What Do the Highlight Colors Mean on Nyaa Torrents

Well, since Nyaa is a site that offers users torrents, it has to define a way to put those torrents in different categories depending on how trustworthy and reliable they are.

So, if you see a torrent file on Nyaa with the blue tag, then it’s the best available torrent for that content in terms of quality and reliability.

Think of it as the highest approval rating that Nyaa can give to a torrent.

Nyaa Torrents Colors

Then there’s the green tag which means that Nyaa got that torrent from a trusted user. Another one is the orange tag which indicates batches of torrent files of completed series.

Nyaa Torrents Colors Image Closer

There’s also the grey tag which is related to hidden torrents.

Finally, there’s the red tag which means that the torrent file is a re-upload or re-encode of an original torrent file that’s using non-original files, is missing some files or even offers additional files which may be unrelated to the major content in the file.

Of course, you should always look at the comments and the info section of any given torrent regardless of which tag it has.


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