best features instead of “almost all” of the best features.

We give extra marks to those VPN services that work with all Kodi add-ons and provide unlimited access to Kodi.

In short, a good VPN for Kodi should have,

  • Fast VPN servers
    There is no doubt about the fact all VPN services slow down a given internet connection.
    However, the best ones optimize their services in order to minimize the slow down especially for those users who want to stream videos.
  • Huge network distribution
    If a VPN service has a good number of VPN servers,  then there is a greater chance of it providing users with a fast streaming experience because of less load on each server.
  • Broad device support
    Users should always make sure that they sign up for VPN services that run on tablets and smartphone alike in order to provide them with protection on the go.
  • A strict zero-log policy
    Users should never sign up for a VPN service that does not implement a good zero-log policy.
    Slipping up in this category means that third-party companies would have full access to track the user’s online activity.

Why is IPVanish the best VPN for Kodi to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live on Kodi?

IPVanish is the best VPN for Kodi because it is the only one that combines all the good security and privacy features to offer users the perfect VPN for Kodi.

IPVanish offers users incredibly fast VPN servers and has a strict privacy policy.

It also offers a strong encryption for all its VPN connections.

Add to that the fact that the company runs one of the biggest VPN server networks in the world with over 1000 VPN servers located in over 60 plus countries.

As soon as the user signs up for this service, he/she will have complete access to all of the awesome add-ons that Kodi has to offer.

IPVanish users would no longer have to worry about their internet service provider knowing that they are using a VPN connection.

As a result of that, the user becomes anonymous and all the while he/she can access uncensored and a free internet with the help of nothing but a few clicks.

IPVanish comes pre-built with a lot of security features.

Some of the more advanced features that it offers include an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection.

All of this makes the whole experience very secure for the user.

IPVanish is at the forefront of innovation in order to keep the user’s identity safe and his/her real-world location perfectly hidden.

Any data that goes through the user’s device gets the security of a 256-bit AES encryption which is practically impenetrable.

This way, no third-party company can know the contents of the data packets.

IPVanish also has a zero-log policy which means that it doesn’t know anything about its customers’ traffic.

And no one in the world can get his/her hands on the user’s data once the data leaves the company’s servers.

Watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live with Kodi

For some users, the method of paying for Pay Per View package is simply not an option.

These don’t exactly come cheap.

Moreover, there are also those users who simply do not have access to the facility of purchasing Pay Per View package.

For such users, Kodi is the only viable option left.

Kodi is open source and free.

It is actually a media player which grants users access to a wide variety of content with the help of third-party Kodi add-ons.

A lot of these Kodi add-ons tend to focus on live sports as well as MMA events and other kinds of sports content.

Best Kodi add-on to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live

In order to have access to sports content for free on Kodi (think, McGregor vs Khabib streams) the user needs to install only the right kind of Kodi add-ons.

These Kodi add-ons frequently come bundled together with various third-party Kodi repositories so that it is easy for users to have access to them.

Users will need to add the related Kodi repos first.

Then they will need to manually grab individual Kodi add-ons if they want to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

Some new users may find the process a bit complicated.

But it is not.

In fact, we believe that after just a few tries, users will understand how intuitive the process really is.

Before users can actually begin the process, they first need to toggle on one specific Kodi system options in order to allow Kodi to manage and then install third-party external content.

To do that, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Then from the main menu, click on the icon that is the shape of a gear in order to enter the System menu.
  3. Then users should go to System settings.
  4. And then to add-ons.
  5. After that, users should look at the Unknown Sources option.
    There is a slider next to it.
    Users need to turn that toggle slider to ON.
  6. After that, users must accept the Kodi warning message which will pop up shortly.

One thing that new users need to note is that a lot of unofficial Kodi add-ons tend to pull premium content from a ton of sources.

Sometimes they do so from streams that are not really legitimate.

Hence, users should be aware of the laws in their country.


Security Gladiators does not encourage nor condones any type of violation of various copyright laws.

All online consumers should give due consideration to the laws of their land.

