Who are criminals? Pirates or VPN users who pay for Netflix?

Internet pirates are frequently considered ‘thieves’ by the entertainment firms. But, we are seeing genuine users being patented as “criminals”, just because they access Netflix outside the United States or anywhere they like via using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Talking to user like this is not just aggressive, but arrogant too.

Internet community is massive, no matter if someone only occasionally downloads, however in few cases totally defensible. File sharers are normally those folks who turned to unauthorized sources, thanks to a content vacuum developed by Big Media and succeeding abusive pricing practices which enjoyed the benefit of the stock monopoly. Though not excusable, their activities should barely come as a surprise.

However despite the reality that most downloading is a public issue that a huge number of courts have very little time for, hard work to characterize the action as ‘illegal’ and to label contributors as ‘thieves’ is still in place. But, since Joe Public admits that file sharing of copyright material must be “immoral” on some places, Joe understands why folks might be disappointed and unwillingly accepts the tag.

The users of American Netflix outside the United States are starting to realize that via using Virtual Private Network they can get access to extra material that they otherwise can’t. People are paying for the VPN as well as for the Netflix subscription, what is incorrect with it? Well, actually something named ‘licensing’ prevents people from doing so – as if any of the Netflix user wherever gives a damn about it?

In various other cases, when one legally purchases something from abroad – for example Internet services – there are no problems. You spend money, the service provider gets payment and everybody is happy. However with Netflix (concluded no fault of theirs) the proverbial knockouts the consumer ultimately.

Paying consumers who utilize a VPN to get access to Netflix are now continuously accused of a countless offenses, from breaking Netflix’s license to being unethical.

Last week the chief of Bell Media, Mary Ann Turcke labelled her own daughter who is just 15 as a ‘thief’ when the girl accessed American Netflix from Canada.

How is it possible a person can label her own daughter a thief? A threat to the society. A criminal. No better than somebody who just downloads the music and films for free and does not pay a single dime to the industry. Come on! This is not the route we want to step on.

Last week, deputy director of UK crime cyber unit, Andy Archibald, defined the downloading of music, games and movies as an entry to a lot more severe crime.

Archibald stated in Infosecurity Europe conference which was held in London recently, “That’s criminality. It’s almost become acceptable. That’s the first stage, I believe, of a gateway into the dark side.”

Okay, break it down. If file sharers are robbers on the path which is going to dark side, so the people who are using Netflix VPN “thieves” are also on the way to dark, isn’t it?

Surely not, they are paying for the services. Pirating is a crime and shouldn’t be practiced, whereas, using VPNs is legal and all the offense against using them should be stopped. A VPN user pays for the service after all, isn’t it better than the situation where he could simply download those videos from torrents?

We should take some measures to stop it. Theft = Shoplifting. Copyright infringement = Piracy.

VPN+Netflix = cross border trading in a free marketplace – get familiar to it or adjust.

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Ali Raza

Ali Raza

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