White House escapes from mentioning the entity accountable for network’s hack

The body accountable for November 2014 attack of the White House network system will not be named at the moment, although media news that Russian attackers led the cyberattack, White House representative Josh Earnest explained it.

On April 7 evening, CNN mentioned a resource claiming Russian hackers had attacked network system at the White House, stating that the hackers “worked for the government of Russia.”

Earnest explained in Wednesday’s press release, “I think what is prompting the news is that there are sources attributing this attack to one specific country and I’m just not in a position to do that.”

Russian attackers apparently got through a White House network system and recovered private info for example Barack Obama’s agenda, as stated in the report.

White House representative Josh Earnest added that researchers searching within the White Home cyberattack decided that “it is not in our [US] best interests to identify the particular entity that may be accountable for this particular action of concern.”

Earnest renowned most associated with the White House’s system experiences that were affected have been reinstated.

Washington has frequently alleged Moscow of cyberattacks, however, delivered no proof for these types of claims. Last February, James Clapper (US Director of National Cleverness) named China, Russia, North Korea and Iran as the main cyber threats to the America.

On 7th of April, Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov mentioned that Washington’s continuous accusations blaming Russia for various cyberattacks, has develop the new hobby of the West.

Top/Featured Image: By U.S. federal government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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