And should also think about victims and how the risk of copyright infringement may affect others when they don’t take proper permissions.

Users should understand that IPVanish and other such elite VPN service provider will not just allow them to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

They can be used to unlock future fights as well.

Most VPN services work with all other sports content and are able to bypass not only geo-restrictions but also blackouts.

With a VPN like IPVanish in place, users effectively block their internet service provider from spying on them.

VPN services also keep the user safe on various public WiFi networks.

Perhaps the best use case for a VPN is when a traveler wants to access the local version of a given website.

The Maverick Repository to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live

Our research shows that the Maverick repository is one of the most effective Kodi repositories for users who want to watch live sports content.

This repository contains two of the most useful Kodi add-ons.

Both of these add-ons exclusively focus on live sports.

Users should the start the process by following the steps that we have given below in order to first install the Kodi repository to their Kodi device.

After that, we will go in-depth on how to install those Kodi add-ons that users should grab in order to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

  1. Run Kodi
  2. From the main menu, click the icon in the shape of a gear in order to enter System menu
  3. Then go to Kodi System Settings
  4. And then make way to Add-ons.
  5. After that, users should toggle the slider that exists right next to the option that says Unknown Sources.
    Users also have to make sure that the slider it white and also to the right side so that Kodi allows them to install various third-party Kodi repos.
  6. Again, accept the Kodi warning that it pops up in the form of a message
  7. Then the user should open up one’s web browser.
  8. And go to the official website of the Maverick repository http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo (No longer available).
  9. Now users should download the repository.maverickrepo-3.5.zip file.
    Users should make sure that they download this file in a place that they can remember later.
  10. Then go back to the Kodi home screen.
  11. From the main menu, the user should go to Add-ons.
  12. After that, the user should click the icon in the shape of a box and then choose the option that says Install from Zip file.
  13. When that is done, users must navigate to the location where they saved the file repository.maverickrepo.zip.
  14. Now users should click on the open box button for another menu
  15. From that menu, the user should open up the official MaverickTV repository.
  16. Then the user should enter the folder named Video add-ons.
  17. Now, the user should be able to see the option Install Individual Add-ons.

Once the user has reached the inside of the official Maverick Kodi repo, he/she should have no trouble in finding the two resources to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

These two resources are,

SportsDevil sorts out its content via resource and not the actual sport.

This makes things a bit confusing for new Kodi users.

In order to find any and all UFC fights the moment they air, users should always check out the resources that we are going to list now.

  • Zunox.hk
  • Livetv.ru
  • Firstrowsports.ge
  • Dimsports.eu
  • Atdhenet.tv

As for Joker Sports, this add-on is a very simple but full-featured on.

It offers users a ton of premium content which are just begging the user to stream them.

Joker Sports has everything.

It has beIN channels.

It also has Pac 12 channels.

Joker Sports also has BT Sports along with Sky and many more.

A good number of them stream content in HD.

In order to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live on the very night that UFC broadcasts it, all that user needs to do is run Kodi Joker Sports and then select a broadcasting network such as Fox Sports and/or BT Sports.

In this way, the user can enjoy free streams.

So how do you go about installing Joker Sports and/or SportsDevil?
Well, simply follow the steps that we have mentioned below and then search for different add-ons by their name.


This Kodi add-on does not take the pains to sort out or organize different content.

It also does not provide many customization options or even some content filters.

Sports365.live is a master at pulling a ton of different live sports streaming content and sources and then dumps all of them in one single master list.

It sorts all the entries by time.

If the user wants to find something from the list, he/she will have to sift through several pages of content that is totally unrelated.

However, once the user sets his eyes on anything worthy of attention, he/she is almost always guaranteed to have at his/her feet a selection of high quality and reliable streams.

Our research shows that Sports365.Live does offer users UFC content.

But only occasionally.

It is possible that the user may get lucky and may get a McGregor vs Khabib stream on the day of the fight.

However, there is no guarantee.

Pay Per View events like UFC 229 are premium events.

And sometimes there is no way to get their streams.

That’s the only problem with Sport365.live.

There is simply no way for anyone to know ahead of time if it will stream McGregor vs Khabib.

All that the user can do is to check this Kodi add-on on the night of the actual fight hoping that a stream will pop up.

This is the only reason why we tell users to have Sports365.live as their backup add-on rather than the primary one.

It is good.

But not good enough.


Users can always go to the Bookmark repository in order to find Sports365.live.

The Bookmark repository is relatively a young repository on the current Kodi scene.

To add Bookmark repo on one’s Kodi setup, one first has to add the repo to the system and then search for the required add-on.

After that, it is just a matter of installing it.

Follow the steps that we have given below in order to move forward.

  1. First, open up a web browser window.
  2. Then type the URL https://archive.org/download/selflesslite
  3. After that, the user should click on the link which says something like repository.bookmark-#.#.zip.
    This should start the user’s download automatically.
  4. After that, the user should move the downloaded file to a location where the user finds it easy to locate files.
    Most of the times, this location is the desktop.
  5. When that is done, the user needs to run Kodi and then click on the option that says Add-ons.
  6. After that, the user must click the icon in the shape of an open box.
  7. When that is done, the user must select the option that says Install from zip file.
  8. The next step is to navigate one’s way to the exact directory where the user has stored his/her zip file.
    As mentioned before a well, the best option is to store the file on one’s desktop or home screen.
  9. After that, the user should click the above-mentioned file in order to begin the actual process of repo installation.
    Kodi will take a few moments to install the repo.
    After it has done so, Kodi will generate a notification which will indicate a successful installation process.
  10. Now, the user must go back and click on the open box icon menu.
  11. Then select the option that says Install from repository.
  12. After that, the user should choose Bookmark repository.
  13. Then the user has to go to Video add-ons.
  14. After that, the user should search for the add-on Sports365 on the list.
  15. The next step is to click the install button.
  16. When Kodi completes the download, the user is free to access the Sports365.live addon by first going to the main menu and then accessing the add-ons menu at any given time.

UK Turk Playlists

Now, the UK Turk Playlists has earned all the praise that it gets from the Kodi community.

It is considered one of the absolute best Kodi resource for users who want to watch old TV shows as well as new ones.

Moreover, it has a good variety of different source links.

It pulls content ranging from independent films to foreign films and also the usual Hollywood blockbusters.

It gets better though.

The UK Turk Playlists also features a good number of sports streaming Kodi categories.

These are perfect for users who want to search for UFC bouts when they come back home at night.

In order to use Kodi add-on UK Turk Playlists to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live at UFC 229, the user will have to first wait a bit for all the preliminaries to start.

Then the user should open up the official UK Turk Playlists add-on and should search for a reliable looking stream.

Our research shows that both BT Sports and Fox Sports 1 are reliable sources for content related to UFC.

Hence, users should first make sure to check these and then move on to others.


No matter where the user is located, he/she can watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live with the help of a VPN service.

A VPN service is a great tool for anyone who wants to change his/her location to a different country in order to unblock geo-restrictions.

Readers who already have access to a UFC Fight Pass subscription or BT Sports or US Cable TV or any other kind of online cable subscription in countries such as Australia, Canada or any other place in the world, but will be going outside their home country on fight night, that is, October 6, 2018 can easily make use of a VPN service to connect to a VPN server that is located in their home country and then watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

For everybody else, they are going to have to purchase UFC Fight Pass in order to pay for the actual Pay Per View UFC event.

If readers use their VPN service to connect to a VPN server that is located in the Philippines then they can avail the biggest amount of discount.

Connecting to a VPN server located in Luxembourg is also the cheapest option available in regions such as Europe.

The price is the highest for people living in the United States of America.

In order to unblock UFC 229 and watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live, we recommend that users sign up for IPVanish.

It has a lot of VPN servers located all over the map which are perfect for people who want to unblock the actual fight.

There is also the option of using Kodi to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

We have basically covered everything there is to cover about using Kodi to watch Mcgregor vs Khabib fight stream live.

Readers should refer to the appropriate section for more details.

Users who have further questions can use the comments section below.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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